The Reunion

Chapter 13

Standing in her office she was in awe. In the middle of the room there were 2 lawn chairs facing a screen up on the wall; it was setup like a movie theater. She then noticed Logan in the back of the room where there was a projector.

"What the?" Veronica said confused.

"Do you mind taking a seat? The show is about to start," he said

"Uh yeah, sure..." she sat down still trying to figure it all out, "I was supposed to meet a client here."

"Yeah, that was me. I thought you might have figured it out, being so clever and all," he said smirked turning on the projector so that there was a close up picture of Veronica and Logan on the screen.

"What is this?" she asked as he grabbed a bag of popcorn and sat in the chair next to her.

"It's us," he said offering her the bag of popcorn and she took a handful. He put his arm around her and they sat back to watch. Pictures of them in high school even back when they were enemies flashed in front of them along with pictures of when they were first together. The song Find A Way by Safetysuit played along with the pictures over the years. There was a picture of them when they were lying in bed together curled up in the blankets at the Neptune Grand and a picture Logan took of Veronica with a mustache drawn on her face when she was sleeping. Veronica whacked him for that while laughing at the same time.

There was a picture of Logan in his boxer briefs and a girly apron making breakfast in the apartment they had together. A picture of the two of them dressed in black for a case they were going to go on once. Also a picture of them reflected in a mirror Veronica holding up the engagement ring on her finger with Logan standing behind her. Then of course a picture of Logan and Veronica sitting on the sofa in their living room with Lucy sitting on Veronica's lap.

Then it ended on a picture of Logan kneeling behind Lucy who was holding up a piece of paper that said "will you marry me?" Veronica was shocked, the slideshow itself sent so many old emotions flooding through her but this too, it was almost too much to process. Logan stood up, pulled something out of his pants pocket and was about to get down on one knee.

"Stop!" Veronica yelled getting up and Logan stood back up straight wide-eyed not knowing where this was going.

"What?" and she could tell he was almost afraid to ask.

"You did this once and I didn't deserve it. I'm trying really hard to deserve it now but you shouldn't have to propose to me again, you already did that once and I fucked it up!" she said as Logan walked over to her.

"It's ok, I realize now back then you weren't ready, I don't blame you for freaking out," he said trying to hug her but she pulled away.

"Stop being so nice! It's my turn now, fuck!" she gets down on one knee, "Logan, will you-" but Logan cuts her off.

"You don't even have a ring, what are you doing?" he said standing over her holding out the ring box in his hand.

"I don't care, it's my turn this time," she said clearing her throat again, "Logan..."

But Logan then gets down to the floor with her, "with all the planning I did for this tonight maybe you can just shut up for once?" he said and they both just stared at each other for a moment refusing to give up the proposal. Then they started laughing.

"We really are a pair of morons aren't we?" Veronica said sitting down Indian style on the floor and Logan joined her.

"Nobody else could deal with either of us, it's pretty clear."

Veronica reached across to the floor next to Logan and took the ring box in her hand and looked at Logan.

"Logan, would you mind if I married you?" she asked with a smile.

"I'm ok with that," he said and leaned over to embrace her with a kiss.

"Just promise I don't have to have a big wedding with bridesmaids and swans and that stuff," she said touching his cheek with a smile.

"You haven't been to many weddings have you?" he asked as he took the ring out of the box and put it on her finger.

"I have managed to avoid most of them, it's not really my thing," she said looking at her ring, so glad to have it back on where it belonged. She was so glad that it was the same ring as before, she wouldn't want another one.

On the drive home Veronica kept looking at her ring like she'd never seen it before, like she hadn't looked at it over the years. Logan reached over to her and took her hand in his.

"I guess we should plan the wedding," he said with a smile.

"Just the idea of planning a wedding sounds like it's going to be big, you promised," she said weaving her fingers through his.

"I just mean the basics. Do we invite people? Do we elope? I'm assuming a church is out of the question."

"I'm thinking outside but I've never really thought about my own wedding, can we take our time and really think about this?"

"We'll just go on with our regular lives and when we figure out what we want and when we'll do that."

When they walked in the door at the house her dad, Alicia, and Patrick were all waiting for them. Lucy ran up and jumped into Logan's arms. Keith looked like he was going to cry as hugged Veronica and then hugged Logan as well.

"How did you know that I'd say yes?" Veronica asked her dad as everyone went to get some champagne.

"Because I know you. The first time I knew you weren't ready and told Logan that but he didn't listen to me. I think Logan wanted to believe I just didn't want you with him but that's not the case, not anymore. I think you guys didn't work very well when you were younger but I think now that you've both grown up a lot I can't imagine you with anyone else," Keith said putting his arm around her and started to tear up.

"I'm glad you and Logan found a way to get closer, he doesn't have much family," she said as Logan came over with a glass of champagne and they had one of their many private smiles to each other, "although I don't envy Logan having to have you as a father-in-law."

"Just don't put a tracking device on me, that's all I ask," Logan said giving Keith a glass of champagne.

"If you just fly straight, you have no worries, you know I'll do anything to protect Veronica," Keith said giving Logan a stern look.

"Same here, I'd die for her," Logan said kissing Veronica on her forehead.

"Veronica maybe you should just stay out of trouble so we can all take a break?" Keith suggested to Veronica.

"To Veronica staying out of trouble!" Logan said and everyone lifted their classes, "Cheers!"

Everyone sat around the living room laughing, drinking champagne and eating pie. As they laughed and talked someone was trying to yell over them from the hallway "HELLO!" Everyone stopped talking and looked up to see Trina standing there with a bunch of bags.

"Hi sis," Logan smiled with his usual sarcasm.

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