The Light Within the Darkness

Chapter 6

Hours passed. Keima had gone out to resume his daily life, taking care not to give the slightest indication that he was hiding something. Meanwhile, Lune busied herself with exploring the theater and cleaning some of it.

"I wonder if he's coming back soon," Lune thought, concern for her rescuer quietly surfacing.

She quickly shook off those thoughts.

"No," her inner self said,"I need to focus on my plans."

Try as she did, Lune couldn't focus.

Keima had left some food for her before he left for home- some dumplings and other snacks. She should be safe, he said, from any threat to her existence. Still, it mildly bothered Lune that she was alone in the theater as night fell. What if Vintage surrounded her, or the Loose Soul Team? There was only one way out. Putting her troubled thoughts aside, she went to sleep on her makeshift bed.


The next morning, Lune woke up to Keima sitting in the corner, playing his PFP and giving no sign that he was aware she was awake.

"I got you some breakfast," said Keima without looking up from his PFP. He nodded towards another crate used as a table where a steaming soup of ramen sat.

She went over and ate quietly, taking the time to read Keima, or at least analyze him. He didn't seem like much. All he did was play his PFP. Still, he knew about New Hell- who was his demon buddy? One thing was certain: there was more to Keima than what could be seen on the outside.

"Well, I'm going out to school," Keima said while standing up.

Lune nodded and watched him walk out, unsure of what might happen next.

++[New Hell]++

New orders from Satyr came in through the whispers and rumors of Vintage. The demon who successfully killed the dreaded "God of Conquest" and brought back his body will become second in command of Satyr...or so it was said. New Hell was flooded with reports of Vintage movements, and most of them surrounded one particular area...

Maijima High.


It was a routine day in Keima's class. Elsie drew fire engines on her notes while Keima played his PFP, apparently ignoring the class around him. Since he and Elsie were assigned for cleaning duty that day, they stayed after school by themselves. By sunset they finished their duties and went to pack up. Keima played his dating sims on the rooftop while Elsie cleaned the school with ease (thanks to her magic broomstick.)

He was about to go back downstairs when a beam of light shot down from the sky.

"What is this?" Keima exclaimed as the beam grew larger and surrounded him.

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