life after happy ending


what is the story after my happy ending,go find out

Mystery / Romance
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life after the happy ending

you all know me well ,as Cinderella. you all know my story.i was very poor ,my step mother and my step sisters bullied me,one day invitation from royal ball came,i was not allowed so i cried ,my good friends who were mouse helped me,fairy god mother sent me,prince found me and i lived happily ever after. well not all stories have happy ending as well as mine.

i will tell you my story after me and prince charming married.we were a happily married couple, we loved each other very much.our life was going smoothly.i made friends with other princesses too. belle, Rapunzel, tianna, and others all were my night we had a sleep over at belle's castle. we were wearing pj's. as you know gaston always disturbs belle,so we never had sleepover t belles castle.

this was our first time.this time we were having a great time.suddenly there was a knock on door.i opened it a i thought it was beast.and to my surprise it was gaston. i said him to go away but he pulled my hand and went inside.belle rolled her eyes at gaston. belle scolded him and he went out.

i don't know why but i could not stop thinking about gaston and that incident. i found him on Facebook. i started chatting with him day and night .we decided to meet up of course as a friend. and behind charming's back.

"hey Cindy,how are you"his soft voice asked me.

"nice how are you"i could not help but smile brightly.

we talked for a bit and he brought me to the nice restaurant.he knew i was married but did not tried to stop me from talking to him.he held my hand with his muscular hand.

i was blushing whole day. we two started to hang out more often behind my husband's back. i thought to breakup with charming but every time i see him i fall for his charms.

gaston and i grew feelings for each-other. he proposed to me and i said yes concourse. after we dated for a while. i told every thing to belle as she was my BFF. she helped me too.

she shared me her darkest secret too. i would not tell you now. OK back to story.prince charming became upset that i would leave him for a long time and did not spent time with him.

we had a big fight. he went to bar and drank a lot. somehow i managed to find him.i saw gaston sitting at opposite side.😍i blushed so much. he winked at me.i bit my tongue and winked at him back.

everything was fine. one sunny morning,it was just like other days. i went to gaston .i myself was surprised that prince charming did not found about us.

so that particular day was gaston's birthday. he had a party separate for me.i went to his home at 5:00 and he played a romantic song. i was wearing a hot pant,a pink crop-top ,a sunglasses and i braided my hair.

i was very happy as he separated time for me,which charming would never do.we ate food and we started to dance. he held my hand and put it on his chest.we danced for a while and we started drinking wine.

we challenged each other to drink and in no time we were out of know we did it. next thing i knew ,i woke up in a comfy bed lying next to gaston . when i reached castle i saw prince charming. he was waiting for me outside.

i hugged him tightly and kissed him. he seemed confused. we went inside quietly. when we reached our room. i told him i forgot to tell him that i had a sleepover. after that i straightly went to belle and told her everything.she comforted me.

"shh,it's OK do not cry"she said while hugging me.i was crying terribly.

"i don't know what to do" i said as i cried even more.

"look,if you want i have an idea but first stop crying"she said

i leaned over her keeping my ear front. i gasped as i listened to her.

"will that be OK" i asked as i was not sure about it.

i went straight to castle and called prince charming.i brought him some pills which would make hi dizzy. i went to i m and game him the pills with lemonade. and as planned he felt dizzy.

i wore a short skirt ,pink top,hair down.i was looking hot,i thought as i saw myself in the mirror.after he was dizzy, i sat on bed and called him"ouch,prince charming can you help me to massage my shoulder" .

he came to me with a huge smile and sat behind he touched me i turned back and pulled his tie.he was just 1 centimeter away from me.i pulled him as i leaned back.

i could feel his breath on my neck. after that in the morning we woke up next to each other naked.i wore my clothes and went for breakfast.i guess prince charming was awake and came down too.after some weeks, i showed some symptoms of pregnancy so, i checked it.

yep i was pregnant with a child which i don't know who is it's father. after nine months i had twins.they were boys. i am assuming that one is of gaston and other is of prince charming as both the child looked like one of their soon as i reached castle,prince charming hugged me.

i sneaked and went to gaston,he was not happy about it. when i reached at gaston's house,i used my spare key to surprise him but to my surprise he was with other girl.they both were half looked like the girl worked in bars .

"hah thought i cared about you?"he said as he gave me a smirk.

they went back to kissing and smooching each other.i went back to this day i did not told anything to prince charming.

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