Chapter 10

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"OW! What was that for!? I wasn't doing anything!" I shouted, rubbing my head. Deidara glared and prepared to throw the next thing, "Then stop with the damn song you demon, un!" He hissed, chunking the thing at me, "AH! Deidara cut it out! You're going to kill me, you stupid Barbie!" I cried, putting my arm up to shield myself from the bombardment. Tobi cowered behind me, whimpering, "Jissai, Tobi scared. Tobi a good boy..." I pushed him farther away, "Shut up Tobi and get out of my way!" I shouted before standing and throwing two boxes of noodles back at the blonde bomber.

I saw Angel come in the room and halt at the sight of us. She turned to Konan and asked, "Now how did this happen?" The girl asked. Konan shook her blue head, "Jissai was trying to teach Tobi the song that never ended... Deidara doesn't seem to like it." Angel groaned and rubbed her temples, "I'm just glad I arrived when I did. Or I might throw something at her myself." Konan laughed, "Then you'll be put on the prank list. Do you really want that?"

WUMP! Something hit me directly in the face, knocking me to the ground. I groaned and covered my nose with both hands. That freaking hurt! I sat up and pulled my hands away to see blood coating my fingers. I glared at Deidara, he gave me a nosebleed! This means war.

Deidara, sensing his coming doom stared at me, eyes wide, "Jissai..." He started, his hands held up in surrender. I short to my feet, roaring, "DEIDARA!" The blonde had the smart notion to run. He spun around and sped off, his Akatsuki cloak fluttering around him. I took off after him, hands out to grab him, fingers bent into claws, "Deidara! Get back here so I can strangle you!" I yelled.


All the Akatsuki had witnessed everything. They looked at each other amused as the two former Iwa nins ran off. Sasori muttered, "Maybe one of them will actually kill each other..." Kisame snorted, "I prefer Jissai. I can tolerate Deidara somewhat." His face was still sore from yesterday morning when Jissai slapped him. Though both Angel and Itachi assured him that the handprint had faded away, Kisame was sure that his cheek was bruised. He almost felt sorry for the bomber, he knew how fast Jissai was, she had gotten away from him without breaking a sweat. She was definatly going to catch Deidara.

Angel laughed, "Oh suck it up Kisame. It was just a slap. Imagine what Deidara is going though." Just then the whole room shook as the ceiling cracked and pieces fell. Kazuku and Sasori sighed, they had better go and see if Deidara was alright, he had a mission tomorrow. Minutes after the two healers left Jissai came back humming. The Akatsuki watched her cautiously as she bent to pick up the mess she and Deidara made, they knew that whatever she did to Deidara, it wasn't good.


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