The Reunion

Chapter 14

"Don't look so happy to see me baby brother," Trina said after she dropped several large bags and a suitcase on the floor of the hallway.

"I'm thrilled," he said getting up and heading over to her, "what's it been, a decade?"

They share an awkward hug.

"It's been more like 3 years Logan," she said walking into the living room where everyone else was, "What are we celebrating?"

"Logan and Veronica are engaged," Alicia said as everyone wasn't sure quite what to say.

"Again?" Trina burst out laughing and Logan looked like he was going to go off on her so Veronica jumped off the sofa to intervene.

"Hey Trina, long time no see, can I get you a glass of champagne?" Veronica said putting an arm over her shoulder and leading her toward the kitchen. Logan proceeded to gulp down the rest of the champagne in his glass and went back to the family in the living room.

"So have you packed your bags yet?" Trina joked as Veronica was pouring the champagne.

"You know Trina...if you're trying to suck up to Logan you're going about it wrong," she said giving her the glass of champagne.

Trina took a sip, "what makes you guys think you can make it this time?"

"Do we ever really know? I just know this is what I want, I'm in for the long haul."

"How romantic," she said with a grumble and Veronica could see a flicker of pain in her eyes.

"So, how much do you need this time?" Logan asked as he came into the kitchen.


"That's new..." he remarked.

"I was hoping I could stay here for a while," she tried giving her innocent face but it was never very believable.

"What happened to...Marcus?" he said not even acknowledging her plea. When they were together it was like he was 16 again.

"It didn't work out," she said but Veronica could tell there was a lot more to it but Logan didn't seem to care.

"Yeah, you can stay here. I'll take your stuff up to the guest room but you can't have random people over like the old days."

Logan grabbed her bags and she hugged him with relief as he headed upstairs.

"Is everything ok Trina?" Veronica asked when Logan was gone.

"It doesn't matter now," she said with a yawn, "I'm going to sleep."

As she headed up to her room Logan came up to Veronica and pulled her into his arms.

"Something happened with Trina," Veronica confided to him.

"Something always happens to her," he rubbed her arm, "she contacts me all the time asking for money but she's almost never seen Lucy. She's all the family I have left and I'll always be there for her but we'll never be close."

Veronica could understand that because Trina was the way she was, there was no denying it.

After everyone left Veronica was getting ready for bed as Logan was already in bed on his laptop. He was either doing work or playing some computer game but she was just happy to see him there. Honestly, even if he was looking at porn she didn't really care. She walked across the room in her tank top and Logan's pajama bottoms. She took the hair clip out of her hair and crawled into bed on her hands and knees.

"Hi handsome," she said flirtatiously and he put his laptop on his nightstand.

"Hey there," he said pulling her to his side and cuddling up to her.

"Hey pumpkin?" he said sweetly.

"I know whenever you call me a cutsie nickname you are fishing for something," he said giving her a slap on her ass.

"I was just hoping you could give Trina a bit of a break while she stays here, I was thinking of having her help me with work a bit and with the wedding. I mean, she is going to be my sister-in-law so it's time for me to get to know her," she said nuzzling him at the same time.

"I guess, I have a lot of work to do anyway, just try to stay out of trouble with her ok?" he asked as he rolled on top of her and started kissing down her body as he pulled all her clothes off.

The next day after Veronica and Trina dropped Lucy off at school they went to a diner to get some breakfast. Veronica ordered a stack of pancakes, with hash browns, scrambled eggs and a side of bacon. Trina only ordered a bagel and cream cheese.

"How do you eat so much and stay so tiny?" Trina asked Veronica in aww when the watress brought over the feast.

As Veronica started to pour syrup over her pancakes and took a huge bite she replied, "shh, I'm really a Hobbit."

"So is Logan driving you completely crazy yet?" she asked as she started to put the tiniest amount of cream cheese on her bagel.

"Actually, he's not," she said swallowing the food in her mouth and taking a gulp of coffee, "I mean of course he can drive me a little nuts. He plays fantasy football," she rolls her eyes, "and getting him to watch a film of substance is like pulling nails. He goes to the gym all the time and sometimes he can shut me out."

"Sounds like Logan," Trina took a sip of coffee.

"But that's just him, it took me a long time to just accept who he was and love him for that. Honestly if he stopped doing some of those things I'd miss them because his little annoying habits were what I missed the most when we were apart. Trust me, I'm no walk in the park," she said digging back into her plate of food.

"Sounds romantic," she said laced with sarcasm.

"He's very romantic Trina, despite anything else or whatever we've been through, if there is one thing he's always been it's romantic," she can see that Trina is upset by the conversation but trying to hide it, "Have you been seeing anyone lately?"

"I was seeing this guy Jared, it was great at first, as it always is but it eventually just..." she drifted off and went back to drinking her coffee as if that was the end of the conversation.

"I'm sorry, are you ok?"

"I'm just pissed at myself for always picking loser boyfriends," she said holding back tears and composing herself again back to her tough self, "I lost..."

"What did you lose?" Veronica asked carefully.

"Everything," Trina said and Veronica could see she'd closed up and wasn't going to share anymore.

Trina helped Veronica with work for the day or as much as Trina could. She wasn't very helpful with filing or data entry but she was good with ideas and making phone calls. She was also a lot of help when they were out in town questioning people and getting answers. Every once and a while they even got along, when Trina wasn't mocking Veronica somehow.

Later they picked up Lucy from school and brought her home. In the breakfast nook Veronica set Lucy up with a coloring book and started to make her a sandwich for lunch.

"Hey, anyone want grilled cheese sandwiches?" Veronica asked the room in general.

"YEAH!" Lucy yelled with excitement and then went back to drawing. Trina was siting at the island in the kitchen watching Lucy.

"Do you want to have a kid of your own?" Trina asked casually.

"I'm not sure, I mean Lucy might just be all I need in the kid department," Veronica motioned toward Lucy with the spatula and Lucy giggled.

"Does Logan want another kid?"

"I...I don't actually know," Veronica admitted.

"That might be something you should figure out before you get married," she said with a hint of an attitude.

"What about you? Do you want to be a mother?"

Veronica went over to give Lucy her grilled cheese sandwich and a pickle, Lucy grabbed the sandwich and took a big bite right away.

"I-I'm not sure it's in the cards for me," she said acting like she was really focused on a magazine article.

"You didn't really answer the question," Veronica commented when she looked up and saw Trina wiping her eyes.

"I'm finished! Can I go play outside?" Lucy said jumping off her chair and running over to Veronica.

"First you have to finish your glass of milk," Veronica told her so Lucy ran back to the table and drank the milk down quickly and then ran to the back door, "Also, don't leave the back yard!"

"Ok!" she bellowed and ran off.

"You're really good at that," Trina told Veronica and left the room.

Veronica was cleaning up when she noticed Trina's cell phone kept beeping, like someone kept texting her. She kept trying to ignore it but a new text would pop up. In her usual fashion she went over and checked her phone.

The last 12 texts were from Marcus.

Where the fuck are you? Answer my calls!

Stop playing games, bring my car back!

You know I will eventually figure out where you are, I want the ring back too!

Oh shit, Veronica thought.

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