The Reunion

Chapter 17

The next day they told Trina that Veronica had a job she had to head to Ireland for briefly and that Lucy was going with them. They were going to be gone for a few days and Trina said not to worry about her, that she had caught up with an old friend from high school and that she would keep her company. They packed their bags and headed off that morning to catch the next flight.

Sitting in their seats on the plane Lucy kept herself busy drawing in a coloring book and Veronica was doing work as always.

"Hey, let's not do work for this trip ok?" Logan suggested and Veronica ok'ed him but continued to work, "Hey, we're on our way to get married, let's enjoy the trip to it's fullest babycakes."

"Babycakes?" she looked up at him. He smiled and shut her laptop.

"We'd talked about a bunch of locations to get married and with the last minute decision why did you want to go to Ireland?" he asked taking a sip from his whiskey that he got to calm his nerves as he wasn't completely comfortable with flying.

Veronica leaned her head back and sighed with a smile, "because when I was little my mom used to make up stories when she would put me to bed. The stories would be from all over the world because she always wanted to travel but never could. My favorite was this story she told me of this red headed girl who lived in Ireland and slayed dragons. Whenever she described the rolling green hills and the cliffs I felt like I was there. I promised myself I would go there one day."

"Why haven't you gone yet? You've traveled more than anyone I know," he asked.

"I don't know...I guess I wanted it to be special," she said and kissed him.

"Good, I'm glad this will be all ours."

Many hours and a nice long nap later they are driving through the countryside toward the place they are staying, which Logan refused to give details about. The only thing he told her was that they were going to be staying in Galway. Lucy was still pretty tired because of the jet lag so she was asleep in the back seat. Veronica was leaning back in her seat watching the scenery as music like Snow Patrol and Damien Rice played.

Veronica had drifted off and woke up just as they pulled up to a cottage. She yawned and then got out of the car to follow Logan. Veronica's only requests for where they stayed was she didn't want anything really extravagant and it had to be near the water, the place here was perfect. It was a stucco cottage looking over the water. She took a deep breath and took in the fresh air around her. She then ran full speed over to where Logan was and jumped up on his back. He laughed as he carried her over to the house.

The place had beautiful hardwood floors and skylights. There was a sliding door from the master bedroom that opened up to the view of the ocean.

"I'm not sure I can ever leave here..." she said wistfully.

"So I did good?" he asked wrapping his arms around her from behind and resting his head on her shoulder.

"You did good."

Logan carried Lucy in and put her to bed in her bedroom and then they brought all of their bags in so they could get settled. Logan then went to the kitchen to start making some lunch for Lucy when she woke up.

"So when is the big day? How is it all going down?" Veronica asked handing Logan the lettuce make salad.

"You know this isn't a sting operation right?" he laughed.

"Well it kind of is, we're doing this in secret," she said taking out tomatoes and peppers from the refrigerator.

"Are you sure you don't want to do this with our family? We can always just take this as a vacation and go back to get married."

"No, this place feels right and if we went back home to get married something would get in the way of it something always happens."

"Ok...if you're sure..." Logan said not completely believing her.

"It does though feel weird not to have my dad walk me down the aisle but this is for the best," she said not looking up and focusing on cutting the tomatoes.

"I was thinking we could relax here for 5 days or so and then on the weekend get married," he said ripping up the lettuce to put in the salad bowl.

"Where are we getting married?" she asked casually as if it's no big deal.

"You know I'm not telling you," he says pulling her hand so she was right next to him and starts to kiss her. She puts her arms over his shoulders as his hands go straight to her butt. Just then Lucy comes out of her room yawning and dazed.

"Yuck!" she squeals and they start laughing as Lucy jumps up on the stool by the island in the kitchen, "stop being gross all the time."

"You're just being grouchy Loo," Logan says to her as he lets go of Veronica and goes back to the lettuce.

"I'm not grouchy, I'm hungry!" she complains and then pouts.

"It'll take her some time to adjust to the jet lag," Logan says to Veronica.

"I'm hungry too," Veronica says to Lucy, "How does salad and tuna fish sandwiches sound?"

"Ok..." Lucy grumbles and yawns again.

Later that evening Veronica found Logan outside watching the sunset. She brought him a beer and sat down next to him.

"Where is Lucy?" he asked her as he took the beer.

"She's playing with her barbies in the living room," she said as she leaned back in the chair, "hey Logan."


"Do you think we'd be where we are right now if Lilly hadn't died?" she took a swig of her beer and continued to watch the sunset.

"That's a crazy question, everything would have been different if she had lived."

"Do you think you would still be with her?"

"Lilly and I were never right for each other. I loved her but more in an infatuation/high school kind of way. If she'd lived she probably would have ran off to explore the world at some point and left us all behind," he says and Veronica can tell he's imagining just that.

"Do you think she would be ok with us being together?"

He was quiet for a little while as he was lost in thought and Veronica was about to ask him again when he answered "I think in her own way she saw it coming a mile away."

Logan then got up and went to go put Lucy to bed. About a half hour later he returned and found Veronica had wandered off away from the cottage closer to the water watching the sky turn into purple and orange. She was wearing white flowy pajama bottoms and a tank top. Her hair was blowing in the wind and she looked completely at peace. He grabbed a blanket from the cottage, walked up to her and wrapped it around her as he pulled her into his arms. For a while they both watched the scenery in front of them.

"I have been to so many amazing places and seen a thousand sunsets but nothing has ever felt like this," she said not even turning around to look at him.

"It doesn't even feel real," he said as he started to kiss down her neck and she felt goosebumps over her entire body. The blanket fell to the ground and he pulled the strap of her tank top down and kissed from her neck down to her shoulder. Veronica moaned and tried to turn around but he wouldn't let her. He then pulled off her tank top off over her head and threw it to the ground.

"But we're out in the open..." she said as a shiver went up her body.

"Nobody is around, the closest house is miles away," he said running his hands down down her hips to her pajama bottoms.

"What about Lilly," she asked trying to turn around again but he wouldn't let her.

"She passed out cold and she always sleeps through the night," he said untying her pajama bottoms and then whispered, "now shut up."

She forced herself to let go into this moment and stop trying to control everything. Suddenly her pants dropped to her feet and he kissed from the middle of her back down her spine, past her hips and slowly down her leg. He stood up behind her admiring her naked body in the moonlight.

Veronica could feel his breath on her shoulders as he took his clothes off and suddenly the warmth of his body was against her with the cool air all around them. Again she tried to respond to him but he wouldn't let her, instead he came around so he was standing in front of her and she looked up into his eyes. She'd never imagined she could feel so much in one moment and she could barely stand waiting to fall into him. She ached with so much pain and joy that she couldn't contain it anymore. Her entire body was shaking uncontrollably as he kneeled down to, taking the pleasure to a new level. She felt her knees getting week and just as she was about crumble he pulled her down to the ground.

Laying on a blanket with the full moon making her skin glow Logan went back to kissing up and down her body as she twitched and squirmed in unbelievably ecstasy. His body on top of her, pressed up against hers he kissed her passionately and moved to her kneck again she bit out the words "can you please just fuck me before I have a stroke."

He laughed "Ok...wimp."

Days went by as they traveled all over the area taking in every inch of the green landscape around them. There were mountains, fields, lakes and enormous cliffs. The shades of green never ceased to amaze Veronica at every moment. Lucy loved to run to hearts content over the rolling hills and begged them to buy her a sheep.

Veronica had gone off to try to call her father on her cell phone but he hadn't answered. She came back to Logan and Lucy petting a cow.

"How's your dad?" Logan asked.

"He didn't answer," she said starting to regret doing this whole wedding this without her, he'd be crushed.

"I'm sure he'll call you back later," he said as they headed back to the car, "you ready to get married tonight?"

"I can't believe it's already here, the week went by so fast," she said closing the door and putting on her seatbelt.

"You aren't regretting it or anything?" he said touching her hand that rested on her lap.

"No, not at all, I can't wait," she smiled at him and then turned to watch the scenery out her window as they drove back to the cottage.

Back at the cottage Veronica had finished doing her hair and walked across the room toward her wedding gown hanging up. She ran her fingers down the dress and took in her last moment of just being Veronica against the world. After today she'd officially be a family and had to learn to trust and let go more often.

Logan and Lucy had already dressed on their own and headed off somewhere to meet up with her at this mysterious location. The car that Logan had requested to pick her up had just arrived outside. She took the dress off the hanger and slipped it on. She put on a pair of white flip flops (she wasn't the heels kind of girl) and quickly dabbed on a bit of makeup. She grabbed her trusty bag (yes, even today she had her stun gun because you never know) and she headed out to the car.

The drive took about twenty minutes and she felt herself tearing up that she'd done this without her father. She thought about Mac, Trina, Alicia and Patrick. She thought about everyone she loved and said sorry out loud to them for doing this without them. Suddenly the car pulled to a stop and she saw a woodsy area in front of her and what looked like an abandoned church. She got out of the car, not sure what she was supposed to do next since she wasn't supposed to see Logan until she got to the aisle.

She noticed that the abandoned church appeared to be glowing and she could hear faint voices. She could see a figure walking toward her and then heard a voice "hi honey." The figure came into view and her heart swelled. She started jumping up and down, squealing. She lifted her dress off the ground and ran toward him at full speed; she jumped into his arms "daddy!"

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