The Light Within the Darkness

Chapter 15

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However, I plan on finishing this fanfiction by late November. There isn't much left, but I'll reduce chapters if I have to. I also have to work on the split ending...

The sequel is currently in the planning stages, and may not even come out. If by chance it does, most likely I will release it early December, just in time for winter.

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"Ahh..." Elsie sighed as she swept the floor.

The bell rang as a customer walked in and took a seat.

Elsie walked over, ready to take her order.

"One coffee, with heaps of sugar." the customer said.

Elsie left to get the coffee in the kitchen.

"How will I track down that Vintage demon?" Elsie wondered to herself.

"Why would you trust her?" A voice in her head asked her.

"I don't, but I've never seen a Vintage demon help Keima like that...she seemed serious on saving him last time." Elsie answered.

The coffee started steaming.

"Did it occur to you where Keima was that one day, when he disappeared in the park?" the voice responded.

"Well, I could use my rainment to retrace his steps..." Elsie thought aloud.

She took the coffee out to the customer.

"Anything else?" Elsie asked with a cheerful smile.

"Nothing else, thank you." was the reply.

The customer finished her coffee and left. Elsie went to clean the table when she froze.

Folded within a napkin was a Hellish coin, and a note.

Thanks for the coffee.


Elsie held the note in her hands. For once she finally understood Keima.

She could see the ending.


The school's lunch break started with Elsie heading up to the rooftop. It was the only quiet place she could think of.

She stared out at the empty space around her. New Hell had done a good job repairing the physical damage Vintage had caused, but it had still scarred Elsie. Memories of that fateful night came rushing to her mind.

...Why did it have to happen to her?

Elsie sat down on a bench under some trees and started eating her lunch.

"Hard to believe, isn't it, that such a mess took place here so recently." a voice said behind her.

Elsie cringed and turned around slowly upon hearing that.

Lune sat on another bench twirling her box cutter in her hands.

They stared at one another for a moment...

"Don't worry, I won't hurt you," Lune said.

She walked up to Elsie.

"I want to help your human buddy wake from his sleep," Lune said.

Elsie was unsure. Here was the perfect opportunity to wake her brother, but was it a reliable one?

"So..." Lune's voice pulled Elsie out of her thoughts, "do you need a spell caster, or not?"

Elsie seemed hesitant to answer. "Why do you want to help him?" she asked her.

Lune looked at Elsie. "Why not?"

"But...aren't you supposed to..."

Lune smiled. "Kill him? Nah, he's not my type. Besides, I owe him one."

Elsie looked down at the ground.

"How can I trust you?" Elsie asked quietly.

Lune took a moment to think about her answer.

"Well, Vintage hates me at the moment," Lune reminded her.

"... But how will I know you won't kill Nii-Sama, or tell someone else where to find him?" Elsie persisted.

"Because," Lune answered, "he is the only person I can turn to."

Elsie went quiet.

"I promise you," Lune held out her hand to Elsie," I won't let any harm come to him as long as I live."

This sudden oath surprised Elsie. She processed Lune's offer for a second, then shook her hand.

"I'll have to check with the goddesses first," Elsie said,"but thank you helping us."

Lune looked back into the woods. "It's my pleasure." she replied.

The bell rang.

Elsie turned towards the door. "I'll be seeing you soon, then." she told Lune as she disappeared down the stairs.

Lune kept her gaze on the horizon.

"I wonder if this will work," Lune thought out loud.

For once, she found that she was actually worried about someone.

A/N: Thank you Kodaka for your suggestion! I found it very helpful.

This conversation was a pain to write, though...

Totally worth it. X3

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