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Do you think you can top me? - Tae And do you think you can? - JK What will happen if two people having the same social status and same dominant aura, fall in love? "What are you doing, Taehyung?" "What you have been trying to do the whole day." Don't forget to leave a heart and a review 😊

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This book will contain things that those under 18 won’t understand or handle. I even doubt those who are under 21 will, so before you go on, I will make sure to warn you that this book contains the following:







Be aware that everything in this book is just from my sick imagination, and I hope I don’t read comments saying “I’m 10 years.”

I’ll definitely freak out if I saw someone that young.

Chapters including smut will be marked with a star ‘*’ beside the name as a warning.

And don’t just skip to read those chapters, I promise you that you won’t understand anything :P

I hope I read positive comments.

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