The Light Within the Darkness

Chapter 5

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++[The Theater]++

Lune woke up with a jolt, realizing that she did not know where she was. She inspected her wound, only to find it cleaned and dressed. Her beloved boxcutter was on top of an empty crate nearby. She laid on a makeshift bed made out of a few old curtains and a dusty couch pillow.

Lune sat up, perplexed. "Who would want to help me, and why?" she thought. The notion of someone saving her...was somewhat foreign.

"I won't force you to stay," someone said, walking out of the darkness with PFP in hand.

Lune immediately sprang up, drew her boxcutter, then turned towards the figure walking towards her.

Keima showed no sign of fear at Lune's reaction. He continued walking. This guy, he really had guts.

"Wh-who are you?" Lune asked.

"I shouldn't be here right now. In fact, I'd be in serious trouble with New Hell if they find me aiding you." answered Keima in a neutral, expressionless tone.

Keima's fearlessness threw Lune off-guard.

She took a moment to analyze what she just heard and to inspect the man before her. He seemed...familiar, as if she should know him from somewhere. She withdrew her blade, but stayed alert.

"I'll see what information he has before I kill him," Lune thought to herself.

"Well," Lune began, "thank you for saving me anyways."

"I intend to rest here for a few days, then I plan to leave for elsewhere," she continued.

"Where?" questioned Keima.

"That...I am not sure of," replied Lune with a hint of sadness in her eyes. It was clear this was not a comfortable topic.

Keima said nothing at first. Instead, he stood there a moment watching her.

"I'm sure Vintage thinks you're dead right now," Keima said after a while.

Lune nodded. She was a bit surprised that this human was awareof Vintage, as if he had run into them before. On top of that, he was a buddy...the very people Vintage were sent to exterminate. What would make him do such a thing?

"Then again," it occurred to her, "this is no ordinary human." She glanced at the collar around his neck.

They stood for a while in silence...

"I assume you are hungry?" Keima suddenly asked her.

Lune said nothing. Actually, she hadn't eaten in two days...but how do you explain that to the guy who just rescued you?

"I'm fine," Lune replied curtly. She unconsciously twirled her boxcutter in her hand.

"I'll just leave some food here for you in case," Keima said after a while.

The bell rang, signaling the start of lunchtime for the school.

"What about you?" Lune asked.

Keima merely raised his PFP and said, "As long as I have my games, food means nothing to me."

"How strange," Lune thought.

Keima turned towards the door. "I'll be going to school now," he said.

"Also," he added, "I would suggest you stay here during the day, so no one discovers you."

Keima nodded goodbye and left, playing his PFP as he walked.

Lune started walking back towards a shelf full of old books when she saw something. Keima had left his school bento on a crate near the door.

Something clicked in Lune then, when she saw that lunch. It was if her thirst for blood had been quenched, though she hadn't killed anyone yet. She took the lunch and ate it, planning her course of action for the next few days.


Elsie spotted Keima sitting on a bench, playing his PFP as usual.

"Where were you?" Elsie asked him.

Keima looked at Elsie for a moment, as though she was unaware of something important.

"There was a sale on dating sims that only lasted a few hours," Keima explained, "I couldn't miss it."

In truth, that sale really did happen, but Keima knew that the games on sale were ones he had already conquered. He had known this ahead of time, of course.

Elsie sighed. "You never change, Kami Nii-Sama," Elsie said.

Keima didn't reply to that. He put down his PFP and stared at the sky, deep in thought.

"What have I gotten myself into?" Keima asked himself. "What route will I take? I've never seen this type of situation before!" he realized.

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