The Reunion

Chapter 3

In the morning Veronica woke up to chaos around her. She could hear Cody and Dean yelling and running around. Mac and Max were discussing the plans for the day and making breakfast. Veronica sauntered into the kitchen and took a piece of bacon from the table.

“Morning,” both Mac and Max said at the same time and then smiled at each other. As Mac was buttering toast Max wrapped his arms around her from behind and kissed her neck.

“Hey, I paid for the PG show you know,” she laughed to herself so glad that Mac had such a great thing going. Who knew they would have made such an amazing husband and wife and parents on top of that. They made it look so easy, if only it was.

“Can you help me with some research today? Do you have time?” Veronica asked Mac.

“Have I ever not made time for you?” she said with a laugh and took the boys to get them ready for a play date.

After the kids and Max were gone Mac took Veronica to her office downstairs in the basement. At first Veronica felt bad that she was stuck down in the basement until she realized it was more of a lair. It reminded her of an office that Bruce Wayne might have.

“Welcome to my lair Veronica,” Mac said with pride as she walked in and sat down at her massive apple computer with 3 different screens.

“I’m impressed, are you a superhero in your free time?” Veronica said still taking in the room.

“If you consider mommy a superhero,” she laughed.

“I do Mac,” she said pulling up a seat next to her.

“So what are we researching now?” she asked as she starting typing and moving the mouse around.

“I want to know where Logan’s ex-wife Lisa is...”

“You know I looked into this after she left but it hurt Logan too much so I stopped, I told him we’d hit a dead end,” she said honestly.

“What did you last find out?”

“Well I look her up every once and a while and a few months ago she was living in Texas. She is with this guy she apparently dated when she was younger and he appears to be some kind of scam artist. She mentioned him a few times before but I don’t know much, I thought he was someone she wanted nothing to do with.”

“So you 2 were friends?” Veronica asked feeling a little jealous.

“Yeah...the world of motherhood can get a bit lonely sometimes,” Mac admits.

“Sorry I haven’t been there for you as much as I should have been, I’m a shit friend.”

“It’s ok, it’s who you are, I’ve always known that. could call once and a while,” Mac squeezes her hand and they both smile.

“I will...”

“I’ll do some research and let you know what I find, may take a few days ok?”

“That’s fine, I’m heading to bed,” Veronica yawns and heads off to bed.

The next day Veronica met with a woman who had emailed her about finding information about possibly being fired wrongly. It was nice to do a little of the lower key work in Neptune since the work she does lately can be intense to say the least. She spent the day looking doing her usual research and badgering people. She could feel how much everyone had missed her, really.

Before she knew it, it was nearing 6:00 and she was due at Logan’s house. She pulled up in front of the address he gave her and she was surprised that the house was really nice but nothing extravagant. She was so used to Logan in either a mansion or the pent house. This was a simple house, not small but not enormous either.

When she got to the door she took a deep breath before she knocked. Just as she was about to knock again the door swung open and there was a little girl standing in front of her. She was about 4 years old with brown ringlets and freckles. Veronica was blown away how much she looked like Logan, she had his eyes and his smile.

“Hey,” said Logan running up to swoop the little girl up into his arms, “I see you’ve met Lucy,” he said with a big grin and kissed her on the cheek.

“I sure hope she is yours or else we have a problem,” she said walking into the house and putting her bag down.

“Oh she’d mine, all mine,” he said hugging her and putting her back on the ground.

“You’re a marshmallow!” Lucy said pointing at Veronica and giggling.

Veronica looked up at Logan with a soft smile realizing he’d mentioned her to his little girl and she noticed something in the way he looked at her. He still looked at her the way he had so many years ago, despite everything she’d done to him.

“Want a beer?” he asked heading to the refrigerator that was covered in what she assumed to be Lucy’s drawings.

“Sounds great,” Veronica replied as they sat down in his living room. The floor was covered in toys and Wallace & Grommit was on the tv. Lucy sat down on the floor and immediately got engrossed in the dvd playing.

“So details, seems you have a lot to share,” she said taking a sip of her beer and getting comfortable.

“Well, I was dating Lisa and things were good. She got pregnant and we decided to get married and move in together. Lucy was born and Lisa didn’t handle motherhood very well. She grew distant and before I knew it left. She told me she just couldn’t do it and that she was leaving with her ex-boyfriend. I’ve been taking care of this little peanut ever since,” he said looking over at Lucy and his whole face glowed.

“I can’t believe you’re a dad and it seems to suit you,” she said smiling.

“It might even suit me better than delinquent rich boy,” he laughed.

They had dinner and Lucy talked and talked the entire time. Veronica was amused to see how much she took after her dad. She was such a little smartass but so incredibly sweet. Lucy got sauce all over her face so Logan took her upstairs to clean her up and put her to bed.

Veronica wandered around checking out the pictures, etc., as she normally did. She found the picture of Logan and Lisa together on their wedding day. She had to admit, they seemed pretty happy but then everyone did on their wedding day. Mostly there were pictures of Lucy as an infant and shots of her over the years.

After a while Logan came back downstairs, grabbed another beer and they sat back down in the living room.

“She was so hyper, took me 3 books to get her to go to sleep,” he laughed.

“She’s amazing Logan, you’ve grown up so much.”

“Thanks, we’re a team. It’s nice having a girl who never leaves,” he said kind of softly and Veronica felt a pang of guilt. She’d always kind of told herself that Logan didn’t really need her and that she was too grown up for him but it had been the other way around. Everyone else was growing up and she was playing Nancy Drew.

“I never really got to say I’m sorry, for what I did to you back then, for everything I did to you,” she was barely able to get out.

“It’s ok, hey if you had stayed I wouldn’t have had Lucy so I guess everything happens for a reason, right?” he looked down at his beer as he peeled at the label.

“It’s not ok, I regretted leaving you the moment I walked out the door but something she won’t let me sit still. Quite honestly, I’m surprised you even wanted to see me,” she shrugged barely able to look at him.

“I am not angry like I used to be, I’m kind of a softy now. Plus, you know I could never hate you,” he said looking into her eyes so deeply she thought she’d melt right there.

Veronica couldn’t help but remember how whenever they were alone like this, Logan was always giving her kisses or just touching her face. It was always Logan giving to her and she always took. It was always Logan saving her and Veronica blaming him. What did she ever do for him?

“I should probably head home or rather to my dad’s place,” she said getting up and heading to the door.

“I hope we can hang out again and catch up more,” he said standing so close to her she could feel his warmth radiating from him. She looked up at him and for a moment it felt nothing had changed and it was just the two of them as always. It felt as if they were still in love and that she’d never broken his heart.

If she’d been thinking with her head she would have said goodbye with a firm handshake and walked out the door. Instead she moved closer to him, slowly. She touched her hand to his stomach not looking at him but breathing heavily. She went up on her tippy toes and pulled herself into him by his shirt. She moved her head so their lips were nearly touching and he still smelled the same as he always did, which only drew her in more. Her lips touched his lightly and they started to kiss. Her heart was beating so hard she thought she was going to have a heart attack. All she could think was: how have I gone so long without this?

Just as she began to sink into him he pulled away. She could see he was out of breath and that it was difficult for him but he was stronger than her now, she felt it.

“We can’t -- I can’t,” he stepped away trying to let the heat between them cool down.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have,” she said embarrassed.

“I want to but I can’t just do whatever I want whenever I want anymore, I have to think of--”

Veronica cut him off “Lucy, yeah, you’re right,” she said picking up her bag and opening the door.

“I still really want to be friends, I want you in my life,” he said taking her hand so she wouldn’t run off.

“Of course, always,” she said as he let go and she headed to her car.

Back at her father’s house she couldn’t go to sleep so she was sitting in the living room doing some research on her laptop. Her father had come out to the kitchen to get some water and saw her on the sofa, “can’t sleep? Things not go so well with Logan tonight?”

“I made a mistake leaving him, I broke his heart. But he’s doing so well, he’s a father and it’s like he was born to be one. I thought I destroyed him but I think me leaving him let him become the guy he needed to be. Maybe I was the one holding him back all the years not the other way around,” she sighed.

“I never told you he asked me if he could propose to you,” he said touching her arm with a smile.

“He did? Logan?” she was genuinely shocked.

“Yeah, I think he grew up a long time ago because he wanted to be the guy you needed. I never liked him when you guys were younger, you knew that. After you guys were together a long time I noticed how much he changed and it was because of you. Don’t get me wrong, you hurt him a lot when you left.”

“Yeah...” she had no words.

“I think you hurt yourself even more Veronica,” he told her.

“What do you mean?”

“I think you refuse to need him as much as you do. You don’t want to need anyone but yourself because of how hard it is to trust. You know you trust Logan, more than almost anyone and trusting him that much is giving up control,” he said getting up and putting his empty glass in the sink.

“When did you become a shrink?” she asked with tears in her eyes.

“It’s just part of being your dad, you’re a complicated girl and I love that about you. Get some sleep...” he said kissing her on the forehead and going off to bed.


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