The Light Within the Darkness

Chapter 16


++[Night, Keima's House]++

The Goddesses made a circle around Keima.

Diana stood at the foot of the bed. Mars and Apollo stood on either side of her. Mercury stood beside Keima, and Vulcan sat on a chair beside her. Minerva sat on the ground beside Apollo.

"So what we're going to do," Diana explained to Elsie, "is we're going to enter Keima's mind and try and wake him from inside."

"Also," Apollo added, "we're going to enter his dream world, which I'm mild interested in."

Diana turned to Elsie. "You won't be able to come with us. Are you okay with that?" She asked her.

Elsie stood up from Keima's chair. "That's fine," she answered.

The Jupiter sisters turned their attantion back to Keima. They joined hands and started glowing...

A ring of light formed around Keima, then a ball of light formed in the middle of it. Holograms of ancient Hellian characters started floating around the air. The ball of light grew larger, filling the room with blinding light...

When the glare cleared, Elsie looked around the room. The Goddesses had vanished, leaving her alone with Keima.

++[Keima's imagination]++

The sun rose over the flower field. Keima sat on his bench, his PFP sat dormant on his lap. He watched the sun light up the field around him...

"I wonder," Haqua said from behind him,"if this is your first time looking at the sun rising."

Keima said nothing.

Haqua looked at the doorway standing by itself. It was still closed, but just as tempting.

"Just by opening that door," Haqua thought to herself," Keima can die."

Another door materialized in front of them. Keima and Haqua inspected it intently.

This one had writing all over its doorframe, and it was painted completely white.

"...Where does this door lead?" Keima asked Haqua.

"I've never seen this one before," Haqua replied," and I can't read this language."

The door opened.

Keima and Haqua stared at the door in wonder.

Diana walked out, as did Mercury, Apollo, and the other sisters. They took a moment to gaze at their surroundings, then turned to Keima. Haqua leaned on a tree nearby and listened.

"Wow, nice place!" Apollo grinned.

Diana glared at Apollo, who laughed a bit in response.

"You know, we took a massive risk coming here tonight," Diana looked at Keima.

"Katsuragi. Carry me." Vulcan commanded him.

Everyone else face-palmed themselves.

Keima ignored Vulcan.

"So," he turned to the other goddesses,"how do I get out of here?"

They stayed quiet for a moment.

" see," Minerva spoke up, "the loose soul that entered you left you in a coma."

Hearing Minerva speak gave her sisters the nudge they needed.

Diana looked at Keima. "The only way out is a spell that New Hell outlawed," she said grimly.

"So, like, no one knows how to do it," Mars concluded.

Keima sighed. "Is there any other way around?"

"As my sister previously said," Vulcan replied,"this spell is the only remedy."

"What if..." Mercury yawned.

Her sisters looked at her.

"What if Vintage knows how to do it?" Mercury suggested.

"But still, how are we supposed to get one of them to help?" Diana asked. "If you forgot, their goal is to kill us and take over the world," she reminded them.

Keima was deep in thought.

"I think I know someone who will," Keima muttered.

He explained his encounter with Lune.

"WHAT?" Apollo looked at Keima in disbelief, "of all the people you had to rescue, it had to be HER?"

"It isn't wise to trust your enemies," Mars stated.

Minerva hid behind Diana.

"Well," Keima responded,"do any of you have a better alternative?"

The Jupiter sisters went silent,

"How do you know she will help?" Diana asked him after a while.

"I don't, but she's all I have." Keima answered calmly.

"She stabs hard, you know," Apollo said.


As the goddesses went into the doorway back to Earth, Diana lingered behind them.

"Where can I find this demon?" she asked Keima.

"Don't bother," Keima replied. "If she doesn't want to be found, she won't," he explained.

"By the way," Keima started.

Diana stopped walking.

"Tell Elsie to hang in there." he said casually.

Diana smiled.

"I hope this plan works," she told him as she walked into the doorway.

"Me too," Keima said under his breath.

Haqua walked up to Keima.

"You know I've fought that demon from Vintage before, right?" she mentioned to him.

"Maybe," Keima answered as he stared into the sky.

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