The Light Within the Darkness

Chapter 14


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Tenri leaned on her front gate. She was nervous because she hadn't seen Keima for a few days. Elsie was the only person who ever left or entered the house. Diana snuck over there once, but didn't say anything to Tenri about what she saw.

"It's bad," was the only thing Tenri could get Diana to say on the subject. Any further prodding silenced her.

Tenri finally mustered the courage to ask Elsie today. She anxiously waited for Elsie to come home.


Elsie walked home. She saw Tenri waiting at the entrance. Tenri didn't seem to be paying attention, since she continued to stare at a light post in front of her.

The hooded demon who had been following Elsie stayed behind a considerable distance, unbeknownst to Elsie.

"Tenri!" Elsie heard Diana call out. Tenri woke from her daze and stared at Elsie.


"Eh? Is something wrong?" Elsie asked her.

"...Is...K-K-Keima-Kun...okay..?" Tenri studdered.

Elsie gave Tenri a sad look. "No," she answered.

Tenri held back tears upon having her worst fears confirmed.

Diana took over from there.

"Have you tried getting my other sisters to help?" Diana asked Elsie.

Elsie nodded. There seemed to be no explanation necessary for what they were talking about.

"We're planning to meet here tomorrow night," Elsie told Diana.

"What about Vintage?" Diana asked.

"I'll try to get the Loose Soul Team to send some demons to protect us," Elsie replied.

"Sounds good to me," Diana said.

She went back into hiding, giving Tenri control of her body again.

"Will you...take good care of Keima-Kun?" Tenri asked.

Elsie smiled a little. "I'll try my best to keep him safe," she assured Tenri.

That seemed to satisfy Tenri. She said goodbye and went back to her house.

Elsie went into the café to clean it up a bit. There was a knock on the door. She opened it to find Rimyuel.

"Elsie," Rimyuel said,"we found a possible cure."

Elsie was overjoyed.

"But there is one problem with this cure," Rimyuel continued.

"Eh?" Elsie sat down.

"The spell needed to cure Keima...had been outlawed for centuries. No one knows how to do it." Rimyuel stated grimly.


"The only people who would possibly know these types of spells...would be members of Vintage." Rimyuel said.

"So..." Elsie repeated,"only Vintage members can heal Keima?"

Rimyuel nodded. "But since their mission right now is to kill Keima, I doubt any of them would be willing to do so," She concluded.

Elsie thought of Lune.

"By the way," Elsie asked, "would you be able to get us some guards tomorrow night?"

Rimyuel nodded. "I'll see what I can do," she answered.

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