Chapter 20

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The next morning I walked into the kitchen yawning. Hidan groaned when he saw me, "Why can't you disappear again?" He whined to no one in particular. I shot him a groggy glare and reached up to pull down a bowl for cereal. I was too tired to even think of a come back. Deidara and I had gotten back a few hours after midnight and had gone straight to bed. Kisame noticed my lack of sarcasm, "What's the matter, Jissai? Have you actually ran out of ideas to annoy us with?" Growling under my breath I turned and pointed at the table full of Akatsuki members, "No! Don't you ever think I've run out of ideas to bother the lot of you!"

Hidan squinted his pink eyes at me. At first I thought it was in anger, but then he grinned evilly, "Why Jissai, is that a hicky on your neck?" My hand automatically slapped over the tender spot as everyone's gaze riveted to me. Angel squealed, "I knew it! Something happened yesterday!" I was glad when everyone looked at Deidara, who suddenly seemed very interested in his coffee. Hidan, with his head forever in the gutter, asked, "You actually f***ed that bitch?" Deidara gave him a look that could rival Itachi's glare. A blush began creeping up my neck but I stomped down on it, "Nothing freakin' happened, you sicko!" Angel held up a finger, "The correct term is 'psycho'. I'M SOOOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU AND DEIDARA!" I facepalmed and Deidara sweatdropped. He turned on the copper haired girl, "Nothing. Happened. Un." Sasori looked up from his breakfast and said monotonelessly, "Stop denying in, brat." Deidara looked like he was about to have an apoplexy as he turned to his partner.

"That does it!" I snapped before Deidara could explode... literally. I placed my hands on my hips and glowered at every Akatsuki member, "All of you will regret this day. Mark my words. Hidan..." I turned to the Jashinist, taking secret pleasure to see him gulp, "...You'll regret it most of all." Then I turned and stomped out of the kitchen, my breakfast felt untouched. I began making a list of the things I would need.



Lots of glue



Make-up (brightly colored)


I slammed my door shut and flopped down on the bed, staring at the ceiling. I knew I should have covered up that hicky and claimed that I had gotten cut or something; but I had been stupidly worried that Kazuku or Sasori would want to heal it. I should have realized that after all I've done to those two they would help me even if I paid or brought 'puppets' to them. Instead I just had to embarrass both Deidara and myself. For someone who was supposed to be a mastermind, I was sure dumb sometimes.

Someone knocked tentively at the door. I rolled over, "Whoever it is, go away." Angel opened the door, "What if I had been Deidara?" She demanded. I shot her a glare over my shoulder, "Because I know Deidara. He wouldn't knock, he'd kick down the door. Or blow it up. Either or." Angel giggled and sat down on my bed. "Sorry about earlier. I didn't mean to tease you both. I'm a hopeless romantic and we-were-friends-but-now-we're-enemies/I-claim-to-h ate-you-but-I-really-don't-want-to-admit-to-my-fee lings stories are my favorite." I stared at my somewhate friend, it was scary how well that discribed Deidara's and my relationship. Angel grinned and squealed, "So, you gonna tell me the details?"

I gave her a glare, "I didn't sleep with him, if that's what you want." Angel waved her hand, "Oh I know! You still have that 'virginity' air about you." I blushed and she waved her hands at me, almost smacking me in the face, "See? See? See?! For someone so evil-minded, you sure are innocent... Now tell me the details!" I shot her a 'I don't want to do this, but I don't have a choice' look and sighed, "Fine..." She huddled closer, hugging her knees to her chest. I opened my mouth to start speaking but she shouted, "WAIT!" Then she disappeared. Almost three seconds later Angel had popcorn, a confused Konan, and hot chocolate spread out on my bed. I rolled my eyes, "Alright, what happened was..." A few minutes later Konan and Angel were both squeeing, blinding me with their pearly white toothy grins. I crossed my arms, "Now I've got to restore my honor as 'evil prankster' and get back at everyone." I had already told them of my plans for the others, but I couldn't think of anything evil enough for Hidan.

Angel suddenly perked up, "I got it!" She chirped then pulled both of us close to whisper her plan in our ears. A grin curled on my face at the evil idea. I mentally added to my growing list:



Evil things are coming... O.o Mwahahahahahaha!

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