The Light Within the Darkness

Chapter 13


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++[Abandoned Theater]++

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++[The Library]++

Elsie walked in. As expected, Shiori was the only person there. She started into space, an open notebook in front of her.

"Shiori?" Elsie called.

++[Outer Space]++

Simone sat on a rock, her writing tablet beside her on another boulder. Above her perch, the 400-year war continued to rage, with spaceships of different shapes and sizes shooting lasers at each other. Outer space lit up like there was a firework show, but there was no celebration here- only bitterness.

Simone sighed. No one even remembered how the war started. All they knew was that there was no surrendering to the other side. Though she was a space reporter, Simone doubted if anyone cared anymore. Life went on...

A beam of light shot from the sky, and someone gently descended from the ray. Elsie walked out from the beam and went to Simone.

"Shiori?" Elsie called out to her.



Shiori woke from her daydream to see Elsie standing in front of her.


"Shiori, Keima needs your help," Elsie pleaded.

"...Umm...wh-what's wrong..?" Shiori studdered.

Elsie thought for a moment.

"Keima is stuck in a deep sleep, and only the Goddesses can free him," she explained.

A Sleeping Beauty-style scenario came to Shiori's mind, which made her blush.

At that moment, Minerva took control of Shiori. She looked around for a bit, then realized with a shock that she was visible. She cowered behind a book, and peeped out from behind it.

"Don't worry," Elsie smiled kindly, "your sisters are going too."

That seemed to satisfy Minerva, who nodded and went back inside Shiori.


"Thanks, Shiori. I'm sure Keima would appreciate your help," Elsie said before turning to leave.

The possibility of seeing Keima again overwhelmed Shiori, who fell into another daydream. Let's save that one for another time, shall we?


Keima woke up to a completely white room. The floor, if it was even there, blended in with the walls. The only distinguishing feature was a door. It was made of a dark wood, and its doorknob was shaped like a skull. He went to open it when a hand caught his shoulder.

"I wouldn't open that door," a very familiar voice said.

Keima froze, trying to grasp what he had just heard.

He turned around slowly, making every effort to make sense of what stood before him, or to be more accurate, who.

"Haqua?" Keima rubbed his eyes.

Haqua smiled at Keima. It was the first time in a while since Keima had ever seen her smile like that...

She wore her regular clothes, and on her left arm the section chief band continued to be displayed proudly. It was as if Haqua had never died.

"What are you doing here?" Keima asked. "I thought you were..."

"Dead?" Haqua answered, "Of course I'm dead."

"Then why are you here? Where am I?" Keima questioned.

"You are at the border of life and death," was the answer Haqua gave, "and I'm here because you absorbed some of my spirit from my scythe."

"That door then..." Keima gestured to the door, "if I open it, I'll die?"

"Yup!" Haqua said lightly.

Keima stared at her. She seemed too cheerful to be dead. He continued to look at her in disbelief.

"You know," Haqua looked at him, "we're inside your mind right now. Anything you imagine can materialize in here."

"Is that so?" Keima smirked.

At the very moment, a PFP and a bench appeared in front of them, much to Keima's joy.

"Really?" Haqua sighed.

No response. Keima had already entered another dimension...his gaming world.

Haqua took a seat next to Keima and stared at the ceiling. She blushed a little after realizing that she was alone with Keima.

"So what now?" Haqua asked Keima.

The room began to transform, as if to answer her question. The walls melted into the ground, and the landscape slowly changed into a flowery field. Cherry blossoms from nearby trees blew around in the light breeze. The stars in the night sky reflected off a clear pond nearby. The doorway stood where it did before, still closed but just as tempting.

"Wow..." Haqua gasped as she watched fireflies fly over the pond.

Keima continued playing his PFP, oblivious to the change of scenery around him.

Haqua stood up and walked around for a while, enjoying the scenery. After a while, she sat back down on the bench beside Keima and stared at the moon.

"The stars are pretty tonight," Haqua noted.

A/N: [I loved imagining this chapter.]

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