Chapter 22

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So some people gave me a really good idea...


"...then when he tried to leave I finally had to go to the last resort and..." Konan paused in her story and Angel and I leaned forward as expected, waiting for the punch line. The blue haired woman smiled at our reaction and finished, "... and I told him I was pregnant!" Angel and I both fell off my bed, laughing. Angel perked back up, "What was his reaction?" Konan smiled, "That's private information, Angel..." I nodded curtly, "He freaked." Angel laughed again and Konana threw a pillow at my head, confirming my suspicions. I ducked just in time and sprawled out over the bed, "You know, it was kinda obvious that we pulled the pranks..." Angel laughed and pounced on me, making me yelp and curl up, "You're the master prankster, aren't you supposed to think of things like that before they happen?"

I pinched her arm and she surged away from me, glaring, "I know you two wouldn't want to prank your boyfriends. And Deidara promised revenge if I ever did anything to him again." I told her. Konan smirked, "Sure it had nothing to do with that hicky on your neck?" I covered the mark with one hand, scowling at the two gigglers, "No, it doesn't!" I snapped. Angel shook her head, "Jissai, Jissai, Jissai... when will you ever learn that denial confirms it?" "When you learn that there's nothing going on between Deidara and me. It was one kiss that was it." I said flatly. Konan gave me a coy smile, "A kiss that somehow ended on the neck. Makes me wonder what would have happened if you didn't stop him." I blinked, " did you know I stopped him?" Konan and Angel squealed like the fangirls they were, "I didn't, but you just confirmed that I did!" Konan shouted, pointing a finger in my face.

I swatted her hand away, "You two need a new project." I muttered. Suddenly an idea came to me and I smiled at the evilness of it, "And I know just what to do..." I said cracking my knuckled, earning worried looks from Angel and Konan.


I glanced down at my list, "Okay so far we only have Sasori, Kakuzu, and surprisingly Hidan. Angel you're closest to Kisame, you chose for him." I said and shoved her the list. The copper haired girl glanced down at the paper I handed her then back up, "That one!" She said pointing. I looked at her choice then back down again and crossed it off the list. "Alright, Konan your turn." I said turning to the blue haired Akatsuki member. She was leaning menacingly against the wall, apparently she didn't like this plan, "Getting the guys a bunch of girlfriends won't solve your problem, Jissai." I smiled at her, "Who said I was solving my problems? I'm creating new ones!" I glanced around at the villagers wondering around, eyeing all the girls to see which one would 'fit' the Akatsuki members.


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