Chapter 13

Disclaimer: Yeah, I own Naruto. I also am a Martian here to take the earth's supply of chocolate!

Ahhhhh, chocolate... By the way, I'm writing this chapter in third POV for reasons you will understand...


A sudden scream tore through the still air, making everyone jump. Kisame tilted his head, "I thought Jissai didn't have any pranks planned today." Hidan rolled his eyes, "That bitch probably just wants you to think that. Shit, who's not here?" The Akatsuki glanced around the room, everyone but Tobi and the Leader were lounging around the room. Angel pursed her lips, "There's no way Tobi would make Jissai scream. And she doesn't know where Pein's office is, so..."

Deidara groaned, he knew what the problem was. It would be only minutes before everyone else realized too. Tobi ran in just then, shaking with fright. "Hide Tobi, sempai! Tobi scared of Jissai!" The child-like member whined and tried to hide behind Deidara, who roughly pushed him away. Turning to the rest of the Akatsuki the blonde snapped, "Alright, who gave her chocolate, un?"

Before anyone could answer, crazed laughter sounded from the hallway and Tobi whimpered. Jissai rushed in, her black eyes wide and a phycotic smile was pasted on her face. Her gaze twitched bewteen all the Akatsuki members until she spotted Tobi, "Tobbbiiiiiiii! You didn't count to ten!" She tried to tackled the poor guy, but Deidara actually defended him and shoved her away, "Jissai, you need to calm down, yeah." The green haired girl giggled and bounced up and down in place, "But DeiDei-Kun... I am calm." The blonde bomber rolled his eyes and tried to push her towards the doorway, but she invaded him and tackle hugged Hidan to the ground.

"What the f***?! Holy Jashin, get the bitch the f*** off of me!" The Jashinist shouted, struggling to push the girl off him, but her death grip proved difficult. Deidara groaned and reached down to drag Jissai off the albino man, "Jissai, stop-" Before he could start she twisted away from him agian and poked Sasori with rapid fire, laughing like a maniac. When he didn't respond she pouted, "You're supposed to be ticklish! That's not fair! Why is no one here ticklish!? Hidan, will you pray for Itachi's soul? I don't think he's going to the good place when he dies. Hey Kisame, I want to meet you're mother, can we go to the aquarium and meet her? Please?!"

Deidara sighed irritatedly, he was going to kill the person that gave her chocolate. Before she could say another word, he threw her over his shoulder and stalked out. She squealed in his ear, "Yay! I can fly! Weeeeeeeeeeee! Faster DeiDei-Kun!" The blonde closed his eyes to keep from losing his temper, she was worse than usual. He managed to drag her to her room without anymore problems and unceremoniously dumped her on the bed. Jissai whined when he turned to leave, "No, stay with me! I'm a fish! Glub glub glub, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" The Akatsuki member sighed and sat down on her bed, pulling out a small ball of clay to play with while he waited for her to pass out. When Jissai was high on chocolate, it was better to just do what she asked... not that he minded.


So, did you like the high Jissai? I told you bad things happen when she has chocolate! But hey, there's a small hidden bit of fluffy somewhere in there, if you read hard enough!

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