The Light Within the Darkness

Chapter 8


"Elsie!" Haqua screamed while holding off the other two Vintage demons.

The sword-wielding demon got closer to Elsie.

Haqua quickly stunned the two enemies with her scythe, then ran towards Elsie to save her.

But she wouldn't reach her in time running. Summoning all of her energy, she cast 20 movement spells and flew towards the approaching demon.

Elsie cowered in fear.

Haqua flew in front of the demon and started swinging at him with her scythe. The demon changed focus, directing its attacks on Haqua instead. Haqua's attacks merely scratched the demon's armor. Soon, Haqua found herself struggling to defend herself. An idea came to her.She pulled back from the demon, as if to flee. The Vintage demon lowered its defenses and charged at Haqua with its sword. As it got close, Haqua suddenly pulled out a dagger and stabbed the demon between the armor sections. But this was not the only fatal hit.

As Haqua stabbed the demon, part of the sword sliced into her stomach as well.

The Vintage demon winced in pain, then fell backwards to the floor.Haqua inspected the sword wound in her belly, then turned towards Elsie.

++[End of flashback]++

Elsie tearfully looked at Haqua, who smiled faintly at Elsie before collapsing herself. Her scythe fell beside her, coming to rest beside its beloved owner.

Then all was still.

A/N: I hope you don't hate me for this... but I promise you- this is not the last time we see Haqua.

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