The Light Within the Darkness

Chapter 18

A/N: Let me tell you a story.

On August 1, 2015, I had no idea what the direction of my story was headed. I had quite a bit of it done, to the point where Keima was hopelessly in a coma (Chapter .)

I realized I had no way of connecting this situation to the ending I had in mind. Sure, I could have the goddesses wake Keima, but then where would Lune come in? There was no way to make it fit! To make matters worse, I was at some food festival, so I couldn't concentrate.

My family sat under a tent to listen to some jazz music. My sister, who is my faithful editor, read over my chapters. I told her my writer's block, and you know, that may have been the idea that salvaged my story.

She suggested using a spell to wake Keima, and that's when it all clicked in my mind.

The goddesses, Lune, Keima's slumber. Everything fell into place when that suggestion came to me.

As a result, I can proudly announce that the ending is indeed in sight. It isn't too far off from this one event, in fact.

So I'll take this moment now to say thank you to everyone who read my story over these past few months.I'm working on the ending so I can end on a happy note, but that will take some time.

Happy reading! :)

-FrozenDeluxe *.*

Lune sat in her hidden room reading.

The room itself was well hidden behind a mirror that was covered with a curtain.

Exactly how Keima knew about this room was a mystery, but Lune was happy with it. Here, she could recover and continue planning her route without any disturbances...

A scream, followed by a loud bump, caught Lune's attention. What was that?

Lune stiffened and listened intently. Maybe she had imagined it?

Nothing happened. Lune went back to reading. She was still on edge, though.

"No! I need to save Nii-Sama!" the voice yelled. Lune's eyes widened in recognition.

A clatter of footsteps followed, then a brief bang.

Everything went quiet.

Lune grabbed her boxcutter and snuck out the room.

Elsie woke up with her head pounding. She looked around, but her headache made it difficult to see. She analyzed her surroundings.

She was tied to a chair. The Vintage demons, five of them in total, discussed her fate.

What was she to do now? There was no one to save her from here. She had searched the entire theater, yet found no trace of Lune.

The Vintage demons' discussion brought Elsie out of her thoughts.

"I say we kill her now," one of them whispered.

"No, we should use her to lure the other one," another one suggested.

"But her rainment could still get us that promotion," someone reminded them.

They argued back and forth like this, until they decided to kill her.

They turned to Elsie.

"Your luck's run out," one of them whispered.

They prepared to cast an assassination spell.


A bolt of energy hit one of the Vintage demons, who fell over.

The others froze and looked around for the source of that magic.

Lune hid behind a corner with her box cutter drawn.

The Vintage demons decided perform a sweep of the area. One of them stayed behind to guard Elsie.

Lune used the piles of old furniture to sneak up behind the lone guard. She crept up behind it...

"You didn't see anything," Lune smirked before knocking it out with a quick hit with the box cutter's handle.

Elsie was surprised to see her so calm. At the same time, however, she was grateful to see Lune come to her rescue her, as unexpected as it was.

Lune came over to her and untied the ropes binding her. She was quick to undo them, and helped Elsie to her feet.

"HEY!" someone yelled behind them.

Lune turned to see a Vintage demon running at them. She could hear the others coming as well. The demon pursuing them directed a spell at them, but it missed and hit some old furniture.

The furniture caught fire and burned quickly.

Lune shot another bolt of lightning at the demon and hit him in the chest. He fell over and started twitching uncontrollably.

The ceiling of the theater burst into flames.

Lune realized that she had to get the papers on Keima's loose soul.

"Get out of here," she told Elsie.

Elsie nodded and flew for the exit. Lune turned back towards her room.

The remaining Vintage inside scattered.

The flames spread quickly throughout the theater.

Lune burst into her room and grabbed the LST's report, the encyclopedia of loose souls, and the spell book. She put them in a bag and carried it out. Before she left, she turned and cast a forcefield around the room, protecting it from major fire damage. She ran towards the exit clutching her bag tightly.

Lune made it out of the theater safely. The flames from the theater lit up the night sky.


Where was Elsie?

Lune looked around. "Maybe she flew off," Lune thought.

A rainment distress flare, followed by a purple puff of smoke blasted through one of the windows.

...Elsie never made it out, did she?

Lune hid her bag under a bush, then dashed back into the burning theater.

Special thanks to:

blee: Your comments were one of the reasons I pushed myself to post these chapters two at a time. I loved reading your reactions to each of them.

XxMidnightReaderxX: You were one of the first people to find this story interesting enough to follow. I appreciate your advice, which was what I needed the most.

xellos540: You were the first person to find my ff "interesting, to say the least." I appreciate your comments as well, especially the critical ones. They helped me straighten out plot holes and better my writing. I'll be honest, I was heartbroken when I found some plot holes you pointed out. I was ready to quit writing, in fact. I realize now that critics are also instrumental to the learning process, because I can learn from their criticism, however harsh they may be. Thank you for that.

KodakaRedfox: Where do I begin? You supported me from the beginning, even before I started writing. I discovered your fanfic while I was in the Philippines, and I regret nothing when it comes to the time I spent reading your fanfic. It was the push I needed to work out my fanfic into writing. Here it is! My first ever piece of fanwork to ever hit ! It would have never been this great if not for your constant guidance throughout its development. Hats off to you, Kodaka.

Dricon: I honestly thought there were other fanfics like mine, and assumed that what I had written was already done. Well, now I know that I am one of the few who actually gave Keima some sort of powers, however limited they were. That part was a blast to imagine, not as much to write, though. XP

Chapter 19 is coming soon! Stay tuned!

Voir la lune? Il est assez ce soir.

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