Chapter 16

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The moment Itachi walked past me the next morning I shouted, "THINK HAPPY THOUGHTS, UCHIHA PRODIGY!" I've never seen such a dark look before. I actually shut my mouth and started walking quickly away. Kisame laughed, "What's the matter Jissai? Scared Itachi will kill you?" I glared at him over my shoulder, "Shut up, Fishbreath." I growled, he just laughed more, he knew he was right.

Konan gave me a look when I entered the main room, I hadn't seen her in a while, but I had been so busy bothering the other Akatsuki I didn't pay much attention. She stood, "Leader-sama wants to see you." I sighed, of course he did. The blue haired woman lead me to the meeting room that I could never find on my own. The minute I entered I said, "So, O Dark One, what threats do you have for me today?"

No one reacted.

I crossed my arms and sulked, it wasn't fun when they got used to it. I would have to start making up more creative pranks. Soon I would be out of a job and then were would I be? Leader-sama spoke cooly, "I will not have you disturbing my members in the middle of the night." I sighed exsperated, really that was the worst of my crimes? I would definatly have to try harder. "What about poisining them? Is that against the rules too?" The air became thick with tension, most of it came from the Akatsuki and not the Leader. I scowled, he was one tough cookie.

"Yes." Before I could comment he added, man he was getting good, "I have been leniate on you, but no more. These pranks will stop, or else." I threw up my hands, "Have none of you got the memo? Or do I need to spell it out to get it through your thick skulls!?" Everyone growled, except for Deidara. He knew why, since I had told him last night. My eyes landed on him briefly, and he shook his head. For some odd reason I didn't tell them what I was trying to do. I shook my head instead, "Forget it, you can figure it out yourselves. If you're smart enough." I left without premission, just hoping that maybe one of them would stab me in the back.


"Nice work, Jissai, un. Maybe one of them will actually kill you now." Deidara snarled at me. I peered over my prank book at him, dark eyes narrow, "Shut up, I'm trying to consentrate." The blonde Akatsuki glared at me, rage burning in his eyes. I was actually scared of him, I've never seen him so angry before, "Look in case you haven't noticed, I'm the only person around here who actually cares whether you live or die, hm." I scowled, "What about Angel and Konan?" I snapped back, putting my notebook down to cross my arms. Deidara shoved a finger in my face and I was sorely tempted to bite it, "They only stand up for you because they find your antics amusing. If you ever pull another stunt like those stupid pots list night, I'm sure Angel will be first in line to kill you, yeah."

As much that I hated to admit it, he was right. Konan was just as dangerous as the men, and Angel would kill me if I messed with her. There was only one way to shut Deidara up about it, "Alright, you're right..." The blonde froze, then whipped around to stare at me, "What was that?" I glared, "As much as it pains me to say it: you are right, Deidara. Don't let that go to your head." Deidara smirked, "The great Jissai finally admiting that she was wrong, the world MUST be ending, un." I growled, "You tell anyone I swear I'll murder you in the most horrific ways." He only grinned some more, "Start thinking of ways to kill me, sweetheart, yeah." Then he darted out of the room as I threw my prank book at him. It hit the door with a solid thump and slid to the ground. As much as I hated Deidara right at that moment, I couldn't help but smile. Just like old times.


Awww cuteness! I'm really starting to enjoy these little fluffy moments between Deidara and Jissai! Soon there will be more juicy fluffy moments! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Friendly of the Flames.

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