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Sold To Your King


In my world, women are used as money. Of course there is a currency that is used but all deals that have to do with power like land, titles of rank, and even large business trades are made with women. The price goes up on the wealth of the family the woman comes from, age, and most importantly, their innocence. I’m lucky enough to have all 3 of those things. My father is wealthy, I am 16 years old which is the most valuable age, and my innocence has been guarded more closely than my actual life. I was the absolute highest priced woman in the world. Sure there were others of the same wealth, age, and virtue but none of them were the King’s daughter. My father was the world’s king. There were kings of every country but only one of those kings got to be in control. I just so happened to be one of his children and I also just so happened to be being sold to the next king that would succeed my father on the throne. Lucky Me. I get to belong to the most ruthless man alive.

Drama / Romance
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When I Met Eyes With My Future

"Your grace, you're wanted in the great hall."

I sighed. I had woken up only about an hour ago and was not ready for what was happening today. My 16th birthday just passed and now I was moments away from finding out who I was being sold to. Yeah, happy birthday to me, right? I got up and walked over to my bed wear my clothes had been laid out for me. I was never allowed to pick out my own things. Why? Because I'm a woman. Today, I was wearing a black tight dress with red high heels, red earring, and of course a tiara. That was one thing I loved about being a princess. I got dressed and didn't bother with my hair or any makeup. I really wasn't in the mood to impress anyone besides, I was as good as sold so they might as well see what I really look like. Another knock came from my door.

"Freya, are you ready? It was my sister. She was sold about a month ago and still hadn't been sent to live with her husband which was odd to us but my father just said in time, she'd leave. She stared at me and tears started to form. She held them back and put a smile on her face.

"Mom would have loved to see this day." She said as she pulled me into a hug. Our mom had been the second wife of our father's. She died after drinking from a cup of wine meant for my father. It had been poisoned with a slow killing substance which is why it passed through the food tasters. My mother had drank it because my father had been feeling ill that day. I can say that our father truly loved her which was rare in our world. He had his first wife killed for committing adultery which he says he would have done it eventually anyways. He hated her. His wife now was lovely, young, and warm. She brought a light back to my father which I missed. I released my sister and gave her a sad smile. I wasn't ready to be someone's property but that's how it was. I just hoped I wouldn't end up with someone who I would hate.

"I hope she'd be proud of us." I said softly.

"Of course she would. Here we are, I'm owned by, well I'm not sure who, and you are the most valuable woman in the world. Your future is going to be the brightest out of all of ours."

I had 6 siblings. I was the youngest of my mothers. She had two boys and two girls. My father had one child with his first wife and one so far with his new wife.

"Ah, look who finally decided to grace us with their presence." My father stated waving his hand in our direction causing the group of men he was talking with to turn around. My breath stopped when I met eyes with my future. Fear ran from my heart to my feet and I'm sure my face showed it. I wanted to run right back to my room and never come out again but I was frozen. A sinister smile formed on his face while a look of remorse formed on my father's. Even he felt bad about what happened.He didn't have a choice though. His time as King was coming to an end and I was the most valuable woman. I should have known I was going to the his replacement. I just wish it wasn't the most horrible man in the world.

I wish it wasn't Shadows.

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