The Light Within the Darkness

Chapter 21

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The Light Within the Darkness


++[Friday Afternoon]++

Elsie paced the floors of the cafe.

Business had been slow today, with only a few people entering at a time.

Earlier, she talked with Diana and told her about New Hell's assistance. She would relay the news to her sisters.

Most of the day was spent waiting for customers to wander in and stop for a quick drink.

At the moment, there were only two or three people studying for an upcoming test.

Leter, they stood up and left, leaving Elsie alone in the dining area.

She walked to a table in order to clean it. The bell rang as the door opened.

Lune took a seat in the corner and started reading a book she brought.

Elsie walked over to her. "Coffee with lumps of sugar?" she asked as she glanced at Lune's book.

-Spellcasters' Guide-

Over 200 Tips on Preventing Backfires

Lune nodded and continued reading intently. Elsie left to warm some coffee, and came back with a steaming cup.

Elsie fidgeted."The goddesses plan on gathering on Sunday night," she mentioned as she looked around for any customers.

"Good to know," Lune said without looking up from her book.

Elsie went to get a jar of sugar cubes.

Lune took a sip of coffee, "Vintage will most likely show up as well."

"I know," Elsie responded as she took a seat,"Chief Dokuro will send some other demons to help us."

"That being said, are you still ready for what may happen on that night?" Lune asked.

Elsie nodded slowly. "Whatever it takes to wake Nii-Sama up," she said seriously.

They sat there in silence for a moment.

"This will be a very eventful weekend," Lune smiled.


As Lune turned to leave, Elsie called out to her.

"Lune-Sama!" Elsie called out.

Lune stopped.

"I have something for you from Dokuro Skull," Elsie looked at her.

She used her rainment to produce the extra sword Dokurou had given her and gave it to Lune.

Lune was silently stared at the sudden gift.

"Are you sure this is for me?" she suddenly asked Elsie.

Elsie nodded. "Dokuro told me herself."

Lune turned the sword over and looked at the handle. On its jewel-encrusted surface, a single word was spelled out in Hellian.


++[Keima's Imagination]++

Keima sat on his bench playing his PFP. Haqua sat beside him, watching him with mild interest.

The white door appeared in front of them, and Diana walked in.

"Katsuragi," she called out to him.

Keima didn't look up from his game.

Diana walked up to him and stared intently at him.

"Conquest complete!" a melodic voice chimed from his PFP. Keima hit a few more buttons, then shut it off and looked up.

Diana rolled her eyes.

"Where are your other sisters?" Keima asked, "why are you here by yourself?"

Diana blushed, "They were all...busy," she looked away.

She took a moment to compose herself.

"A lot has happened recently that you should know about," she looked at him. Diana summarized everything that had happened since the last time the goddesses were in Keima's mind.

"Elsie did all that by herself?" Haqua asked with pride in her voice.

"Her devotion to him," Diana gestured to Keima,"is what kept her going, even with all that she has experienced."

"However, she did have some help, at least, as far as I saw." she added.

Keima understood.

"That demon from Vintage?" he guessed.

Diana nodded.

"And the demons in charge of the Loose Soul Team fully support Elsie with this plan," she said.

"Looks like everything is in order then," Keima stated.

Haqua looked at the ground with sadness in her eyes.


Keima and Diana talked more about the upcoming meeting, then Diana went back to reality.

After Diana left, Keima turned to Haqua. "How about you?" he asked.

Haqua blushed. "Wh-what do you mean?" she stammered.

"Will I see you again?" Keima looked at her.

"..." Haqua stared off into space.

"I think so," she said after a while,"since I now reside within your mind."

Keima went back to his game.

"You know, this means I can read your thoughts and see through your eyes.

There was no response from the gamer because he was so into his "perfect" sim.

But to be honest, his thoughts were elsewhere. Haqua understood that.

++[Sunday Afternoon]++

The LST spent all morning planning their positions. It was decided that Elsie would not be able to stay there for that night. After all, they reasoned, if Vintage got their hands on Elsie and killed her, Keima would die as well.

Rimyuel and some other demons escorted Elsie to the ship docked at the beach.

Meanwhile, twenty-five demons from New Hell guarded Keima's house. Their positions varied from hiding in nearby trees and bushes to flying above the house.


++[Keima's Bedroom]++

The Goddesses waited around for Lune to show up.

"Are you sure she'd even coming?" Vulcan asked Elsie.

Lune flew in through the window and took a seat in a nearby chair.

"Nice weather we're having tonight," she said with a slight grin, "I'm in the mood for some stargazing."

As expected, the goddesses were very skeptical of Lune.

Especially Apollo.

"For the record, I still don't trust you," she reminded Lune with a glare.

Lune just shrugged. "Okay."

Diana shushed her sisters.

"I sense many other auras from Hell nearby besides the ones guarding us," she said.

The other sisters murmured in agreement.

An LST commander knocked on the door and entered.

He saluted Lune. "Chief Dokuro left you in charge of us," he told her.

The other goddesses looked at Lune.

"What do we do now?"Apollo asked Lune.

"Vintage is approaching heavily from all directions. There are too many of them for all of us to handle at once, but we can hold them off for about two hours at best," the demon reported.

"With the help of the heavenly beings though," he gestured to the goddesses,"we can probably finish off most of Vintage without much trouble."

"We should go out and fight them first, then heal Keima," Mars suggested,"and take no unnecessary risks."

"I can protect the house with a forcefield," Minerva murmured loud enough for everyone to hear her.

"At the same time, if any one of us goddesses die," Diana pointed out,"all of us will perish as well."

"So it seems we have two routes, as Katsuragi would say," Mercury yawned," we can fight off Vintage first, then cure him, or we can heal first and hope that our demons can hold them off long enough for the spell to work."

"What's our course of action, chief?" Vulcan asked Lune.

Lune walked to the window and stared at the moon. A streak of red reflected across her eyes. After a moment of reflection, she turned back to the expectant people behind her with a decision in mind.

***X#X#X*** SPLIT ***X#X#X***

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