The Light Within the Darkness

Chapter 17

A/N: Due to the need to extend this story, I may no longer be able to uphold my two-chapter updates. Sorry, but reality is mean.

The goddesses walked out of the door into Keima's bedroom. Once Diana left the door in disappeared into dust.

"I still can't believe we need a Vintage demon's help," Apollo grumbled.

Elsie sat up and looked at them expectantly.

"We couldn't do anything to wake Katsuragi," Diana informed her.

Elsie sighed.

"Before we left, he wanted to tell you to hang in there," Diana said with a slight smile.

Her sisters looked at Elsie.

"So, when will we meet again?" Apollo asked.

"What day is it today?" Mars asked Minerva.

"Tuesday." she answered.

"Well, we shouldn't do this on a weekday," Mercury yawned.

"Yeah," Vulcan agreed, "weekends are better so we have more time."

"We'll also need an extra day to prepare ourselves," Mars said.

"How about Sunday night?" Elsie suggested.

The Jupiter sisters nodded.

"We'll hide within our hosts until then," Diana told Elsie.

The Goddesses murmured in agreement.

"By the way, I got a Vintage demon to help us," Elsie said cheerfully.

Apollo froze. Diana ignored her and looked at Elsie.

"By chance," Diana asked Elsie,"is this demon named...Lune?"

Elsie nodded happily, "Yup!"

"Interesting," Diana noted.

"Is she reliable?" Mars questioned.

"As far as I know, yes," the demon answered.

Apollo stood there and fumed. "What does Keima see in her?" she angrily muttered to herself.

"Calm down, Apollo." Mercury yawned.

Vulcan was somewhat upset as well. "More people to keep an eye on," she glowered.

Minerva hid quietly behind Diana again.

"Alright," Diana said despite bickering going on around them,"do tell her we're meeting on Sunday to do the charm."

They talked for a bit about their plans, then the goddesses left for the night.

++[Abandoned Theater]++

Lune stared at the moon. It had been one of her favorite pastimes ever since her first days in Vintage. Probably because the majority of her assignments took place at night... but hey, it was still pretty.

Perhaps it was the only thing tethering her to her sanity, despite all of the blood she had shed.

Why was she helping him? What made her decide to put her bloodlust aside for Keima?

Maybe it was to repay him for all he had done for her. He did give her a place to recover and kept her hidden from everyone for the most part...

But there was something more. It had bothered her for a while now.

What made Keima want to rescue her in the first place?

In all her days as a member of Vintage, no one had taken the time to tend to her the way he did.

As a matter of fact, Vintage instructed its members to kill their partners if they were ever captured, so that no information could be learned by the wrong people.

But Keima set all that aside. He ignored all that Vintage had done to him, everything that she had ever done to him. He actually saw something in her worth saving.


Or was it out of pity?

No, Keima wouldn't work like that. Something in the way he behaved confirmed that pity wasn't the reason.

What was it then?

Lune shook off her thoughts and went to sleep.

++[Wednesday afternoon]++

Elsie stood at the park. Part of her rainment floated in front of her eyes, letting Elsie see the past in front of her. It was a nice day at the park, yet it was empty because it was a school day. Elsie activated the temporal visor feature of her rainment.

++[Flashback Mode Activated]++

Keima ran into the park, looked at the ground for something, then headed towards the woods. Elsie saw herself walking to school, alone.

Elsie followed Keima, curious to see what Keima hid from her.

Keima stopped walking and started calling out to something. Elsie stopped as well and looked around. Nothing was out of the ordinary...until she looked at the ground.

Lune lay there, badly injured. Keima used his jacket to bandage her wounds.

Elsie now understood. This was why Keima vanished, and why Lune was keen on saving him.

The holographic Keima carried Lune and started walking through the woods. Elsie followed him.


After a short walk, Keima reached his destination.

"The theater," Elsie said out loud.

Keima walked quietly through the talk doorway that stood before Elsie. The doors behind him closed.

++[Flashback Mode Deactivated]++

Elsie returned her rainment its regular form and wandered into the building.

Elsie looked around the empty theater.

"Where would Keima keep her?" Elsie thought to herself.

She turned a corner and saw a figure bent over.

"Hello?" Elsie called out.

The hooded figure turned around, surprised. Two more appeared from the ceiling.

That was unexpected.

Elsie quickly turned around to see two more hooded demons blocking the doorway out.

Vintage, expecting Lune, found themselves a bonus rainment.

They circled Elsie and drew their swords.



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