The Light Within the Darkness

Chapter 7

Hello again readers! I apologize for the choppiness of these next few chapters.

You see, conflict chapters aren't my specialties.

Kodaka, here is the struggle I promised you.

The ray split to form a pyramid around him, trapping him within the prism of light.

A trio of Vintage demons surrounded him. They would bring him alive, they decided, and get their promised promotion.

Slowly, the pyramid filled with a clear liquid, preserving everything inside, until Keima was frozen in the magical goo.

The demons were about to transport him to New Hell when the pyramid exploded in a burst of blue flames. Keima fell on the floor and was temporarily knocked out.

Haqua floated down from the sky, her Scythe of Testament coated in blue embers

"Not today," she frowned slightly at them.

Angered, the three demons pulled out their swords and charged at Haqua. The noise of the confrontation brought Elsie upstairs, who to her horror, watched the fight begin. One of the Vintage demons shot a beam at Haqua, but it missed and hit a wall instead. The wall exploded with a loud bang, sending rubble flying through everywhere.

Realizing that Elsie was the weakest of the two demons, the Vintage demons charged at her. Haqua used her scythe to stop two demons from reaching her, but the third continued to advance towards Elsie. Elsie tried to flee, but soon found herself in a corner, where Keima lay nearby, still unconscious.

"Your rainment is as good as mine!" The demon hissed as it pointed its sword at Elsie for the finishing stike.

"Elsie!" Haqua screamed as she defended herself from the remaining two demons' strikes.

The sword stabbed flesh.


The sun set above the theater.

BOOM!The explosion startled Lune from her nap.

Immediately, Keima came to her mind. Was he in danger?

She quickly grabbed her boxcutter and flew towards the school, but not before casting another cloaking spell on herself.

As Lune approached the school, she saw Vintage members in a clash with two demons from the Loose Soul Team. One was familiar to Lune, due to the fact that she had almost killed that demon. Keima, the one who rescued Lune, lay motionless in a corner with the other demon, most likely his buddy.

Meanwhile, more of Vintage began approaching the area, reinforcing the three originally there. The people on the roof were not aware of them.

Lune didn't know what to do. Would she help Keima, or flee for her safety? For the first time in years her hands started sweating. Lune realized that she was afraid, much to her dismay. All she could do was watch as one of Vintage headed for the demon who was stuck in a corner...

...Elsie braced for the attack and closed her eyes. She waited for the sword to strike...

It never came.

Slowly, Elsie opened her eyes.First she looked to her right, and she saw Keima stand up with a jolt, his eyes and mouth wide open with shock. Elsie followed his line of sight to see...


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