The Light Within the Darkness

Chapter 22: Ending A

TLWTD Ending A


Welcome! If you are following along, Lune just decided to take the risk of healing Keima while leaving Vintage to the Loose Soul Team.

As a reader, you either chose this ending or went back after reading Ending B. Lol.

As always, sorry in advance for any poor writing or plot holes and such. However, thank you for your support of this fanfiction throughout its life!

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++[Keima's House]++

"Let's get this spell over with," Lune decided.

The other goddesses nodded, and the commander saluted.

"We'll hold them off as long as we can," he said before flying out the house.

Minerva made a forcefield around a house, and they gathered around Keima.

"Here goes..." Lune said.

A beam of light shot out from her hands, and Hellian characters started floating around her. Lune could feel her life energy tether to the ray of light.

The other goddesses directed their power towards Lune, keeping her energy to a sustainable level as the spell began to wake Keima.

A ring formed around Keima as the spell began his recovery.

"When the ring begins to fade, he'll wake up." Lune told the goddesses.

The others nodded and continued concentrating their energy towards Lune.

Just then, a crash shook the room, along with the sounds of fighting downstairs.

The force-field around the house, which glittered a light purple, shattered as Vintage troops overcame the LST's resistance.

Everyone could hear the Vintage troops running through the house.

The ring around Keima began to fade...

The smashing downstairs continued for a bit, then something hard shattered. The struggle ended.

After that, a tense moment of waiting followed. The goddesses looked around to watch out for any Vintage demons.

By now the light ring was about halfway gone.

"Almost there..." Lune gritted her teeth.

Footsteps from many different sources came from outside.

The goddesses looked at each other. What happened downstairs?

More struggling came from just outside the hall. A demon from the Loose Soul Team climbed in through the window and saluted Lune.

"It's bad. Vintage has just overrun us," the demon reported.

Diana looked at him and asked,"How many of them?"

"Sixty." the demon answered, "and we only have about twenty of ours left."

Someone started pounding on the door. The demon looked at it, pulled out a crossbow, and pointed it at the door.

A fireman's ax smashed through the door, opening the doorway to a waiting Vintage soldier. Someone grabbed him from behind.

The LST demon went out the door with his crossbow at the ready.

More sounds of thumping echoed through the hallway, then the LST demon stuck his head through the doorway.

"We'll keep watch from here," he said before walking back outside.

Minerva made a force field around Lune and the others, shielding Keima as well.

The ring was still slowly disappearing...

Gunshots resounded outside. Lune could hear the screams of both Vintage and the Loose Soul Team.

One of Vintage snuck up to the demon guarding the door and finished him with a thrust of its sword.

The Vintage demon kicked open the door and ran in with others following close behind.

Meanwhile the goddesses watched in horror at the bloodshed in front of them.

Five or six Vintage members surrounded the force field and began pounding at it. The force field started cracking.

The ring of light around Keima could barely be seen.

Mars drew her sword.

The force field collapsed around Keima, and the demons lunged in to finish them.

Mars turned and slashed at the demons, distracting the attackers for a moment as the spell entered its final stage.

The ring flashed brightly, then vanished. Keima still laid in his bed.

The goddesses looked at Lune, then charged at the demons in the room.

Minerva moved next to Lune and made a smaller force field around her and Keima.

Mars sliced at the demons with her sword. The demons in the room pulled back and fled, but the Jupiter sisters weren't finished yet."We can handle them," Vulcan said to Lune, who nodded.

Apollo, Diana, Mercury, and Vulcan flew above the house. The Vintage outside took aim at them with crossbows, but the goddesses dodged them with ease. From their hands they shot beams of light that disintegrated their targets. Vintage scattered outside.

Mars dashed into the hallway and began taking care of the Vintage soldiers nearby. With one swing of her sword, she sent rows of them flying back the way they came in.

The other LST demons saw this, raised a loud war cry, and began attacking with new enthusiasm.

The Vintage assailants could barely hold up against the ruthless blows from the Loose Soul Team's swords. Against the goddesses above them raining death and the wall of demons attacking them, Vintage was powerless.

The remaining Vintage inside the house began to flee after hearing the commotion outside, but as Mars continued to clear the inside of the house, a Vintage demon managed to slip past her and reach the bedroom.

Lune caught sight of the intruder just as he entered. She pulled out her sword and swung at the demon. The blade, which shone a dark blue in the moonlight, crackled with electricity as it shattered the opposing demon's sword.

A quick hit with the hilt knocked the demon out.

Minerva, who had been hiding behind the bed, peeked out and saw that all was safe. She crawled out and looked up at Lune with nervous eyes.

"Wh-what do we do now?" she asked Lune nervously.

"I'm staying here to keep an eye on him," Lune nodded her head towards Keima.

Minerva agreed, and started setting up more force-fields around the windows.

Keima still didn't wake.

The Jupiter sisters outside had finished off most of Vintage. The few that survived fled the scene. The Jupiter Sisters finished off any lingering demons, then left the Loose Soul Demons to track down any stragglers.

The goddesses headed back towards the house.


Mars was still holding off six Vintage demons inside. She was cornered against a wall. She slashed violently at the opposing demons, but they blocked themselves.

They drew their assassination knives and pointed them at Mars...

Suddenly they disappeared in a bright flash of light. Mars looked up to see her sisters standing in a doorway. She smiled at them in gratitude.

Someone screamed from the bedroom, along with something heavy hitting the floor. They rushed upstairs.


Lune and Minerva stayed in the bedroom. Minerva insisted on staying beside Lune, her childlike innocence convincing Lune to let her be. They stood there in silence watching the goddesses clear out entire ranks of attackers.

They were caught off-guard when a Vintage demon burst into the room.

The demon rushed into the room and grabbed Minerva by the arm. As Lune drew her sword, the demon threw a cursed knife at her. Lune dodged the dagger with ease, but it curved back and dug itself deep into her stomach. Lune felt her energy ebb away quickly as the blade's assassination spell began to take effect.

She leaned up against the wall and sank to the floor as her energy began to fade away into nothing.

Time seemed to slow down as Lune collapsed.

"It's a shame," Lune smiled sadly as she fell, "I didn't really get a chance to enjoy this sword."

She could only watch as Minerva screamed and flailed in her assailant's grip. The Vintage demon brought out another knife from under his cloak. He was going to kill Minerva, and thus destroy the other goddesses.

That wouldn't do.

With the last of her remaining strength, Lune yanked the assassination dagger out of her belly and threw it back towards its owner. As expected, the targeting charm on it hadn't worn off yet. The knife curved towards its target and stabbed the demon in the side, who fell over. Minerva looked at Lune in absolute fear and crawled to her. Lune held Minerva in her arms as the goddess to weep silently. Then Lune saw why.

Part of the Vintage demon's assassination blade had grazed Minerva's arm, and the spell began weakening her too.

++[End of flashback]++

The Jupiter sisters ran into the room to see Minerva crying in Lune's arms.

The goddesses tried to lift the curse from Lune, but she had already lost too much blood, and the curse had grown too strong.

Minerva saw her sisters, then continued to cry again as she wobbled towards them.

Diana and the others felt their power begin to ebb.

They knew.

The sisters huddled together in the center of the room.

"W-will I d-die?" Minerva asked between sobs.

"No." Mercury said calmly.

Minerva looked at Lune, who couldn't stand up anymore.

Lune was barely conscious. She watched the sisters with interest.

The sisters hugged each other. Minerva cried herself to sleep in Mercury's arms. Her sisters quickly erased all of the cursed blade's damage, along with the assassination spell, then stood by Lune.

"I'm sorry," Diana said grimly, "the spell has done too much damage...we can't save you."

The news did not phase Lune in the slightest. She shrugged it off as if it were perfectly normal to be die.

"You know," Lune replied weakly, "I never imagined that leaving Vintage would be"

She coughed up some blood. There wasn't much time left.

"What made you do all this?" Diana asked finally.

Lune looked at her. "I wasn't sure at first, but know I know." Lune whispered.

The Jupiter Sisters looked at her expectantly.

"I think...I found someone worth protecting." Lune smiled, "And that's a first."

Diana smiled. She knew how that felt.

Keima stirred. The goddesses turned looked at him. He opened his eyes and sat up. Keima inspected the room, then looked at each of the goddesses. Finally, his gaze came to rest on Lune.

Lune couldn't stay awake any longer. Her head drooped as she felt her senses gradually weaken. Her vision went dark...

The last thing she saw was Keima getting up from his bed as the sun rose.


I only did what I ought to.At last,I see all goddesses.

Completed 10/15/15

A/N: If you were hoping for a Lune x Keima moment, this is the best it gets.

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