The Light Within the Darkness

Chapter 19

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The fire had spread to the roof and walls. Windows exploded from the heat of the blaze. Smoke billowed through the halls of the dying building.

Lune covered her mouth with her rainment to block out the smoke. She ran from room to room looking for Elsie.

As she rounded the corner, she found Elsie...

Elsie was tied up and gagged. She lay unconscious on the floor, probably from inhaling the smoke.

Lune felt a breeze behind her. She turned and narrowly avoided a Vintage demon's blade. Two more demons dropped from the ceiling.

Lune drew her boxcutter and sliced at them.

The Vintage demon with the sword swung at her with its sword. Lune deflected the hits with only her boxcutter. She managed to disarm it and steal its sword.

The Vintage demon fell back. Its partners glanced behind her and ran. Lune looked as well.

A giant wooden column caught fire and was dangerously close to falling over, along with most of the roof.

Checking to make sure that Vintage was gone, Lune untied Elsie and carried her towards the exit. The roof behind her began to cave in.

Lune froze.

The only doorway out had collapsed in on itself.

Lune looked around and saw a large window. She ran while carrying Elsie and jumped through the window. Bits of broken glass cut into her, but she made sure Elsie didn't get hurt.

Lune and Elsie made it out right before the roof caved in on itself. The rest of the theater continued to burn, and Lune could hear sirens in the distance. She carried Elsie away from the burning theater...

++[Keima's House, Thursday morning]++

Elsie woke up in her bed. Her head was sore, and she had minor burns from last night. She was still in her smoky clothes from the previous night's ordeal.

She looked around her room and saw an unfamiliar bag on her table. She went over an opened it. Inside were two encyclopedias on loose souls or spells, an annotated report by the Loose Soul Team, and a boxcutter with the Vintage insignia engraved on the handle.

"What am I supposed to do with these?" Elsie asked to herself.

She read the bookmarked sections on Keima's loose soul and the spell needed. It was difficult to understand, but Elsie understood what was needed to lift Keima's curse. She looked at her clock.

"Time to go to school," Elsie said to herself. She went to get ready for school.



Lune looked at the smoldering ruins of the theater. The section with her room in barely survived last night's blaze. Her room remained intact, to Lune's relief.

The Vintage sword she stole last night hung by her side in a scabbard she had made.

Lune stood there for a moment to ponder what her next move would be.

"Well, this an interesting twist," she thought to herself.

Lune went inside to inspect the building and bandage her cuts scrapes from earlier.



Elsie walked out towards the theater. She stared at the ruins of the once grand building.

Elsie considered going in, but decided against it. For all she knew, there were still Vintage demons lurking inside.

She turned and walked back to the school.

Her feet crunched the leaves on the wooded path.

*Crunch crunch crunch*

Where would Lune be, now that her hideout had been heavily burnt?

*Crunch crunch crunch*

What would happen now? Would she still be willing to help Keima?

*Crunch crunch crunch*

Elsie stopped walking.

Where did she put her lunch?

She checked around her backpack.

There it was, hidden underneath her notebook full of fire engine drawings.

*Crunch crunch crunch*

Elsie cringed. No one else was there except for her...right?

*Crunch crunch crunch*

The footsteps were getting closer to her.

Elsie turned around quickly.

A squirrel looked up at her with glassy black eyes.

It cautiously approached her foot, picked up an acorn that was nearby, then scurried off into the bushes.

Elsie relaxed. "Oh," she sighed,"it's just a squirrel."

She walked on, and stopped at a bench.

"This would a nice place to eat," Elsie thought.

She took a seat and ate her lunch. All the while, she enjoyed the peace and quiet of the woods around her.

After finishing her food, she stood up to take a stroll before heading back to the academy.

Unexpectedly, her longings to see her buddy back to his normal self took over.

"Nii-Sama..." Elsie thought intensely, hoping that he could hear her thoughts,"Hang in there. It's my turn to be useful."

An electrified crossbow bolt whistled past her ear and hit the tree in front of her.

A/N: Well, I'll be honest, I do not have much more planned after this.

At the time of this posting, the first ending is done, but in need of serious revision. About 80% complete.

Ending B is just finishing, but also in need of reviewing. About 70% complete.

Everything in between is also written, but I'm looking for ways to add and improve. As it stands though, my life is super busy. Progress on this story is much slower than I was anticipating, but I'm still optimistic for my November deadline.

The shortest chapters I have written are at least 500 words in length. My longest one has about 1200 words. The endings are much longer, about 1500 or more. Ugh.

Plot holes and such are completely unintentional, and my writing is definitely rushed here.

Sorry about that.

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