Chapter 19

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"So when does Leader-sama need us back?" I asked, leaning back on the park bench enjoying the sunshine. Deidara licked the melting ice cream off his fingers, just watching him made me wish I still had mine. At first the blonde bomber didn't respond, too caught up in finishing his ice cream cone, but finally he said, "When you cool down, yeah." I frowned, "I'm calm!" Deidara rolled his silver-blue eyes, "Yeah, sure you are. Leader-sama just said back by dusk, and not before." I crossed my arms, "Geez, I'm not that bad, am I?"

Deidara gave me a look and started counting off on his fingers, "You sing annoying songs about us, stole Kakuzu's money, destroyed my clay supply, disrespected Leader-sama in front of the whole organization, kept everyone from sleep, and who knows what else I missed, un!" I countered, "I cleaned your wounds in the middle of the night, I make life more interesting for Angel and Konan, and I have a perfectly good reason." Deidara glared, "Oh, I'd love to hear this one, hm." I matched his glare and snapped back, "I told you, you would regret leaving me. Have you yet?"

The blonde Akatsuki's expression changed from annoyance to something I couldn't read. Suddenly all my anger fled, leaving behind a longing that almost scared me. Deidara reached out, as if to brush my hair from my face, but stopped, his fingers so close I could feel their presense against my cheek. The next move was up to me. Without thinking I leaned into his touch, letting his palm cup my cheek, I closed my eyes at the feeling. I hadn't realized how much I missed his touch. Deidara leaned closer so that I could feel his breath fanning my face, "More than you realize, yeah." He whispered and I had the feeling he wasn't talking about my pranks.

Before I could say anything else, his lips were on mine. He watched as my eyes widened in surprised then fluttered shut as my astonishment melted into passion. On their own accord my arms went around his neck as I began to kiss him back. His arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me across the bench, closer to him as his lips eased over mine. After a few minutes I finally pulled back, trying to catch my breath. I blinked several times, trying to catch up with my racing thoughts. My mouth opened and closed like a water deprived fish, but nothing came out. Deidara smirked and lowered his mouth to mine again. This time I moaned and felt his arms tighten around me.

Deidara moved to my neck, his leps brushing the soft skin under my jawline. I moaned again and rolled my head back, giving him better access to my neck. Feeling his teeth on my tender skin sent shivers shooting down my spine. He moved to cover my mouth again, pressing his tongue against mine, enticing me to fight back. I moaned again and he leaned farther against me, pressing me into the back of the bench. His hands moved, one going to steady us while the other craddled the back of my neck, his fingers teasing with the fine mint green hair at the nape.

I finally remembered how to speak, "W-we should g-g-get back..." I stuttered reluctently. I didn't want him to stop, but it just felt wrong. He grunted and ignored me, his warm tongue trailing up neck to my ear. His teeth latched onto my earlobe and he began to tugged teasingly at it, making me shudder at the pleasurable feeling it gave me. "D-de-dei-dar-r-a..." I could feel his smirk at my inability to speak. I had to stop this before it got any farther, I started to push him away. Confused, the blonde actually leaned back to look at me, but I refused to meet his gaze. "I-I'm not ready yet..." I said lamely. It was true, partly.

Deidara sighed, disappointed but not angry, "It's okay, un." It made me feel guilty, but I said before I could change my mind, "We really should get back. I'm sure they miss us..." He didn't laugh, instead he gripped my chin and tilted my head a little to the right. I watched him confused as he probed gently at the still tender skin where he bit me. He winced, "Oops..." I gave him a wide eyed gaze, "'Oops'? Oops what?" Deidara cast me an apologetic look and kissed me swiftly again, "Hicky, sorry, yeah." He pulled me too my feet, his fingers still skimming over the spot. I sighed, "Oh well, can't be helped. Maybe no one will notice." It was a hopeless thought, and both of us knew it. Hidan would be the first lame-brain to notice then he would shout it to the whole world. Not that I really minded, I just didn't want them to find out that way.


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