Chapter 15

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BONG! I slammed the two pots in my hands together hard enough that they vibrated in my palms. BONG! BONG! CRASH! BANG! BAM! BONG! BANG! BAM BAM BAM! BANG! BONNNNNNG! CRASH! I drew my arms apart for another round, but one of the bedroom doors were flung open, "JISSAI! What the hell are you doing!?" Angel shouted, her eyes squinting at me in the harsh light. Itachi appeared behing her, his Sharingan activated as he glared at me. I just grinned and crashed the two pots together again as my answer, BANG!

More Akatsuki members came down the hall, all still half asleep and angry. I bit my lower lip as I smiled, maybe they would actually succeed in killing me this time. I took a deep breath and readied to bang the pots back together again when someone appeared behind me and snatched them from my hands. I turned to see a very pissed Deidara glaring down at me, I tried not to stare at his shirtless chest, "Go back to bed, un." He growled. I pouted and stepped over the pile of pots and pans before heading back to my room like a bad puppy. Deidara followed me to make sure I went back to my room.


Angel crossed her arms and shut the door to her and Itachi's room, "That..." She couldn't think of a word to discribe Jissai. No one dared mess with Angel's sleep! It was like trying to destroy Hidan's alter to Jashin! Itachi silently led her back to their bed, "Just go back to sleep." Angel huffed as she layed down, arms crossed, "How do I know if she'll do it again?" Itachi shrugged, "Deidara will make sure she won't." Angel shot up, a sudden grin on her face, "You know, you're right! She does seem to do what he tells her to do now. And she's not always yelling at him either!" Angel squealed, "She's starting to love him!" Itachi shook his head and he turned onto his side, his back facing her, sometimes his girlfriend was hard to understand.

"Noooooo, Itachi! Keep me warm!" She whined playfully, snuggling up to him. Itachi sighed, and sometimes she was just as annoying as Jissai... (A.N. Sorry S-NFB, but I couldn't help it! DON'T KILL ME! XD)


"Of all the... Jissai, you're got to stop this, NOW, un!" Deidara shouted as he paced in front of me. I crossed my arms and looked mullishly away. I hated being lectured. "What? No one has a big mission tomorrow, you can all sleep in." I tried, but Deidara wasn't listening to me, "You don't understand, do you?" He growled as he faced me, "These people are dangerous, and you're pranks are not helping matters, hm!" I muttered something under my breath, so low that he couldn't hear me. He leaned closer, "What was that, yeah?" I glared at him, "That's the point!"

Deidara jerked away, surprise evident in his silver-blue eyes. I looked down at my hands, "I don't want to be here, and since it's obvious that I can't just leave, there's only one option." Deidara caught my meaning, "You're purposfully trying to get yourself killed, un?" I felt a tear slide down my cheek unbidden and I wiped it away angerily, "You may like it here, being all bad and tough, but I'm not. I'd rather die than be here." "Jissai..." Deidara started softly, but I cut him off. I didn't want him to feel sorry for me, "You don't get it do you!? I was raised to be as good as I can be! So were you, but you chose to be here! I didn't, I was taken against my wishes! Sure I hated it with Kuu dead and you gone, but it's better than being with a bunch of S-ranked criminals!"

I stood, scowling at Deidara, tears starting to fall more freely from my eyes, "Don't you remember who had dreams of being ANBU and ridding the world of people like the Akatsuki? And who defended his unconscious and wounded team against a group of rogue nins, injured as he was?" Deidara looked away, he knew who I was talking about. Deidara may have been arrogant as a kid, but he was still loyal to his team. I opened my mouth to say more, but he whispered, "I didn't choose to be here." I stopped, blinking. My former teammate looked at me, saddness in his eyes, "Itachi challanged me to a fight, yeah. If I lost, I would join the Akatsuki. Can you guess the outcome?" He watched for my reaction, but all I could do was stare at him. Sighing, Deidara turned and walked out. I would have felt better if he slammed the door behind him, but instead he shut in quietly. I threw myself down on my bed and let the tears loose, wailing into my pillow.


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