Chapter 11

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I paused in the hallway, looking both ways to see if anyone was watching before silently slipping into the room. Steady breathing filled the dark room, deep and healthy. I smiled, that was a good sign. Maybe I could do what I came here to do and leave without anyone finding out. I scurried over the bed and knelt beside it, placing the bowl on the floor beside me. Dipping a rag into the liquid, I squeezed the rag, letting the liquid trickle back into the bowl, it's sound oddly soothing.

Taking a deep breath I gently applied it to Deidara's chest. He shifted in his sleep then his breath caught as is he had woken up. I flinched away, afraid that I had wakened him. Soon deep breathing penatrated the air again. I exhaled my pent up breath, that was close. I gently dabbed the wet cloth against his bare chest, careful not to wake him.

"What are you doing, un?" Deidara asked groggily. I yelped in surprise then slapped a hand over my face. Taking a steadying breath I whispered calmly, "Cleaning your wounds. Shut up and go back to sleep." Being the stubborn blonde that he was, Deidara didn't obey me, "Why?" I glared at him, for what good it did me, it was too dark, "Because I can. Now are you going to be quiet or do you want me to leave?" He was silent for a while, so much that I thought he was actually doing what I said. All too soon, Deidara said, "Tell me, Jissai, hm."

I rolled my eyes, "I want to, that's all." I knew he was about to say something else so I added, "Just like old times, right?" Deidara seemed to mull this over, "What do you want Jissai, un?" He asked flatly. I looked away, how well he knew me. I closed my eyes, trying to keep back the tears that suddenly threatened to spill over, "...Nothing..." I lied, but Deidara wasn't buying it. He sat up, holding his side where the Kazekage managed to land a vicious blow before Deidara knocked him out, "You're lying, yeah." This was a bad idea, I should never have come.

Instead of answering I wiped the dried blood from the stiches that marched along his arm. As I turned to rewet the cloth, he grabbed my hand, stopping me, "What. Do. You. Want? You never do anything without a favor in return, hm." I jerked my hand out of his grip, "You think that? How many times have I healed you when we were genin and chuunin without anyone telling me to do so? And how many times have I forced you to do something because I healed you? I'm not as heartless as you think I am, Deidara." I could feel his glare on me, "Tell me, un." He growled.

A sob escaped my throat, "I want to go home!" Deidara was silent. I continued, "I miss my family, I miss being free, I miss Kuu, I miss everything! Even our old sensei!" Deidara sighed and I felt his hand on my arm. He tugged me towards him so my head pillowed on his shoulder, "I know Jissai, un. I know." Deidara said softly, running his fingers through my hair gently, and for a second our current situation disappeared and we were back as kids, comforting each other when things didn't go as planned. I sniffed a few more times before sighing and closing my eyes. I would go back to the annoying Jissai tomorrow.


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