The Light Within the Darkness

Chapter 2

"Kami-Nii Sama!" Elsie called, "Please hurry, or we'll be late for school!"

Keima, meanwhile, continued playing on his PFP, apparently unaware of the time.

"I'll be ready in five minutes," he replied without looking up.

True to his word, he left with Elsie five minutes later.

As they made their way to the school, Elsie sighed, "Aww, it's another Monday..."

Keima said nothing to this. He continued playing on his PFP.

"Nothing interesting ever happens on Monday." Elsie continued.

Keima abruptly stopped walking. Something had caught his eye.

"Eh? What's wrong, Kami-Nii Sama?" Elsie asked.

No reply.

"Is it a fire engine?" Elsie enthusiastically wondered while looking around. She tried following Keima's line of sight, but saw nothing out of the ordinary.

Keima looked seriously at Elsie and said, "Go ahead of me to school, and If I do not return in time, make a copy of me with your rainment."

Elsie nodded and left, wondering what could possibly bother her brother that much.

"Maybe it's Chihiro," she thought to herself.

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