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The One that got Away

I Remember how we Became Friends

Becoming friends with her was something that I couldn’t forget...

Two weeks passed since that incident, and we kept on bumping each other in school. Sometimes it was in the cafeteria, sometimes it was in the hallways. To be honest, I didn’t even know that she goes to the same classes as me. That was until I saw her sitting at the back, all alone.

“Maybe she has a low presence...lower than Tetsuya...” I anticipated. Tetsuya is a friend of mine who has lack of presence. He plays basketball with me and other friends of mine.

Lunch came and everyone bolted for the door, wanting to hang out with their other friends from other classes. The one ones left were the teacher cleaning the board, me playing shogi, and that brunette girl again, who was taking her time to pack her things.

I eyed her carefully. This time, her hair was straight down to her waist. I mentally shook my head as my eyes followed her walk to the door and left the room. I continued playing my game, until I saw a not with my last name, “Akashi” in neat cursive writing. When I opened the letter, and started to read it, my red orbs couldn’t help but widen as I kept on reading.

Dear Akashi-kun,

Thank you for yesterday.

Sorry about running away, I didn’t want to be late for class in the first day of school. That was until I noticed that you are also in my class.

I hope we become friends!

Yamamoto Yuki

P.S. I think that answers to your question you asked yesterday.

A small smile formed upon my face.

“Yamamoto Yuki, we are already friends.” I said this aloud to no one but myself.

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