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The One that got Away


How he regrets everything. Them dating... Them being friends... Them even meeting... But he will not make the same mistake again... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This was an English assignment that I had to finish so I am so excited for it~~ Hope you enjoy! The one and only, Skylar

Romance / Other
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I Remember how we First Met

I remember how we first met...

She was being cornered by a group of boys at the courtyard. I thought that she was being molested, judging on how I saw her whimpering while the boys were smirking at her.

“It would be a disgrace towards Teiko Middle School,” I thought as I then sighed and walked towards them. As I trod quietly, trying to not make a noise, I got a better view of the whimpering girl. Her brunette hair was tied to a messy bun. She had hazel eyes that were protected by hey big black glasses. Another thing I noticed was that she was clutching her heavy textbooks so hard that I could see her hands go white.

“Hey! What do you think you guys are doing?” I asked in a monotone voice.

The boys flinched and took a while for them to turn around and look at me.

“Nothing is going on Akashi-kun! We just saw this girl holding all of these books and it looked pretty heavy, so we thought of helping her.” One of the boys said, taking a big gulp, shivering in fear.

That’s right. They should be sacred of me. They should fear me. After all, I am the fierce Akashi Seijuro, fierce as an absolute emperor.

“Class is about to start. I suggest you to immediately leave if you don’t want to be late.” I gave them a piercing look that made them instantly nod their heads and run away to wherever their classes were.

Silence filled the air for a while as I watched on how the girl was frantically panicking.

“U-um, t-thank y-you for helping m-me.” The brunette stuttered, not looking at me in the eye.

“What is your name?” I asked her, but by the way she flinched, it didn’t sound like a question, it was more of a demand. She was about to answer, when unfortunately, the bell rang, indicating that we had to go to our classes.

She didn’t say anything, but she ran pass me to her class as I just stared at her until she wasn’t there.

I sighed once again and walked to my class.

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