Chapter 2

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Something behind me clicked and I had enough time to hide my plans and pull out some real paperwork before whoever was at the door came in. Since they couldn't, and didn't, trust me, the Akatsuki put me in a room during the day full of paper work and locked me in. At night I was put in my cell to sleep and left with a guard, usually Deidara just to annoy me, who always fell asleep around midnight, no matter. "Are you almost finished, un?" Deidara asked boredly form the doorway.

I smirked, now was the time to put my plan into action, "I don't know, Barbie, why don't you come and check over my work. I'm not sure if I still get how the Akatsuki wants things filed." I said it casually, but I could hear Deidara's little tantrum. When he stalked over to me, his face red with anger or embarressment, I made sure my face was blank. He spared a brief glance at the paper on the table in front of me, before getting in my face and growling, "Don't call me that, yeah." I smiled innocently, "Don't call you what, Barbie?" Deidara snarled, "THAT!" I acted confused, "That what? You'll have to specify, Barbie."

He slapped me hard across the face, making me bite the inside of my cheek. I glared and spat, "You've changed, Deidara." He didn't seem to mind. Instead he pulled me to my feet, not too gently either, and dragged me outside, "Well, people have to if they want to survive, un." I tried unseccessfully to jerk my arm out of his grip. "Yeah, well I remember a time when you actually cared whether I was hurt or not... Would you let go already?! I'm not going to run away!" I snapped when his grip tightened to the point on bruising. Deidara yanked me around so that we were facing each other, "Forget those days, Jissai. They're gone, and nothing is going to bring them back, hm."

I narrowed my black eyes at him, "You're the one that made them go away. Now... Let. GO!" I yelled and stomped on his foot for good measure. Deidara rolled his silver blue eyes at my childish attempts and pulled me along behind him, still not releasing me. I growled and cursed him under my breath. Kisame passed us chuckling, "You have a little fire ball, Deidara." I scowled and snapped, "Shut up, Fishbreath!" Deidara sighed irritatedly and turned to me again, "Would you stop with the stupid names, un?" I sneered, "Why Barbie? Don't you like yours? Or would you rather me call you 'girlie'?" The blonde's eye twitched and Kisame burst out laughing behind us. Deidara started walking again abruptly, causing me to stumble. I could here him muttering under his breath, something about infuriating girls and their annoying traits.


Blah, I don't care. For once I'm not setting a minimum on the chapters. I'm only writing this for fun and when I have writer's block on my other stories, so you may not hear from me for a while!

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