The Light Within the Darkness

Chapter 4

I forgot to do the disclaimer, so I'll just add it here:

I obviously do not own TWGOK or any of its characters. I do own the storyline, but that's it. I do this for the enjoyment of others and myself, and there is no other reason. I do not earn any money, or any sort of gain for that matter, as a result of this work. Any resemblance to any real person, living, dead, or imaginary, is purely coincidence, unless I say otherwise. Guys, just let me write in peace.

Keima just stood there for a while, trying to see into the possible outcomes of the decisions before him.

He made his choice.

"Where to keep her safe..?" He wondered aloud.

He had to keep this a secret from everyone, even Elsie. So where was a place no one would find, or even bother to look?


"The theater. " Keima thought out loud.

It was perfect. No one would go out of their way to visit the "haunted" building. No one had any business in there anyways, so it was empty all of the time...Plus, people were forbidden to go there. The spirit chasm had been sealed, so no demon went there either.

So Keima decided he would help this Vintage demon under the noses of the Loose Soul Team.

As he was about to lift her, he noticed the bloodstain on her side. Using his jacket, he bandaged her cut and carried her to the abandoned school theater...


Elsie arrived just as the bell rang. Seeing that her Divine Brother was absent, she created a rainment clone of him. To the rest of the class, he was playing his PFP, oblivious to everything except his game. To Elsie and other demons, in Keima's place was a fat blob of jelly wearing glasses. Elsie noticed that both Ayumi and Chihiro were both stealing glances at "Keima," making Elsie wonder what Keima was up to.

Ayumi stared at the blob of jelly sitting in Keima's seat.

"What is that otamegane up to?" Ayumi wondered.

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