The Light Within the Darkness

Chapter 23: Ending B

TLWTD Ending B

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"We should take care of Vintage first," Lune decided.

The others nodded in agreement.

Mars unsheathed her sword. "Let's finish them!" she cheered.


A group of Vintage demons surrounded the door. They used magical explosives to blast open the door.

The explosion shook the house to its foundations. However, to regular humans the boom was not heard.

The door opened to the raiding demons, who stormed into the house.

No one was there. They walked in cautiously with their crossbows out...

A strong breeze blew through the house, and the door slammed shut.

The demons scanned the room again.

No one was there.

They started creeping up the stairs...

"Hey," someone called out.

The Vintage members turned around to see Mars with her sword out.

"How did you not notice me?" she feigned sadness before lunging the intruders.

Minerva held Mercury's hand tightly as they listened to the fight downstairs.

Keima was covered in a force field of his own, and the door to the room was reinforced with another barrier.

The smashing in the lower floor stopped, and something clattered to the floor.

Footsteps started climbing up the stairs...

Someone knocked on the door.

"It's me, Mars" Mars whispered from the other side of the door.

Minerva looked at Mercury, who nodded.

The force field opened, and Mars walked through.

"Well, they were easier than I thought," Mars shrugged."We should probably keep people from coming in, though."

Minerva agreed, and barricaded the entire house with another forcefield.

The house shook violently for a moment.

"What was that?" Mars looked out the window.


Diana, Vulcan, and Apollo flew around the house. Vintage shot spells and arrows at them, but to no avail.

The goddesses fired lasers from their hands that immobilized Vintage demons on contact. However, Vintage had one last trump card.

The ground shook as a giant humanoid statue made of stone marched towards the house. The statue grabbed at the goddesses, but the goddesses barely evaded the rough hands. The giant, however, kept them busy. The Vintage demons below them regrouped as their diversion continued to distract the towards the target.

The goddesses' light beams were bouncing off its stone skin. Meanwhile, the enemy continued to fire away, and their aim was getting better.

"What do we do?" Apollo asked Diana.

Diana analyzed the giant stumbling towards them.

"You two hold it off as long as we can," she decided, "and I''ll worry about the demons."

Her sisters nodded and went to distract the stone monster.

Lune stood defiantly at the rooftop watching the battle while keeping watch over the house. She pulled out her sword and looked at the words etched in the handle.


The ground shook as the giant stone figure stumbled around Maijima City.

Lune turned and analyzed the situation. She glanced around the area and saw a large pond nearby. An idea came to mind.

Lune commanded one of the LST demons to stand guard, then flew into the sky towards the stone statue.

The goddesses watched her and caught on to the idea. Diana stayed behind to fight off the raiders, while Apollo and Vulcan continued to fly just beyond the giant's reach.

The giant tried to grab Lune, but her nimble flight made that close to impossible. She led the giant away from Keima's house towards the pond.

Upon reaching the water, she hovered over the middle and holstered her sword. She pretended to surrender.

The statue waded into the pond and grabbed at Lune. It ignored the goddesses following closely behind it and focused on crushing Lune.

"Perfect," Lune thought.

She unleashed a wind that blew the giant statue off its feet. It fell into the pond and drenched itself in water. The figure stood up, enraged, and reached towards Lune.

The goddesses made lassoes of light and tied the statue's legs together, then went back to help Diana defend the house.

Lune flew around the stone and shot a freezing spell at them. The water froze, forming tiny cracks on their stone bodies. Shortly after, Lune defrosted the ice, gradually widening the cracks.

Lune repeated this process several times, and the cracks grew in size. The statue, though tough at first sight, cracked very easily, like a cookie.

One final defrosting from Lune assured the giant's destruction. Just in time, too, because the goddesses' rope finally broke.

As the enraged stone figure stood up, the cracks gave way, and it crumbled into a heap of old rocks with one final roar.

Lune pulled out her sword and flew back towards the house.

Minerva watched from Keima's window as the fight outside their shelter continued. Behind her, Mars and Mercury discussed possible plans.

"Look!" Minerva squealed and pointed towards Diana.

Mars and Mercury came to the window to see what caught Minerva's attention.

Diana was weaving through the air to dodge a hail of arrows. Vulcan somewhere nearby, but was occupied with shooting purple flames at Vintage demons attacking her.

As Diana flew around firing immobilizing beams at the demons below her, an arrow grazed her wing...

Diana's wings suddenly turned to glass and shattered. She looked at the fragments of her wings for a moment in surprise, then fell from the sky. Vulcan, who was surrounded by demons, could only watch as her sister plummeted towards the ground.

Apollo broke free from her crowd of demons and darted towards her sister, but it was clear she wouldn't be able to make it in time.

"Diana!" Minerva whimpered from behind the window.


Lune flew in just in time to break Diana's fall. They looked at each other, no words necessary for what needed to be said. Lune set the mildly surprised goddess on the ground.

From the bedroom window, the goddesses watching saw their hopes confirmed.

They had a powerful new ally.

Apollo reached the two of them as she blasted a hooded demon in the face.

"Thank you," Apollo said curtly before flying back out.

Lune gave a hint of a smile, then flew off to help some other LST demons fight off a group.

Diana cautiously entered the house after Minerva opened it for her.

"What are we waiting for?" Mars asked her sisters upstairs, "I'm going out to help!"

She unsheathed her sword and went outside just as Diana came in the bedroom.

Minerva ran up to Diana and hugged her while Mercury stood up from her seat at the window.

"How are your wings?" she asked with mild concern.

"I can't fly, but I should be fine," Diana answered. She neglected to mention the several cuts and scratches she had taken from the battle.

Mercury went to take care of Diana's wounds while Minerva continued to watch the battle outside.

The bloodthirst that had evaded Lune for so long finally started to return. Lune could feel her heart pound as she confronted her old teammates.

"Time to settle some scores," she thought with glee. She unsheathed her engraved sword and surprised herself with a giggle.

If it were any other instance that the goddesses heard her laugh, they would have trembled in fear. Tonight, however, they had the assurance that Lune was on their side.

It was Vintage's turn to be afraid.

Lune slashed at her attackers with a blinding speed. Caught off guard, some of them pulled back, but others weren't so lucky. They fell out of the sky as Lune continued her spree.

Even Mars was amazed at the precision with which Lune struck her enemies.

Suddenly, Lune felt something wrap around her chest and arms. She struggled for a bit, but could not resist the slowly tightening restraints put on her. She looked around for the source of her


A group of Vintage demons coordinated their rainments to tie Lune down. Together, they twisted their rainments into an indestructible rope that wrapped itself around Lune.

Lune was immediately surrounded by Vintage demons armed with spears of their own. They flew in towards Lune with their tips pointed at her.


At the last second, a blast of purple fire separated the advancing demons from their target. Vulcan hovered above them with another fireball at the ready.

"Consider ourselves even," she said to Lune before firing away at some demons nearby.

The celestial fire burnt the rainment ties into brittle threads. Lune wriggled free from her rainment trap and turned to face her assailants.

Again, she unleashed a hail of slashes at them. A few Vintage members were able to deflect some of the blows, but others were cut down.

Lune's rainment started to crackle with electricity...

"You should rest," Mercury advised Diana.

Diana grudgingly did as she was told and paced around Keima's room anxiously.

Minerva gasped from her post at the window. A bright explosion of light illumintated the night.

After the flash came a loud crackle of thunder that shook the ground, along with most of the house.

Somehow, the other humans in the immediate vicinity were ignorant of this massive shock wave.

"What was that?" Diana rushed to the window. Mercury followed behind her sister.

They watched as giant bolts of lightning shot out from a clump of Vintage demons.

The large clump of lighting exploded in a ring of electricity that blasted the Vintage demons to the ground. Vulcan and the others outside stopped fighting and watched as demons rained from the sky. Mars hovered next to Vulcan and observed the sudden bloodshed.

"Vintage, retreat!" a voice called out. The hooded forces were more than willing to flee, and fled without a word. Meanwhile, the Loose Soul Team stuck around to handcuff those who were left behind. A few LST troops hurled insults at Vintage as they retreated into the dark.

The Jupiter Sisters flew into Keima's room to regroup. Lune came in as well, along with one of the LST commanders.

"They seem to have left the immediate area," he reported to the group.

The goddesses applauded. His voice must have been amplified, because cheering and more clapping erupted from the others outside.

"That's nice," Lune said after the cheering died down, "but you should stick around in case they decide to come back for more."

"Right," the commander saluted and flew back outside.

Mars walked up to Lune. "That was amazing!" she complimented her. Vulcan and Diana agreed.

"Thanks for helping us," Diana told Lune, "we couldn't have warded them off without you."

"Yeah," Apollo said less grudgingly, "nice job."

"Hey," Mercury called out, "should we heal him yet?" she gestured to Keima's sleeping form.

They formed a circle around Keima's bed. Lune stood in the middle of this group and began waved her hand.

A ring of light formed around Keima, and ancient Hellian letters began floating around.

The goddesses concentrated their energy towards Lune. Keima began glowing a slight pink.

Lune thrust her palms forward, and a beam of light shot out from them towards Keima. She could feel her soul tether itself to the fragile connection.

Drops of sweat ran from Lune's forehead as she focused her energy on breaking the curse.

Many tense minutes passed. From time to time, the sisters looked around at each other, but the most oppressive part was the silence.

From Keima's chest, a dark purple sphere of smoke floated up. The goddesses looked at it in fascination.

The glassy orb cracked, then shattered in a brilliant explosion of color. The room was filled with a blinding light.

After the flash, the light ring around Keima vanished.

"That should do the trick," Lune said simply.

Keima started to stir.

"Keima-kun!" Tenri quickly regained control of her body and went to his side.

Keima opened his eyes and looked around.

"You actually pulled it off," he said bluntly.

This made the sisters around him smile.

"Wait, where is my PFP?" he looked around frantically.

The entire room sighed.


Rimyuel and Elsie walked around the old ship.

"Wow, this ship is awesome," Elsie looked around with interest.

"Yeah, I guess it is," Rimyuel followed closely behind her.

On the deck above them, five other LST demons kept a constant watch on the ship and its surroundings.

They reached a door.

"What does this door lead to?" Elsie asked her senior.

"Why don't we find out?" Rimyuel's gestured for her to open the door.

Elsie turned the doorknob.

"Wow!" Elsie's eyes glowed with amazement.

It was a small room, but it was full of things that interested Elsie. An elaborately carved desk and chair stood in the center of the room, while shelves of old navigational instruments lined the walls.

Elsie marveled at a marble chess set in the corner of the room as Rimyuel eyed a shiny compass that sat on the desk.

Rimyuel narrowed her eyes upon analyzing it further, then looked at it again.

The needle began spinning wildly.

Just then, she received a message on her rainment:

6/6 Demons online

:AT1:VINTAGE spotted.

Aprox. 15 in count.


-Received just now.

"Elsie," Rimyuel turned to the excited demon.

"Yeah?" Elsie looked back from a shelf of seashells.

The floor shook and the lights flickered as an exploson rattled the ship.

++[Keima's House]++

The goddesses took turns telling Keima their story of how they came to help him. Lune had gone out to check the surrounding areas for any leftover Vintage demons.

"But really," Mars said, "if it wasn't for your sister, I don't think any of us would have been able to come in time."

Mercury sat in one of Keima's gaming chairs. In her lap. Minerva slept peacefully. Vulcan sat in another chair, while Mars, Diana, and Apollo were deep in thought.

Keima sat on his bed catching up on his PFP inbox. It was as if he didn't hear them at all.

Apollo gave a disappointed look. "It's like talking to a rock," she sighed.

Diana started to pace around the room. "Now this is over," she asked Keima, "what do we do?"

"What do you mean?" Keima asked without looking up from his game.

"Well," Diana explained, "it's been generations since we Jupiter Sisters sealed away the Weiss."

"Conquest complete!" a voice chimed from Keima's PFP.

Diana rolled her eyes.

"Aren't you worried that Vintage will come after you, especially after tonight?" she asked with concern.

"No," Keima answered, "anything outside of my games does not merit the slightest part of my attention."

"Besides," he continued,"New Hell caught most of them after all of you goddesses were awakened."

"Baka," Vulcan spoke up, "once you challenge them like this, they will stop at nothing to eliminate you as a factor."

Keima sat deep in thought.

"They are everywhere, you know," Apollo reminded him,"They can get into anywhere you can imagine." She shivered at the thought.

"They keep coming," Mars said seriously,"Vintage is a dangerous force to mess with."

Someone knocked on the door, causing all of the goddesses to flinch. Keima walked to the door and opened it to admit a demon chief. Lune followed closely behind.

"The fun isn't over yet," Lune announced with a half-smile.

The goddesses looked at her with mixture curiosity and annoyance.

"We just recieved word from our division by the beach. The ship is under attack," the commander informed them.

Keima sat up straighter. "How are they holding up?" he asked as he put away his PFP.

"Our forces are struggling to hold up. Only two of the six demons sent to guard it are still alive. Vintage is trying to storm the ship." he answered.

"We should go," Mars said. Vulcan nodded in agreement.

Diana was ready to go too, but Mercury stopped her.

"You're still hurt, remember?" Mercury reminded her sister from across the room.

Diana protested, but her complaints were wasted on Mercury.

"Really, I'm not hurt that badly," Diana insisted.

"Nope," Mercury answered in a calm voice.

"What will you do, then?" Apollo asked.

"I'll stay and watch over the house, then," Diana replied.

Minerva walked over to Diana and stood by her side.

"Umm...I'll stay as well," she said shyly.

"Suit yourself," Mars told the both of them.

Keima stood up. "I'm coming, too," he stated.

No one wanted to argue with him at that point.

"Alrighty then," Lune spoke up,"let's move quickly!"

The Jupiter Sisters, save for Diana and Minerva, flew off towards the dock. Apollo carried Keima while Lune and a few other demons with the Loose Soul Team followed closely behind.


Waves from the explosion continued to rock the battered old ship back and forth.

The lights inside the ship flickered for a bit, then went out completely.

Elsie was about to shriek, but Rimyuel shushed her.

"Stay here," she commanded her.

Elsie nodded silently. She kept a hand on her sword.

They crawled under the wooden desk.

Rimyuel checked the logs on her communicator.

2/6 Demons Online

:FT12: The others are down. I'll hide below deck and keep it safe.

-Received 20 secs ago.

The only entrance to the bottom deck was on the other side of the hull, a long walk from the room they were in.

Elsie took a moment to catch her breath as Rimyuel re-animated her scythe.

"We're need to move," she whispered to Elsie.

Rimyuel peeked out the hallway. Seeing that no one was in the immediate vicinity, she snuck down a hallway with Elsie in tow.

A loud gunshot echoed through the empty hallways. Rimyuel recieved a notice on her Loose Soul Team communicator:

:[SYSTEM]:FT12 was disconnected.

-Received just now

"They're getting close," Rimyuel whispered to Elsie.

Together, the pair continued to move around the ship as Vintage searched for them.

"We're almost there," Apollo informed Keima as they began descending.

Keima nodded quietly and continued focusing on the ground beneath them.

Soon, they landed in some bushes not far from the ship. They could see hooded demons marching around the top deck.

"Stay here," Mars told Keima,"we don't want anything to happen to you."

"Nonsense," Apollo said,"he wanted to come, remember?"

"If you wanted him to stay, you should've said so before we left," Mercury said simply.

"He's safer with us than he is by himself," Vulcan added.

Instead of arguing with her sisters, Mars merely shook her head. "Whatever happens to him isn't my fault," she answered.

Apollo flashed Keima a quick grin before following the rest of the group.

Together, they walked down the path towards the ship.


The top deck was quiet and lonely, so when there was a loud creak, all of the Vintage demons immediately perked up.

"What was that?" one of them asked."

They looked at each other with their eyeball masks glowing in the dark.

Slowly, they turned around with their assault rifles at the ready.

There was nothing there.

They relaxed and turned around to their original field of vision.


They each got a stunning light beam to the face.

"That was fun," Apollo said as she stood over one of the fallen enemies.

"Quickly," Mars reminded her sisters, "there are more below deck."

Very quietly, Lune and the goddesses snuck down the stairs into the depths of the ship.

The hallway forked into three different directions.

"What do we do now?" Apollo asked Mars.

"We shouldn't split up," Mars said, "because Vintage might ambush us."

They decided to head down the hallway to the right.

As they snuck around, Lune caught sight of a navigational sign.

Captain's Quarters==



Rimyuel peeked around another corner.

"No one seems to be here either," she turned back to Elsie.

Elsie nodded and followed her mentor's lead as she stayed low and hid behind some barrels that stood against the wall.

She nervously fingered the handle of the sword Dokuro Skull had given her.

Rimyuel shushed Elsie.

"Wait here while I check the corners," she commanded her.

Elsie was more than willing to oblige.

Rimyuel cautiously peeked around the corner...

and was immediately faced with a hail of gunfire.

"There they are!" a Vintage demon called out to the others.

Rimyuel grabbed Elsie and ran down the corridor they had just passed. As they ran, Elsie released one of her rainment dolls while making herself and Rimyuel invisible. The pursuing Vintage

demons immediately surrounded the doll and unleashed another round of gunfire.

Meanwhile, Elsie and Rimyuel ducked into a room and took cover. Through the corner her eyes, Elsie saw a navigational sign nailed to the wall. She could barely read the letters in the darkness of the ship.



Elsie's rainment's invisibility wore off.

Gunshots echoed through the hallway as Lune and the goddesses ran within the ship.

"We must hurry," Lune told Mars.

"Right," Mars agreed.

"Wait," Apollo said.

The others looked at her.

"We're getting close- are we sure we want to take the risk of Katsuragi-kun getting killed?" she asked.

"Well that's interesting, coming from you," Mars retorted.

"H-Hey!" Apollo waved her arms, "if they get to him, then it's curtains for us as well!"

"I'm fine with waiting here," Keima spoke up from the back of the crowd.

"I'll stay too," Mercury spoke,"more time to nap."

"It's settled then," Mars said,"you can stay here with Katsuragi-kun while the rest of us go on."

"Let's go," Lune told the remainder of the group.

Together, they ran down the hallway.

The walls and floor were riddled in bullet holes. As the others caught up, Lune heard murmuring and peeped around a corner. She could see the shadows of their enemies bent over something.

The demons had not noticed that she and the goddesses were there.

Beneath them, a poorly made rainment doll lay on the floor, deflated and abandoned.

"Find them," one of the masked demons barked behind a voice-changer.

The nearest door to them was the galley. One of the demons went in to search while the others waited outside.


Immediately after, a loud crashing came from inside the galley.

They heard Elsie shriek.

"Let's go!" Mars whispered.

The group flew at the Vintage demons waiting outside.

The hooded troops, eight in total, were unprepared for the goddesses' ambush.

Lune pulled out her sword and started swinging at nearby demons. The goddesses flew around the narrow hallway and shot more stunning beams at demons.

Lune struck down a Vintage demon, then fought her way towards the galley.

Rimyuel and one of the Vintage demons fought in the back. The former was struggling to hold back the attacks of the latter. Elsie hid under one of the steel counter tops with her sword held tightly in her hand.

Rimyuel's attacker spotted Elsie, and immediately directed his attacks towards her instead.

Elsie swung her sword desperately at the demon and sliced part of his arm. The demon reared back in pain.

Rimyuel caught the demon's sword with her scythe and held it steady. With a free hand, she threw her rainment to Elsie, making her invisible.

This move, however, was without its cost.

The Vintage demon flung Rimyuel's scythe away from her and knocked her down the the floor.

Rimyuel struggled for a bit, but found no strength to continue resisting.

As the demon raised his sword to finish her off, Lune tackled him and took care of him with a quick thrust of her sword.

Rimyuel slowly stood up and nodded a quick thanks before walking outside to check on the other Vintage demons.

The goddesses had effectively tied all of the Vintage demons together with some rope that hung on the walls. Apollo made the point of pinning little ribbons on each of their cloaks. She finished the last ribbon, then glanced over her handiwork like an artist inspecting her masterpiece.

"We should go get Katsuragi," Vulcan said. Apollo agreed to do the task and went back to where Keima waited.

"Where's Katsuragi-kun's sister?" Mars asked.

Rimyuel snapped her fingers, and Elsie suddenly became visible inside the galley.

"That was scary!" Elsie whimpered as she took Rimyuel's rainment off and gave it back to her.

"So here's eight of the fifteen," Rimyuel counted the hooded demons in front of her.

"We ran into five of them on the upper deck," Mars added.

It only took a moment to figure out that something was wrong.

"Wait," Apollo realized, "there are still two of them out there!"

A loud bang reverberated from the hallway Keima and Mercury were.


Keima paced the room anxiously. Seeing that he couldn't play his dating sims with his level of anxiety, he resorted to walking around instead.

From the looks of it, he and Mercury were in what may have been the crews' cabins. Rows of bunk beds and chests lined the floor in an organized fashion.

Where was the goddess, anyway? Keima looked around the room.

Mercury snored as she napped in a hammock.

With nothing else to do, Keima took a seat on a bed and tried to organize his thoughts.

"Come to think of it," Keima remembered, "the last time I was here was when I conquered Ayumi and awakened Mercury."

He could still recall the bells that tolled on that fateful night.

And then Chihiro...


Keima cringed. No one else was in the room besides Mercury and himself...right?

"Who's there?" Keima called out to no one in particular.

Mercury mumbled in her sleep. "I'"

Quietly, Keima stood up and scanned the room.

Nothing in the room had changed, yet the air felt charged with tension. It was as if someone was watching him.

This was bad. Where were the others anyway?

What would he do now? Should he stay where he was, or investigate further?

A deafening bang shook the room as a ray of light lit up the room and hit the ceiling. A hooded Vintage demon faded into view and crashed to the floor. No wonder Keima didn't notice him at first, he was invisible.

Keima turned his attention to the origin of the beam of light.

Mercury sat up in the hammock with a neutral expression on her face. She had a hand pointed in a finger gun towards where the demon was hit. "You'd think they'd try to be quieter," she yawned. She pretended to blow smoke off her hand, then went back to snoozing.

Keima goggled at Mercury. Did he imagine things just now?

++[End of Flashback]++

"Katsuragi!" Mars burst into the room with her sword blazing. Her sisters also came in ready to fight.

They looked from the demon on the floor to Keima, and then to Mercury, who slept soundly in her makeshift bed.

"Oh," Mars put away her sword. She looked like she was mildly disappointed.

There was an awkward silence.

"Nii-sama?" Elsie peeked into the dark room.

It was hard to put into words what Elsie felt when she saw her human buddy again.

The immense joy she felt upon seeing that the person she cared for was there for her once more, the love she felt for one of very few people who saw any potential in her.

All that Elsie felt could summarized in one word- relief.

Relief that her "brother" was okay, relief that the ordeal Vintage was over, at least for the moment, and relief that she wouldn't be alone again.

Elsie sprang towards Keima and hugged him tightly. "I'm so glad you're okay!" she practically cried.

Keima hesitated for a moment, then put an arm around Elsie as well. "It's good to see that you're doing well," he said gently.

The goddesses smiled at this joyful reunion.

Lune hung out in the back away from the group. "This isn't the best time to be here," she silently decided.

"There aren't any demons besides us on the ship," Rimyuel read off a scanner, "the last demon got away."

"Well," Apollo sighed, "lucky for that demon, I guess."

The group made their way towards the stairs to the outer deck.


As they climbed out back into the outside world, the first rays of the morning sun greeted them, as if to say "Welcome back!"

"I should be going now," Rimyuel said. "I have to report to New Hell and inform them of everything that took place last night," she checked her wristwatch.

"By the way," she added, "no outsiders noticed any of last night's events, thanks to New Hell's magic. Any damage that occurred during the battle was repaired after the goddesses left."

"I guess that takes care of everything, then," Keima stated.

"Nii-sama," Elsie asked her buddy, "have you seen Lune-sama?"

The goddesses looked around as well, but found no trace of her. She had vanished as the sun continued to rise.

"Well," Rimyuel said, "I'm not going after her, especially after all she has done for us."

Keima stared back at Maijima City as the sun gradually illuminated the sleeping city. Elsie stood by her "brother," and together, they watched the morning sun.

From a distance away, a hooded demon observed the goddesses on the ship intently. After a while, the demon swished a scythe through the air and spun it.

"Just you wait, Capturing God," the demon promised, "I'll return Hell to the way it used to be, but you won't be there to see it!"

++[Abandoned Theater]++

The rays from the rising sun filtered in through the broken windows of the theater.

Lune sat in her room and stared at the ceiling. On the desk in front of her was a bag with a few travelling supplies, the Vintage sword she stole a few nights ago, and the sword Dokuro Skull had sent to her.

"Well," Lune thought with amusement, "that was satisfying." She smiled.

Never in her time working for Vintage had she felt this accomplished. She liked it.

Lune packed a few more items inside her bag, then wore the sheath for the decorated sword Dokuro gave her.

After a moment of deciding, she left the Vintage sword on the desk with a note, turned of the lights in the room, and flew off into the morning.

"Until next time, Katsuragi," the note read.


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