The Light Within the Darkness

Chapter 20

TLWTD The Light Within the Darkness

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Elsie panicked. She activated her distress signal and ran back towards the school. It was a long distance away, about a fifteen minute walk.

The hooded Vintage demon hunting her made itself known. With its eyeball mask glowing red, it walked out of the woods with a crossbow in one hand and a knife in the other.

Upon seeing her assailant, she darted towards the school. She looked behind her and found that the demon was flying towards her.And it was closing in on her.

"What can I do?" Elsie frantically thought as she fled away from the Vintage demon.

Reaching a hand into her pocket, Elsie brought out one of her spirit detainment jars and uncapped it. The jar managed to vacuum the Vintage demon's crossbow and render it useless, but it shattered soon after. The attacker paused for a moment, then continued advancing towards Elsie.

"What now?!" Elsie desperately searched for a way out.

Elsie remembered the utility knife Lune left her. She fumbled around in her pockets until she found it. She unsheathed the blade and turned around to face her attacker.

The demon holstered its bow and surged forward towards her. Elsie backed up against a tree and pointed the blade at the approaching enemy. Her hands trembled heavily.

What happened next was purely instinct.

Elsie shut her eyes blindly ran towards the demon and ducked. She felt a strong breeze above her head, then rammed into the demon with all her might. Elsie felt blood spill out as the box cutter dug deeper into the opposing demon's rib cage. The demon grasped at its knife for a split second, then fell back onto the grass.

The demon lay still, and its eyeball mask slowly flickered out.


Elsie stood over the Vintage demon who just attacked her.

She stood there, the shock of all that just happened still setting in. Then it all came out.

She didn't want anyone to get hurt, really. If anything, Elsie was against any sort of fighting, but she..had no choice.


In that moment, Elsie's pain over Haqua's death and Keima's curse, along with her own feelings of hopelessness and loneliness came to surface in a tsunami of emotion. She leaned against the tree nearest to her and cried her heart out. The world around her was crumbling slowly...

After that, she just sat there, weeping quietly to herself.

Dokuro Skull and Rimyuel, along with two other LST demons came to respond to Elsie's distress signal.

They asked Elsie a few questions, then Rimyuel took the two other demons on a sweep of the area. Dokoro sat next to Elsie and put a bony hand on her shoulder.

"We made a call to the school that you got sick, so you can go home whenever you want," Dokuro told Elsie.

Elsie continued staring at the ground.

"Hard, isn't it, to take a life?" Dokuro said after a while.

Elsie looked up with teary eyes and nodded.

"You know, you made the better decision," Dokuro told her.

"Did I really?" Elsie doubted,"Because of me someone out there lost someone they cared about."

Dokuro stayed silent for a bit.

"There comes a time when the benefits outweigh the costs, even when they are high." she said."Either way, someone gains something from a decision. The right choice depends on who benefits from the consequences, and why."

Elsie sat quietly and looked at her mentor.

"Take this...incident, for example," Dokuro continued,"if you hadn't killed that demon, you would most likely have perished. And then what? Your buddy dies, and everyone related to him gets hurt. The people who could've been saved by Keima would have no hope, as Keima is no more. They would suffer as well."

Elsie nodded. "What I'm doing then, is it right?" she asked her.

Dokuro turned and looked at Elsie. She held Elsie's hand in her own.

"You have done what most of us would never have been able to accomplish. You remained steadfast and did not let your doubts stop you. New Hell needs more demons like you," Dokuro said proudly.

She stood up and patted Elsie's shoulder.

"Whatever you plan next, all of New Hell will stand behind you," Dokuro pledged.

Elsie stood up as well. She knew what had to be done, and she was ready to pay whatever price was necessary.

"Will you be able to send some protection to Nii-Sama's house on Sunday night?" Elsie asked Dokuro.

"Of course. I'll send the best demons we have," Dokuro answered.

Rimyuel and her companions landed nearby. "Everything is clear," Rimyuel reported to Dokuro Skull.

Dokuro stood up and started to walk around. "I almost forgot," Dokoro turned around suddenly,"I have something to present to you."

Dokuro Skull waved her hands, and two beautiful swords materialized in the air.

Their blades, which shone a dark blue, were engraved with imprints of vines around the Loose Soul Team's coat of arms. The hilts were encrusted with amethysts and were lined in silver.

"This one is for you, child," Dokuro gave one to Elsie. Rimyuel and the other demons knelt on one knee.

Elsie held it tightly. The sword was perfectly balanced in her hands. On the handle the word "DEVOTION" was carved into Hellian.

"The life of your buddy, as well as New Hell's future, hangs in the balance," Dokuro said as Elsie inspected her sword further. "Use it wisely," she warned.

"But what about the other one?" Elsie asked her mentor.

The remaining sword floated in the air until a sheath appeared from nowhere. The sword nestled itself inside, then floated down to Elsie.

"This one goes to the Vintage demon helping you," Dokuro instructed Elsie.

Elsie nodded.

"How did Chief Dokuro know about Lune-Sama?" she wondered to herself.

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