Chapter 21

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"Okay, so there are three phases to this prank. First: Distration. Konan, you are going to have to find away to distract the whole organization. Do whatever you have to." I said, pacing in front of Angel and Konan. The blue haired Akatsuki member rubbed her hands together in the universal 'evil' sign. I was beginning to think that she was enjoying this a little too much; but then she had more reasons to prank the organization than either Angel or I did. She had been a founding member after all. I resumed pacing, "Angel, you and me are in charge of setting up the pranks. Your assignments are Tobi, Kakuzu and Sasori. I will be taking Kisame, Hidan, and Zetsu. You know what to do." Angel nodded seriously, like she was about to go into battle. Konan raised her finger, "So... what's phase three?" I grinned maliciously, "Laugh our asses off."


"WHO ON EARTH STOLE ALL MY MEAT?! I'M F**KING HUNGARY, AND ALL WE HAVE IS... PLANTS!" Zetsu roared, stomping into the main room, his black and white face twisted in anger. I was curled up on the comfy chair, cleaning under my nails, "You looked a little fat, so I put you on a diet. No meat for a week." Barely smothered snickered from the Akatsuki members filled the air. I glanced up casually at the cannibal, "Geez, Zombie, you better calm down before you become a steamed veggie yourself." I was just lucky to get away from the plant abomination.


"ACK!" Kisame screeched. Angel paused in the doorway to see her blue skinned friend glaring at Jissai, who was grinning up at him. The green-haired devil was holding a fishing pole and a empty bucket that had held glue. The glue was now all over Kisame, trapping him to the wall and floor. Jissai chirped playfully, "Ahhhh, poor poor fishy. All stuck in the glue. Here I'll get you out with this hook!" She cast the fishing pole at him, the hook just barely snagging his ear, "Watch it you little demon!" Angel struggled hard not to laugh at the scene, but it was becoming even harder as Jissai continued to cast the hook towards the stuck Kisame, getting within inches of very tender places. Finally she caught his cheek and he screeched in pain. Jissai, her work done, dropped the fishing pole and ran out the door before anyone could catch her at the scene of the crime. She nearly plowed me down to do so.


"WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED IN HERE?!" Sasori shouted as he walked in his room. All his beautiful puppets... destroyed. All the work he had put into his beautiful, eternal creations was wasted. Sasori narrowed his grey eyes. He knew of only one person who dared to do such a thing. One one person who could pull off such a thing. Jissai.


"Tobi is a very very bad boy!" Angel snapped at the guy then threw a book at him. The hyper active member whimpered, "Angel-chan is very mean to Tobi! Tobi is a good boy!" The copper haired girl narrowed her green eyes, "No, Tobi isn't! Tobi can never be a good boy! Tobi is boomed to be a bad bad boy for all enternity! MWAHAHAHAHA!" Angel bashed Tobi on the head as she ran out of the room, running for her next victim. She was starting to understand why Jissai was a prankster, it was so fun to annoy her enemies.


Angel glanced around the corner then quickly hid again. Perfect. Kakuzu was coming, and he wasn't alone. Jissai, hiding behind the other wall, grinned and gave her the thumbs up. Angel readied herself, an evil smile of her own gracing her face. Kakuzu and Hidan turned to corner just then, arguing as always. Angel lept forward and squirted the water in her spraybottle right at Kakuzu's pants until they were soaking wet. Throwing away the spray bottle she held out the adult sized dipers hidden behind her back, "Geex Kakuzu, I know you're old but you should really try to hold it in! Here if it's that much of a problem!" She said, shoving the dipers and a very stunned and very embarressed Kakuzu. Hidan was leaning heavily against the wall, laughing so much that tears threatened to spill over. Unnoticed to either of them Jissai came up behind them and did something before melting back into the shadows.


"JISSAI!" Three different voiced shouted all at once. I looked up to see an embarressed Kakuzu, angry Sasori, and a sticky Kisame glaring at me. Deidara gave me a look out of the corner of his eye, knowing it was better not to ask. Konan was leaning over the back of the couch were Angel was curled up against Itachi. Hidan stood in the doorway, greatly amused by the scene. Zetsu was glowering in the corner of the room, muttering to himself of the many different ways he could eat me. I turned back to the furious three, "Yes?" I asked innocently.

Kisame pointed an accusing finger at me, "You left a hook in my face, you bitch!" I conceded the point. Sasori and Kakuzu added their own accusation but I threw up my hands, "Whoa, whoa, as hard as it is to believe. I had nothing to do with either of your pranks." Kakuzu's eye twitched, "I know Angel pranked me, but I know you were the mastermind behind it. Angel never did things like this before you came along." I idially scratched at my cheek, "I don't know if I should take that as a compliment..." Kakuzu reached to grab me by the collar, but Deidara deflected him, thankfully. I doubt I could escape all three of them.

Hidan barked a laugh, drawing all attention to him, "I'm just glad she has the f***ing smart sense to leave me alone from now on." He said as he started to sit down, "It's about time that that bitch learns to-" PPPPPPPFFFFFFTHHHHH! Hidan's pink eyes widened so large that for a minute I thought his eyeballs would fall out. Silence desended on the group. Then everyone started laughing, even Itachi and Sasori, though they just chuckled quietly to themselves. Hidan glared at me and I fluttered my eyelashes, "Wow Hidan, I don't think that that's a healthy shade of red..." He stood and yanked out the whoopie-cushion that I had stuffed down his pants when he was too busy laughing at Kakuzu. It had deflated greatly. Before he could say anything I pointed a finger at him, "This is what you get when you tease me! Don't ever forget it!" I yelled at all of them then ran before Hidan could wrap his fingers around my neck.


Kisame had his arms crossed over his chest as he stalked down the hallway with Sasori and Kakuzu, "Think he left anything for us to torture?" The shark-man asked mullishly. Kakuzu's eye twitched and he looked away, "Knowing her cursed good luck she probably got away with it. I didn't even tease her and I got pranked!" Kisame pondered for a minute, "The only thing I can't understand is why she didn't prank Itachi. She is as scared of him as much as she is scared of Zetsu, and Zetsu was the first the pranked!" Suddenly it became all very clear to Sasori, "She also didn't prank Pein-sama or Deidara either. Why were the people with girlfriends the only ones spared?" Kisame growled, "She's corrupted those two?! Now what are we going to do?!"


Revenge is the sweetest thing...

Flamers, Welcome to my domain.

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