The Reunion

Chapter 6

After they gave their statements at the police station they went back to Logan’s house. Veronica helped Logan give Lucy a bath and put her to bed. Logan wanted to stay in her room while she slept, he was so afraid to leave her side but Veronica suggested they use a baby monitor to hear what was going on in the room. Also she said they could check every 10 minutes. Most importantly, Lucy and her scam artist boyfriend were under arrest.

Mac stopped by to offer some help, she’d been in contact with them the entire time trying to help them find Lucy.

“I’m going to make you guys some dinner, you two need to clean up and that kind of thing. I’ll check on Lucy periodically too, so don’t worry, ok?”

“Ok but I’m going to check on her one more time first,” he said heading upstairs.

“Dude, I can feel the tension between you guys? What happened?” Mac said grabbing the wine and pouring them each a glass.

“We totally did it,” Veronica said taking a glass of wine from Mac and sitting on the stool at the kitchen island with her turning into 17 year-olds again.

“No way!” Mac said excitedly.

“Way!” Veronica said as they clinked glasses.

“So what does this mean?” she asked leaning in.

“I don’t know but I don’t want to push anything, I don’t even know for sure what I want,” she admitted.

“You better figure it out soon because you can’t drop him again. He’s not just Logan who acts so tough, he has a little girl now as part of the package,” Mac said seriously.

“I know, that’s why I’m trying to keep it simple until I figure it out,” she said taking a big gulp of her wine.

“So you mean just sex?” Mac raised an eyebrow and smirked.

Veronica only smiled back.

She went upstairs and found Logan sitting by Lucy’s bed touching her hair softly. It was amazing, she could remember so many times he’d done the same with her. He really was all about protecting the people he loved and he did that to the end of the earth.

“Do you mind if I take a shower?” she whispered from the doorway.

“Sure,” he looked up at her and she felt so comfortable here already.

She went off to the shower, it was a huge bathroom with both a stand up shower with glass walls and a separate jacuzzi bath. She closed the door, turned on the water, took off her clothes and stepped in. The warm water felt amazing, like it was washing away all the uneasiness that was in the air. She wanted to just shut her mind off, for at least a few minutes but she was never able to do that, it was part of her problem. Part of her wanted to fall back into Logan’s arms hoping he’d let her stay there indefinitely but another part of her was still itching to go off on a case. Part of her was missing wandering around a foreign country putting pieces together. It was what she did well, relationships? Not so much.

Suddenly she felt the shower door open and a breeze of air ran over her naked body. She felt hands on her back and then wrapped around her. Lips were on her shoulder and a naked torso pressed up against her.

“I’ve always wanted some stranger to soap me up in the shower, it’s my lucky day!” she remarked not turning around.

“Just when I think I’ve finally let you go you show up again and I realize I can never really let you go,” he said running his hands down her back.

“What does that mean?” she asked as he gasped for breath briefly.

“It means, I can’t seem to hold onto you or let you go, I’m trapped in a Veronica tornado...”

“I think that was supposed to be more of a compliment than it sounded,” she turned around to him and he wiped her soaked hair from her face.

“You’re amazing,” he caressed her neck and shoulder, “you just never cease to amaze me.”

“You deserve better Logan,” she said trying so hard to be responsible.

“Self-depreciating doesn’t suit you.”

“What are we doing?” asked without thinking.

“I have no idea,” he said pulling her into a kiss and pushing her up against the shower wall.

After their “shower” Logan got dressed and went to go check on Lucy again, Veronica had to assume he’d relax a bit as time went on. Though she knew better than anyone that he worried about the girls in his life and in that way he’d never change.

Veronica went downstairs and found Mac had just finished making a lasagna. She then saw that Max had showed up with their two little boys. The boys were playing with Star Trek toys and Max was on his iPhone doing some kind of work she assumed.

“When did you guys move in?” Veronica asked walking into the kitchen.

“Just wait until we bring in all the Star Wars memorabilia,” Max smiled without looking up from his phone.

Veronica decided to check her emails quickly before they sat down for dinner and she noticed that she had a really important email. She’d declined a few requests since she’d been back in Neptune but she knew she couldn’t ignore this one.. The problem was she was really happy where she was at the moment and she didn’t want to leave. This was how her life was, when things finally felt comfortable suddenly a wrench was thrown into the mix.

Logan came downstairs with a waking up Lucy in his arms. She clung to him, not wanting to let him go but when she saw everyone at the dining room her eyes lit up and gladly sat down at the table. For dinner everyone ate, laughed and talked about the “old times.” Every once and a while she and Logan caught a glance across the table and her heart swelled. For once she wasn’t ready to leave him, she didn’t want to run away but she didn’t have an option.

After dinner Mac and her family headed home. Veronica helped Logan clean up and they put on Little Mermaid for Lucy, which is her favorite movie. When Lucy wasn’t looking Logan would sneak a kiss from Veronica and it felt like their early days of dating when they hid their relationship from everyone. As the evening came Logan put Lucy to bed and met up with Veronica in the hallway.

“So...” Veronica smiled while leaning against the wall with her hands in her front pockets.

“Yeah...” he replied adding to the awkward moment.

“Listen, you really just have to pay me my boning fee and I’ll be on my way. I have other suitors to get to tonight,” she said putting her hand out for the money.

“I sincerely doubt I could afford you,” he said walking up to her putting his hand just under her shirt touching her torso.

“Maybe we can setup an installment,” she said pulling his shirt so he was closer to her.

“Or maybe you could stay over tonight...” he said softly.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to confuse Lucy,” she said as he pulled her by the waist to the bedroom.

“Maybe we can sneak you out early and bring you back for breakfast? Would you mind? I want to take things slow.”

“Yeah, speaking of that I need to talk to you about something,” she said trying to pull away from him unsuccessfully for a moment to tell him she had to leave him again.

“Talking is my second best quality,” he said closing his door behind him with his foot while simultaneously pulling off her shirt. They fell to the bed with him on top of her as they continued to pull each other’s clothes off. He kissed every inch of her including her ankles and her elbows. As they rolled around on the bed they laughed and teased each other.

Later she laid in his arms sweaty and twisted up in the sheets. She didn’t want to ruin the moment right now because everything was perfect but in reality it wasn’t.

“Logan, I have to leave tomorrow morning,” she spit out so she didn’t lose her nerve.

“Ahh,” he replied and she could feel his disappointment.

“I want you to know I’m not leaving you, I just have to go on a case,” she said sitting up and turning to look at him, “I’ve turned down a lot of other cases but this one I have to handle myself.”

“It’s ok,” he said with a smile but a twinge of sadness in his eyes, “I understand. I never expected you to stick around.”

“Oh,” she frowned, not sure how to take that.

“It was great though, I had no expectations,” he sat up and ran his fingers through her hair.

“You don’t hate me?” she did her cute little pout.

“No Ronnie, I could never hate you and believe me I’ve tried,” he pulled her back down to the bed as she turned around so he could curl up behind her and spoon.

The next morning she was up extra early so she could head over to her dad’s house and pack up her things to catch a 7:30 flight to Australia. The sun was just coming up and Logan walked her out to her car. It was a beautiful light peaking through the trees and softening the moment around them.

“It was good seeing you again,” Logan said holding her hand and looking into her eyes making her want to cry. When did she get so soft?

“Ok, I’m going to throw this out there but...when I finish up with this case can I come back?” she said looking up at him hopefully.

“Here?” he said and a brief smile passed over his face.

“Yeah, I really want to take some time off,” she said grinning and leaning into him.

“You? Not chasing down bad guys?”

“I was thinking of chasing you down for a while,” she said with a growl..

“Why Veronica, I do declare!” he said like a southern bell.

“So uhm, I’ll see you in a week or so, keep nice and pretty for me while I’m gone,” she said slapping his ass.

“I always knew all you wanted me for was my body,” he said as she got in her car and rolled down her window.

“Don’t forget your charm, your body and your charm,” she said as she drove off. She saw in her rear view mirror Logan watching her drive away and he was still there until she went around the corner.

Many hours later Veronica found herself wandering aimlessly through Australia’s airport looking for her client. As the crowd broke a bit she saw a guy standing there with a baseball hat on, a beard and a sign that said “Chesty LaRue.” Veronica walked right up to him.

“I don’t go by that name anymore you should know,” she said dropping her bag to the ground and grabbing the sign.

“Sorry, I’m a bit out-of-the-loop,” Duncan said with a smile.

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