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Gossip and Drama

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Oh and the ages are: Emika (20), Amaya (15), Konoha 12 (16), Itachi (21), Mikoto (43), Fugaku (48), etc, etc. ...Not that anyone shows yet...


"Emika... this tea is cold. Pour me a new cup." Miss Amaya Mori, the brat I served, ordered haughtily as she held out her tea cup in a disdainful manner. I gave a small curtsey and went to take the cup from her, my face expressionless. Just as my fingers started to wrap around the porcelain, Miss Mori purposefully dropped it; sending tea and shards of china in the air. I leapt back to avoid getting hit.

The brat frowned, "How dare you, Emika! You dropped my favorite cup! That will come out of your paycheck! I'm going to tell mother!" The fifteen year old screeched, stomping her feet and waving her arms in the air like a five year old having a tantrum. It took every ounce of my strength not to hit her as I silently bent down to pick up the shards of the broken tea cup. I had dealt with bratty children before, having been a governess ever since I was thirteen, but never to the extent of Miss Mori's behavior. If one thing didn't go her way, Amaya automatically blamed me and took it out of my paycheck. I would be lucky to go home with one farthing by the end of the week!

Miss Mori's younger sisters were almost as bad. Because they were only seven they couldn't think up more devious plots like Amaya could, but it didn't stop them from trying. In the week I had worked under the Mori household, I had been bombarded with shoes, had sticky dough stuck in my hair, doused with a bucket of water, half of my dress ripped off, dodged countless tea cups full of hot tea, almost run over by a pony, and was shoved into a pond. And each time one of the occurrences happened, the girls had run off to their mother to blame me for my incompetence.

The Lady Mori showed an odd negligence towards her daughters and took their word for anything in a dismissive manner. I believed that if the woman would come out of her love induced stupor and actually paid attention to her surroundings that maybe she might be a good mother to the girls. As it was, however, the Lady Mori was too enthralled with capturing her lord husband's rare callous attention rather than pay any attention to the girls. It was from those observations that I deduced that maybe Amaya and her younger sisters acted like brats for attention; though now I wondered if they did so because they liked getting whatever they wanted.

I quietly excused myself from Amaya's presence to dispose of her 'favorite tea cup.' As I walked down the servant halls, because servants should never bee seen in the normal halls, towards the kitchens, I walked past a room and heard two maids gossiping as they cleaned. Mentally I rolled my eyes, I hated gossip above all else. Gossip had ruined my last job as a governess. I had worked there for almost three years watching over a girl I practically saw as my own little sister; then one tiny little rumor and I was fired. Still my ear pricked up when something one of the maid's said caught my attention.

"Yeah, I heard that Lady Mori invited the Sarutobi family too, but they declined. Something about Lord Sarutobi's granddaughter disappearing or something like that. I think that she might have eloped with a hostler or gardener. Wouldn't that be so romantic?!" The maid whispered and I slowed down automatically to hear the rest of the conversation.

The other maid scoffed, "You just think it's romantic 'cause you want some prissy lord to fall head over heels with you and marry you." She said scornfully. I had a feeling that the second maid was a very cynical person while the first one was an airhead. I bet they were also the best of friends. My mouth gave a twitch as another friendship like that came to mind.

"So what if I do? A girl can dream can't she?" The airhead maid sniffed in pretend offense. She paused for a moment before continuing, "Aren't you at least curious as to why Miss Sarutobi ran off?"

"No. It's well known that Miss Sarutobi was always going off and acting like she's a saint. I'm sure she'll show up soon and expect to be pampered." I must have made some kind of noise, because the next thing I knew both maids were spinning around, fear in their eyes until they caught sight of me.

"What do you want?" The cynical maid demanded in what she thought was a menacing tone, no doubt copied from the power hungry Mrs. Kitsune.

I leveled a flat look at the two girls, not intimidated in the slightest, and turned to continue my journey to throw away the shards of ceramic. I would offer no explanation to those two if I did not feel like it. I wasn't quite out of their hearing when I heard the cynical maid scoff, "I told you she'd act like she was a queen."

Oddly enough, the comment hurt me.


At first I had been glad that the Mori family had a servants' quarters for the help to live, I didn't want to explain to my employers why an unmarried woman such as myself wasn't living with my family. Now I regretted it. The favorite, and only, pastime the other maids seemed to have was gossiping. I would lay in my little bed that was pushed up against the slanted roof of the maids' room, listening with disinterest as the girls around me swapped stories of who did what and the like. It seemed the prime interest at the moment was Miss Sarutobi's sudden disappearance again.

"Well I heard that she's gone off to the Indies this time. Something about an outbreak among the poor people."

"Please, Miss Sarutobi never leaves the country."

"Maybe she's working undercover in a poor house again! My uncle is in one, I hope she finds him."

"What's all the fuss? Our patron saint will turn up again eventually and create another scandal. You know she only does it to get attention." That was the cynical maid speaking. Everyone fell silent for a moment. I didn't bother opening my eyes to see if the maids were glaring at her. I could feel their anger from across the room.

"Mika, you're just too sour for any fun. Miss Sarutobi is a nice lady." One of the maids defended.

The cynical maid, Mika, gave a harsh laugh, "How do you know? Have you ever met her? Miss Sarutobi is nothing but a spoiled brat who uses her 'charity work' as a way to be free of her prim and proper family. Why I bet that brat is only running away and then making sure she gets caught doing charity stuff so no one can yell at her!"

I opened my eyes to glance at the circle of maids sitting at the foot of their beds. I hated gossip, but I had no tolerance for drama either. These girls were doing both at the same time, which was a feat even for maids. All the maids were busy defending Miss Sarutobi's honor against Mika and were all shouting rather loudly. Mentally I groaned as I turned onto my side so that my back faced my roommates. I got enough yelling from my charges, I didn't need a bunch of maids yelling about some lady that they would never meet.

"Miss Sarutobi is a kind and gentle noblewoman. She helps the poor and would never do anything for selfish reasons! You're just mad because... because... because you can never be like her!" The airhead maid shrieked at her friend. I had to say I was impressed by her anger. Maybe she wasn't much of an airhead after all. "You're jealous of Miss Sarutobi! Just like you are jealous of Miss Emika!"

Silence fell again and I could feel everyone's stare on my back. They didn't know I was awake, though it should be obvious. No one could sleep through their yelling, not even one of the Nara family. I was tempted to tell them all to shut up since I had a headache from dealing with the Mori girls, but I didn't want to give Mika any more chances to call me stuck up. I didn't think I was above everyone else, I would never think that. Not that Mika would ever understand, she would just continue to jump to conclusions. She was a simple person to figure out, not like the more complex people I was used to. In one word I could describe the maid: jealous.

Mika didn't need help finding fault in me anyway, "'Miss Emika'?! What, is she a bloody lady now? I'd bet she'd be happy if she knew you were treatin' her like a lady, she thinks she's a bloody queen an all dat!" Mika's common accent was showing through, becoming thicker with each word. I sighed quietly through my nose as the other maids leapt to my defense.

I was really regretting having to sleep in the servants' quarters.


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