The Reunion

Chapter 4

Before heading out for the day cracking skulls Veronica checked in with Mac to see if she found anything on Lisa.

“Sorry, I haven’t found anything substantial except that a month ago she was staying in a motel in Texas. I’m going to keep looking but I have a full mommy day today,” she said sighing.

“I get it, no rush, thanks Mac,” she said hanging up and pulling over to the side of the road. She had ended up right across from Logan’s house. She wasn’t stalking, she was just...checking in on him. Yeah, that’s it. She had to check a few emails anyway. She turned up her iPod and the song Someday by Campfire Girls came on and it was way too telling.

Someday, yea, when the world has let you down, I will be the one you think about when there’s no one else around, someday. Hey, when you are old and grey, I will be the one you will always say that you couldn´t replace, someday.

“Yeah, I get it, I get it,” she said out loud to herself and to the world mocking her.

She got caught up for a bit answering emails and looking up leads to some cases she was working on. Suddenly there was a knock on her window and she jumped out of her skin. It was Logan crouching by the window waving with his big goofy smile. Oh shit, how was she going to get herself out of this one?

“I don’t know if I should be flattered or worried that I’m one of your cases,” he asked as she rolled down her window.

“Neither, it’s just a coincidence,” she said knowing he didn’t believe that.

“Ahh,” he said with a smirk, “well since you’re here anyway how would you like to come with us to the carnival?”

“Uhhh, yeah...sure,” she said even though she had a lot of work to do but the way he was looking at her was weakening her resolve.

At the carnival Logan first got Lucy a cotton candy, which she immediately got all over her face, and then we headed to the merry-go-round. Lucy started jumping up and down about going on the horsie.

“Ok ok Luce, hold your horsies,” he said and she giggled.

“Daddy!” she said making a face at him.

Veronica smiled to herself, somehow daddy Logan was even sexier than the Logan she knew so many years ago. They got on the merry-go-round Logan got on the yellow horse and Veronica helped him put Lucy on his lap. She was so excited she was bouncing uncontrollably. Veronica got on the blue horse next to them as the ride started slowly.

Lucy was laughing and squealing and Logan couldn’t stop squeezing her. He turned to look at Veronica who was laughing and having so much fun.

“I can’t believe you’re here, I’d always hoped you’d come back. I hate not having you in my life, something always felt missing, you know?”

“Yeah...” he reached out and squeezed her hand.

When the ride ended Veronica helped Lucy get down and she immediately ran off. Logan got down and yelled after her “Lucy, what have I told you about running off? You have to always hold my hand!”

They both tried to chase after her but a bunch of people started getting on the ride and slowed them down.

“Move it people or prepare to get tased,” she said shoving people aside and furiously trying to get to Lucy.

When they finally got to the other side of the ride Lucy wasn’t there. They then started running around the area calling Lucy’s name. Veronica felt so panicked she thought she would explode and Logan looked a thousand times worse. His face had grown pale and he looked like he could cry.

After 1 hour of running around and notifying authorities they hadn’t found her. Logan was beside himself with grief and she could see the old rage boiling up inside him. He was ready to pound whoever he found to have his daughter.

“It’s going to be ok Logan,” Veronica said with her hands firmly holding his arms, “we’re going to find her. I promise you.”

“I can’t--” he said having trouble breathing, “I can’t lose her, not her.”

Logan pulled Veronica into his arms and hugged her as tight as he could, so tight she could barely breath.

Logan didn’t want to leave but Veronica eventually convinced him to that there wasn’t anything else they could do. They went back to his house and she made phone calls and googled some ideas. She called Mac and she agreed to do everything in her power to help them, even if she had to stay up all night.

She brought two mugs of tea into the living room and saw that he was by the window looking out. She walked up to him and handed him a mug. Logan just held it and continued to stare out the window.

“Do you have any idea who could have taken her? I know you’re upset but the more information I could have the better,” she said gently.

“Well...the reason I noticed you earlier because there has been a blue car I’ve noticed nearby lately. If I saw the car again I was going to mention it to your dad but today I see the car,” he said taking a sip of the tea and looking back out the window.

“Did you call her mother?” she asked.

“Yeah, of course she never answers, probably lost her cell phone again as she does all the time.”

“Did you notice anything else about the car? Bumper stickers? The license plate? Anything distinctive?”

“No, it was too far away, I didn’t put too much thought into it until now,” he said and then turned around to Veronica, “we need to go back to the carnival. I can’t just stand here and wait.”

“Nothing is open right now, we’re going to have to wait to get more information in the morning,” she said and he wrapped his arms around her.

In the morning Veronica woke up on the sofa to see Logan wasn’t around. She jumped up nervously and called his name but no answer. She opened the door not sure where to look when she found him on the front stairs with his head in his hands.

“Didn’t you sleep at all?” she asked standing over him.

“No,” he mumbled.

“You’re going to need sleep if we’re going to--” but he cut her off.

“If you were a parent you’d know why I didn’t sleep last night, we can’t all function like Veronica Mars,” he said bitingly.

“Ok...” she said keeping her remarks to herself, “the carnival main office should be open now, we’re going to go see if they have any video cameras.”

At the main office they found out that the police already had the videotapes so it was time for Veronica to pay a visit to her father at work.

“Hi daddy!” Veronica yelled while waving her hand from the front desk at the police department to her father across the room. He looked over at her and sighed as he motioned for her to come into his office.

“Must you do that every time you come here?” Keith commented as he sat down at his desk.

“Can we see the videotape from the carnival?” she asked sweetly.

“You know I can’t let you see them, they are part of an open investigation,” he said but added, “I wish I could though.”

“I can’t sit around and wait for the police to figure this out, I have to be able to do something,” Logan said starting to pace the room.

“Everyone knows who my daughter is and I can’t afford to make any mistakes,”

“Sheriff Mars, I want you to imagine,” Logan said barely able to get the words out, “imagine that this happened to Veronica when she was Lucy’s age. Could you have just sat back and wait until the police found her?”

The thought of this was like a flash of pain that came over Keith’s face and you could see him losing some control.

“Ok, the best I can do is tell you it was a guy with a grey baseball hat on and he drove a blue Honda Accord,” he said with a shrug.

Veronica looked at Logan who had lost all the color to his face.

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