The Light Within the Darkness

Chapter 10

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The Loose Soul Team arrived at the scene soon after to remove all evidence of the struggle that took place there. After asking Elsie a few questions about that night, they concluded that it was a coordinated attack on Keima. The LST was too spread out to be able to send any assistance in time. Haqua, who was the nearest demon, went of her own will. She had come just in time to save him and Elsie from certain death, but died in the line of duty while defending them. Haqua's buddy had been found beheaded in her sleep. Luckily, New Hell was able to erase all memory of her from every human who knew her. New Hell lost one of their finest demons that night.

What they failed to find an explanation for was the loose soul that entered Keima. It was unheard of for a soul to infest a male was as if this particular soul chose Keima as its target, then left after completing its task."Simply put, what happened tonight involved forces beyond our understanding," Dokorou Skull told Elsie and the others.Elsie made sure to leave out Lune's role in that night. It was sort of a repayment for helping Keima, as odd as it would seem.

++[Keima's House]++

Elsie watched over her brother anxiously, checking on him every half-hour or so. Their mother was out on a trip to a convention for business owners such as herself, so she wouldn't be back for at least another week.Elsie divided her time between keeping the house tidy and caring for her brother, who still hadn't woken up since that night.

Lune disappeared. She came after the Loose Soul Team left to accompany her to Keima's house, then she left without saying a word. As to where she went, Elsie had no idea where she would go. She simply vanished into the night...


Lune sat down on her bed, deep in thought.

Would she help Keima to repay for all he did for her, or disappear before his demon buddy gave her away?

Lune had always wanted to advance within Satyr's ranks. This was her chance to achieve it. All she had to do was kill Elsie, and her dream of leading Satyr would become a reality.

Then again, this night made her reconsider what she really wanted. And how would she explain her actions on that rooftop?

Deep down, Lune had already made her decision.

She stood up and went to a table with papers on it.

Using her rainment, she tried to figure out what was wrong with Keima by analyzing the energies present when Keima's loose soul left. Beside her on a table was the official report released by thert Loose Soul Team.

"None of this makes sense," Lune sighed, another late night taking its toll on her.

She stood up and walked to the window. It was a blue moon that night, the first she'd seen in years. The forest around the woods was alive with wildlife. The moonlight reflected off Lune's eyes as she stared out into the night, her every thought focused on curing Keima.

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