The Light Within the Darkness

Chapter 12


++[Lunchtime, HS]++

Elsie ate her lunch quickly, then headed to class 2-A to find Yui and Tsukiyo. She found Tsukiyo in the Astronomy Club room, having a quiet cup of tea with Vulcan (Luna.)

Upon seeing Elsie, Luna floated up to her with scissors in hand and glared at her.

"What does that womanizing dog want with Tsukiyo?" Vulcan growled.

Elsie pulled back in fear.

"Actually, I came here because I needed you," Elsie murmured.

That quieted Vulcan. "What is it you need then?" Luna asked while sitting down.

"Vintage came after us a few nights ago, and Keima hasn't woken up since," she explained urgently.

"And I presume you need our help to cure him?" Luna asked in a mild tone.

"Can you?" Elsie pleaded.

"I'll do it, but for Tsukiyo's sake, just to clarify." Luna answered.

"Thank you so much!" Elsie smiled a bit. "Meet me at Keima's house tomorrow night." Elsie said.

"I'll be there," was the answer Luna gave before going back to her tea.

Tsukiyo, who had been quiet the whole time, asked Elsie,"Will Keima be okay?" She blushed slightly and looked at her teacup.

Elsie smiled sadly and said, "He should be fine if I can find the cure."

Then she said goodbye to both of them and left them to their tea party.

"Time to find Yui," Elsie thought to herself.

++[About halfway through lunch, HS]++

Elsie walked into the Class 2-A classroom to find Yui.

It would seem that Yui found her first.

"Elsie!" Yui yelled from across the room, "How's my Darling?"

Upon hearing the word 'darling' everyone looked at Yui, then Elsie.

"Can we take this conversation somewhere else?" Elsie asked Yui.


Elsie looked around, remembering the horrors that happened here only a few days ago..."So, what does my Darling ask of me?" Yui asked suddenly.

"About Keima..." Elsie started.

Yui saw Elsie's worried face and quieted down.

"Vintage attacked us a few days ago, and Keima hasn't woken up since," she explained.

Yui took a moment to process this...

Then she said, "Of course I'll help! I'll do anything for my darling!"

Elsie sighed, relieved that she didn't have to ask.

"When do you want me to come over?" Yui asked.

"I'm telling the other hosts to meet at Keima's house tomorrow night, if that's okay for you," Elsie answered.

"We'll be there!" Yui said cheerfully.

"By the way," she asked, "Are you coming to band practice after school today?"

Elsie had forgotten due to the recent chain of events.

"I'll go today," Elsie replied.

They said their goodbyes and headed back to their classrooms. Elsie arrived in time for the bell. She looked back towards Kanon's desk, only to find that she had left for another recording session.

"Time to finish this school day." Elsie said to herself.

Elsie never noticed the demon observing her from a distance.

++[2-B Pencils' Room]++

After the practice, Miyako immediately left for her cram school. Yui left after saying goodbye to everyone, leaving only Elsie, Chihiro, and Ayumi in the room.

"Great work today, Ellie!" Chihiro cheered.

"Yeah, nice work!" Ayumi added.

"Aw, thanks guys," Elsie said.

Chihiro left to go shopping for musical supplies.

"Before you go Ayumi..." Elsie started.

Ayumi turned around and asked Elsie, "What's wrong?" she inquired.

Elsie paused for a moment. "The people who went after the goddesses came after Nii-Sama," she said after a while.

Ayumi listened intently.

"Something went wrong, and now Nii-Sama can't wake up," Elsie explained.

Ayumi said nothing for a moment. She seemed very deep in thought.

"I'll head over there, but it's not because I love Keima or anything," Ayumi looked away, blushing slightly.

Elsie brightened up a little. "Thank you so much, Ayumi!" she said.

Ayumi left for a track meet later that day.

Elsie, meanwhile, started walking towards the library.

Meanwhile, the mysterious demon from before followed her from the trees, a cloak concealing its identity.

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