Chapter 12

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I peaked around the corner, it had been two weeks since my mental breakdown in Deidara's room. I had done a few minor pranks, but none worthy enough for someone to try and kill me. I slipped into the main room, acting as casual as I could. The Akatsuki in the room all rolled their eyes, making me smile. It was so wonderful to know I was getting on their nerves.

Sitting down beside Sasori, (A.N. Yes I know he's supposed to be dead, but then you will miss out on all the pranks Jissai has for him!) I asked, "Do you like potatoes?" "No." He responded deadpanned. I grinned, "Are you wearing socks?" "No." "What's your favorite color?" "No." "Is your favorite word 'no'?" "No." "Then what's your favorite word?" "No." "YOU LIE!" "No." "Yes." "No." "Yes." "No." "Do you believe in skittle-flavored unicorns?" "Jissai, stop bothering people, un!" I shot a glare at the blonde bomber, "No." Kisame facepalmed while Hidan threw his head back and groaned.

I stood and nagged, "Now you two, it's bad for your aura to act so negatively, just look at Itachi-san and Leader-sama. Do you want to end up like them?" Hidan glared, "Shut the f*** up before I kill you, bitch." I gasped and pretened to be shocked, "Hidan, what would you're mother say?" The Jashinist gripped his scyth, he never went anywhere without it these days, just in case he had the oppertunity to kill me.

Just then Angel walked in, eating a chocolate bar. She stopped when she saw the four guys glaring at me. I smiled at her, "Hey Angel! Can I have some chocolate?" Deidara jolted and shouted, "No! Don't give her any!" Everyone turned to stare at him. I just pouted, maybe I should have asked her when Deidara wasn't around. Sasori narrowed his eyes at his partner, "Why not, brat?" I placed my hands on my hips and snapped, "Yeah, Barbie, why ever not?"

Deidara just shook his head, "Trust me, un. Don't give Jissai any chocolate, ever." I scowled at him, "Oh you're just trying to keep the chocolate to yourself. Admit it!" Deidara glared at me, both of us knew what happened when I had chocolate. I grinned, suddenly realizing how I could annoy the Akatsuki some more. I skipped away to my room, I had planning to do.


Hmmmmm... what happens when Jissai has chocolate? Hey this is acutally my shortest chapter! C:

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