The Light Within the Darkness

Chapter 3

Hi readers! You may notice that I've left out the masochist side of Lune in most of my writing...sorry about that.

I was actually intending on focusing on her serious side.

Also, due to a sudden change in my schedule (a few of them, actually,) I may not be able to post new content for quite a while.

Here's the next few chapters! Enjoy!

Keima rushed to the park. It was normal at first glance, and looked like it did every day he passed by. What caught his sight was the blood trail leading into the wooded section of the park.

"So this isn't my imagination." Keima grimly thought. He felt the blood, finding out that it was fresh.

He quietly followed the trail, being sure not to be seen by any passerby. As he headed towards the woods, the trail grew thicker with blood,until...

Keima blinked.

...Until he saw a demon on the ground, with her rainment flickering weakly.

"Hey, are you alright?" He called out to her.

No response.

He walked to her and took her pulse, finding a weak but relatively stable heartbeat.

A glint caught his eye- in her tightly clinched hand was a box cutter with the Vintage emblem engraved on the handle.

Keima hesitated.

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