The Light Within the Darkness

Chapter 11


++[Keima's House]++

"It's not working," Rimyuel said as she tried a very complex healing spell on Keima.

Elsie nodded sadly. It had been days since she last saw Keima in his usual self... Keima was hiding something from her, but now it seemed unlikely that she would find out what it was. She yearned to hear his voice again, even if he was complaining about her...

For every school day since Keima fell into his coma, Elsie used her rainment to create a substitute in his place.

Haqua's death had taken a heavy toll on Elsie. She felt lonely more than ever, with both of her closest friends gone...

A different atmosphere settled over the Katsuragi household- one of pain and yearning, with a hint of hopelessness.

"Well," Rimyuel said, "I'll be heading back to New Hell to run some tests."

Elsie followed her to the door.

"By the way," Rimyuel said, "Have you tried asking the Goddesses?"

Elsie immediately brightened up upon hearing that idea.

Elsie replied, "I haven't thought of that yet! Thanks!"

Rimyuel nodded goodbye and left, leaving Elsie to wonder how to gather the goddesses together.

Kanon had a busy schedule. Every day she drifted from recording sessions to film studios and interviews. There was hardly any time for school- not that it was a problem. Kanon had high marks on each subject even though she was absent most of the year, astounding her teachers and her crew.

Today was one of those rare days when her schedule was somewhat empty, so she decided to go to school. As she arrived, crowds of fans lined the hallways trying to get her attention, but Kanon had only one fan in mind.


Despite Apollo's constant teasing, Kanon still continued to love him, especially after the "Goddess" incident. She somehow managed to reach the classroom despite the crowds that followed her. As she took her seat in the back of the room, she scoured the desks for Keima's. When she found it, she saw a blobby mass with glasses instead, and to her surprise no one else seemed to notice.

Even Nikaido-Sensei didn't seem to care. She only stared at the blob once or twice, then glanced at Elsie for a bit.

"I wonder where Keima is," Kanon thought.

Elsie took this opportunity to walk up to Kanon.

"Hi," Elsie said, without her usual excitement of talking to her favorite idol.

"Hi Elsie! Is Keima okay? Kanon asked.

"Well..." Elsie started.

"I see he isn't here today. Is something wrong?" Kanon continued.

Elsie paused for a moment, surprised that Kanon saw through the rainment clone, then decided to tell her what happened.

"Keima was attacked by Vintage a few nights ago, and he hasn't woken up since," Elsie confessed.

Kanon sat there, greatly saddened, then quickly asked, "Is there anything I can to help?"

Elsie nodded. "New Hell is busy trying to come up with a cure, but I think maybe the Goddesses can help," she answered.

Apollo took over Kanon.

"Have you talked to the other hosts yet?" Apollo asked.

"I'll try contacting them today," Elsie said.

Apollo asked, "When do you want me to come?"

"Tomorrow night," Elsie replied.

The bell rang, signaling the start of the day. Apollo went back inside her host. Elsie said goodbye to Kanon and went back to her seat. Another school day began, with Elsie trying figure out how to find the Goddess hosts by the end of the day.



Lune woke up at noon. She ate a late breakfast consisting of a sandwich and coffee (with loads of sugar, of course.)

As usual, the theater was silent except for her movements within. Books written in Hellian and ancient scrolls piled up on multiple crates and shelves lining the walls. The official report from the Loose Soul Team's investigation sat on a table of its own, with certain sections circled and highlighted. She was flipping through an encyclopedia about ancient spirits when one caught her eye-

Loose Soul #264448790

Feeds off subject's grief and uses it to manipulate the victim. Has extremely violent tendencies towards whoever hurt the victim...almost as if an extension of that victim's feelings. However, upon satisfying the victim's desires (often in an extreme manner,) it leaves its host in a coma-like condition, requiring ancient magic that is now illegal.

The remedy for this, healing spell #207794654, is not known by any registered demon healers and is outlawed in New Hell.

The victim is forced to stay in this state until a suitable spell-caster is found. If none can be found, the victim is trapped in a coma forever.

Illegal ancient magic? That was no problem for someone like Lune, who already had much experience with ancient spells. She flipped to the spell in another book.

Healing Spell #207794654

WARNING! For reference only! This spell has been outlawed. Anyone caught doing this incantation will be jailed.

"Morning Grace"

Like the powerful healing rays of the morning sun, this charm expels the darkness out of all people/demons. The spell is used for expelling the effects of ancient spirits. Due to its extremely high energy usage, multiple spell-casters have died in attempting to cast this charm. Some have resorted to using others as sacrifices to fulfill the demands of this spell. As a result, New Hell has banned this charm, and no registered demons are known to know this spell.

If in desperate measures, it is recommended that one or more heavenly beings aid in the charm, so the effects to not backfire upon the caster. Be aware that attempting this charm with less than three people will result in the deaths of both the spellcaster and the intended target, as well as anyone giving their energy.

Lune looked up from the spell book and realized something.

"I can do this spell, but how am I supposed to get the Goddesses' help?" she wondered.

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