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The Not So Lucky Encounter


Naruto has some secrets he's been keeping under wraps he's been avoiding Sasuke something no one knows about so what happens when Tsunade sends Naruto and Sasuke on a mission alone together?

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

Naruto was avoiding Sasuke, it’s been at least a little over 3 weeks since he last properly talked to the guy, he had been lucky so far trying to avoid him and that was only thanks to Grandma Tsunade, she had helped a lot by sending him on solo missions that were away from the village even if he hated the missions that she made him do, not that she knew he was avoiding Sasuke. In fact, none of his teammates or friends knew he was avoiding the duck-haired bastard they just thought he was angry at the guy, but that was far from the truth, in fact, Naruto Uzumaki was in love with Sasuke Uchiha and he hated that fact he hated it so much he took to avoiding him. He knew that was the cowards way out but he couldn’t confess to him or handle the looks the villagers would give him if they found out he was gay only Grandma Tsunade and Jiraiya, knew that the villagers just started liking him, he didn’t want to go back to the hateful glares or looks of disgust on their faces when they saw him so he just decided to avoid the bastard it was the easiest way to go but now Naruto was back in the village from a mission and from what he heard from the fangirls Sasuke was back too. “ Just great so long for hoping he was still out on a mission, I really hope I don’t run into him,” Naruto thought to himself as he made his way over to the tower to turn in his mission report. Walking into the Hokages office he saw the one person he didn’t want to see standing by the Hokage’s desk knowing he couldn’t walk out of the office he made his way in. “Hokage-sama,” Naruto said respectfully to grandma Tsunade while ignoring the ravenette that made his heartbeat out of his chest. “Hokage-sama”? “Dobe, when did you start calling the Hokage by her title and where have you been these past weeks” The raven questioned. Tsunade looked Sasuke and replied, “He’s always done that when he goes on missions by himself, and I’ve been sending him out on certain missions lately he’s the best we have for the type I send him on” Naruto cut in “ but I hate these missions, I don’t care if I’m the best can’t you send me on another type and aren’t Anbu supposed to handle these kinds” he complained, “ They don’t have to it’s just easier to send them because they’re trained for all types of missions but you just happen to be better at them and you were the one who asked for missions in the first place” she reminded him. Sasuke looked at the two, while on the outside he looked like he didn’t care internally he was questioning what kind of missions Naruto was going on that Anbu usually was given, while keeping a blank face he questioned Tsunade “ What kinda missions are you giving the dobe that Anbu go on and why aren’t you giving me some of them, I’m better than him” he huffed. Tsunade laughed while Naruto looked at the ground with pink cheeks. Naruto she called “why don’t you tell him what kinda missions I’ve been giving you” Naruto glared at her dropping all honorifics he was using “OBA-SAN, NO” he cried out Tsunade sighed and told Naruto “ He’s not going to stop glaring at me until I tell him and I’m not dealing with that without Sake, which I don’t have not too mention he’s going to join you on your next mission which sadly will happen tomorrow, anyone I had in mind is out or unavailable” Naruto looked horrified at the thought of Sasuke joining him on the mission. Sasuke smirked at the thought of bothering Naruto “ Why do you look so scared dobe, the missions you go on can’t be that bad or the Hokage wouldn’t send you on so many of them alone and if she’s sending me with you then it must be a mission you can’t handle” Sasuke said. Naruto was panicking he knew exactly what Tsunade was doing, while he was grateful for her trying to help, he didn’t want Sasuke to come with or see what the missions were actually like “TEME” he yelled “, of course, I’m not scared and of course, I could handle it alone it’s just grandma Tsunade gets worried when I’m out on these missions even though I tell her I will be ok” Naruto replied trying to stay calm. Turning back to Tsunade he sent her a silent look that asked her not to tell Sasuke what the missions were about, giving in she informed them what they were to do “Ok Sasuke all your going to do is keep an eye out on Naruto to make sure things don’t go wrong and Naruto you know exactly what to do come back later to receive the rest of the information needed, I expect you to be at the gate by 8:30 am tomorrow morning, also just send in a written report so you can prepare for tomorrow and now you two can go now” She told them. Naruto huffed and grumbled under his breath but left anyway, Sasuke on the other hand just looked at Tsunade “ What kind of mission are we going on how am I supposed to protect the dobe if I don’t know what I’m protecting him from” he stated “You’ll see, you’ll be surprised on what Naruto can do when on his own, now leave I have to defeat the monster that’s called paperwork maybe Shizune will allow me to have Sake if I finish it.” she replied to the disgruntled Uchiha leaving no room for argument. Turning away from his so-called Hokage he let a scowl come across his face he left to the Uchiha compound to prepare for tomorrow.


So this is the first fanfic I'm ever writing, originally this was just gonna be a one-shot but it turned into a short story also comment and let me know what you guys think and what should I work on also if you can't tell Naruto overall will stay the same but I will change a few things that you will see in the upcoming chapter specifically on the mission.-Ash

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