The Light Within the Darkness

Chapter 9

Getting dark, isn't it?

Keima was the first one to move, walking up to Haqua. A shadow crossed over his face, leaving only his mouth visible. His eyes may as well have been as dead as the demon in front of him...

Elsie simply sat there, terrified. She cried softly, trying to imagine that the day had never happened...but it didn't work. Reality was in both of their faces.

Suddenly, Elsie's loose soul sensor went off, shocking her from her trance and making her wonder where the soul was. Meanwhile, Keima continued to stand over Haqua, as if he was holding a silent vigil. Haqua's spirit sensor activated then.

The loose soul suddenly came up from the ground, immediately flying towards Keima, and possessed him.

He stood there as he did before- stiff, and unmoving. It was almost as if nothing happened. Then, slowly, he picked up Haqua's bloodstained scythe.

At this moment the other Vintage demons hiding decided to make their move. The burst onto the roof, swords drawn. Keima slowly turned around, gripping the scythe tightly...

Lune watched as the loose soul entered Keima. Hidden in the trees, she was safe from the Vintage demons sneaking around the school. The shock of witnessing a demon die in front of her was still setting in. Just then, Vintage made their move, surrounding Keima and his demon buddy. Based on her observations they had no chance against Vintage...not by themselves, at least. Maybe if...

She could hold back her instincts no longer. She rushed towards the roof, boxcutter in hand, through the night. Upon reaching the rooftop she started slashing at the Vintage demons there. They flinched, surprised at Lune's sudden appearance, then they began attacking her instead of Keima. Lune defended herself from her former colleagues' attacks.

Keima looked at the scythe in his hand, bloodstained with its previous owner's blood. He felt empowered and strengthened by holding the scythe.Keima suddenly burst into bright red flames. Lune and the others froze and stared at Keima. By the power of the spirit within him, he created a rainment of his own, and then the spirit took control of him.

Keima swung at the Vintage demons surrounding him.


Lune watched in shock at the scene unfolding before her. Vintage, seeing Keima transform, focused their firepower on him. They rushed past Lune. Their mission came first: kill Keima.

As "Keima" ran towards the demons, he slashed at them, killing some instantly. He moved with superhuman speed, such the demons could barely keep track of him. Keima's rainment viciously grabbed at demons and crushed them, as if it had a mind of its own. The other demons attacked him with swords, spears, and other weapons, but the soul within Keima controlled him well. All attacks were easily dodged by him, and no spell could work. Keima had become an indestructible killing machine. Realizing this, Vintage began to flee, but Keima wasn't finished with them.

"None of Vintage will return to New Hell alive," Keima hissed, his voice alive with anger and hatred. No one had seen Keima so...murderous.

Lune gazed at him in horror. She had known the joy of bloodshed, but this...was not the same. His was a pure bloodlust, regardless of whose blood it was.

But the bloodthirsty monster in front of her wasn't Keima. That much was clear. His eyes glazed over and glowed a dark red...the shade of blood. The soul infecting him had fed off Keima's grief and quickly gained enough power to manipulate him. Meanwhile, both Elsie and Haqua's spirit sensors continued to beep. Lune's spirit sensor activated as well, despite being out of active duty for so long.Keima sprang into the air, scythe in hand, and began viciously cutting down the Vintage demons one by one. Keima laughed, but it was a laughter of madness. Keima's clothes, naturally maroon, were now stained a brilliant red from his victims' freshly spilled blood.

After a short while, all the Vintage demons who didn't escape lay dead on the floor. In one night, Keima had cut Vintage's members down to about half of what they were originally. Keima flew back down to the rooftop, where Elsie cowered in fear once again. Things were starting to look better, but then the loose spirit spotted Lune. Keima charged at her, not aware of who he was attacking.

"All of Vintage must pay..." Keima murmured.

Lune reacted quickly as Keima lunged at her. She was ready to kill him then, with her boxcutter at the ready, but something made her hesitate. The loose soul took advantage of this, and quickly had Keima tackle Lune to the ground. Keima pulled out a dagger- the very same dagger Haqua used, and held it to Lune's neck. Lune searched desperately for a way out, but could find none. Yes, this was the end for Lune, to be killed by the first person she had finally come to trust.

The hunter and prey met eyes, and Keima paused.

Something ignited in Keima's heart. His eyes cleared, as did his mind.

His hand hesitated, the blade an inch from Lune's neck, then it withdrew. The loose soul burst out of Keima and flew away, but both demons were more concerned about the person in front of them.

Keima's flames went out, and his rainment dissolved into the air... His hands dropped to his side, the knife clattering to the floor beside him.

He fell over, unconscious, and did not respond to Elsie's desperate attempts to wake him.

Lune silently stood over Keima. Once again, she was at a loss for what to do. She flew off into the night, leaving Elsie alone with her brother in the moonlight.

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