Chapter 18

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I tapped my pencil against my chin, unable to think of any new pranks. I couldn't prank Hidan like I had planned, since Deidara and I pulverized him the other day for making the dirty joke, and that put me behind schedule. I was ahead five pranks and twenty days, but I still needed to create more otherwise I would run out quickly, especially if Hidan kept throwing me off. I growled in fustration and accidently broke the pencil in half. Angry, I threw the bit of the wood at the door just as Deidara walked in. He raised an eyebrow, "Sorry, but I don't think Sasori needs parts just yet, un."

I glared, "Shut up Deidara. I'm trying to consentrate." The blonde bomber shrugged, "Might as well stop, yeah. Leader-sama wants me and you to head into town for supplies." I perked up immediately, "You mean he's actually letting me leave the base?" Deidara rolled his silver-blue eyes and nodded, "That's what I just said, hm. Leader-sama thought to give everyone a break from you, un." I decided to ignore that part, there was no way my good mood could dampen now.


"They're not running, screaming for their lives?" I asked as we walked around the village near the Akatsuki hideout. Deidara shrugged, his black cloak rippling from his shoulders, "This village is under the protection of the Akatsuki, un." I pouted, "What's so great about being badasses if your being pansies?" Deidara sighed irratatibly, probably wishing for the hundreth time that Leader-sama hadn't assigned him Jissai guard duty.

Suddenly I squealed and tugged on his cloak sleeve, pointing to a clothes shop, "Can we please go in there, Dei? I need new clothes." It was true. After spending around three months in the Akatsuki lair, annoying the worlds most dangerous criminals, in only one set of clothes I needed a new outfit. Deidara groaned as if it would kill him to go there, and said begrudingly, "Fine, un, but only if you shut up afterwards." I smiled and said I would, even though we both knew it wasn't true, and he gave me a small amount of yen, stating that he would stay outside.

I made my choice quickly, a fitted dark blue-green one-shoulder shirt, two mid-thigh length skirts, one black the other green, fishnet leggings and knee high green boots. Taking my items to the counter to pay I found the one down side to shopping there, the flirty boy behind the counter. "So... I haven't seen you around..." He started the minute I laid my findings on the wooden counter. I glared, "That's because I've been avoiding you." He smirked, "So you have noticed me around?"

I rolled my eyes, "No. I've been with the Akatsuki. If I had know jerks like you hung around this village I would have come here." The name dropping didn't phase him, he actually leaned closer, "You. Me. Backroom. Get the picture?" He purred in what he thought was a seductive voice. I wanted to puke. A shadow fell over me before I could punch his lights out and the boy paled, "Me. You. Murder. Get that picture, un?" Deidara snarled angrily. I had never been so happy to see the blonde in my life. I went to put the money on the counter, but Deidara grabbed my fist, his hand enveloping mine, forcing me to keep my grip on the money, "Keep it, I'm sure he won't mind giving you a free sample, yeah." I decided to ignore the potential dirty reference. Instead I shrugged and scooped up my new clothes, "I'm going to change into these real fast. Won't be long!" I called as I rushed into the dressing room.

It didn't take me long, but by the time I was out, Deidara was back at the shop entrance and the counter boy was nursing many bloody wounds. I glared at the Akatsuki member when I joined him, "I don't need you to protect me anymore, Deidara. I'm not the helpless girl I once was." Dei just snorted and didn't say anything.


I know it's not funny or fluffy, it's just a set up to something great in the next chapter! ;)

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