Chapter 23

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The giggling conversation came to a halt the minute I stood up. I smiled at the feeling of power and wondered in Leader-sama ever felt this way, "Alright girls. You know the plan. I know it will be hard, but you have to be strong!" Many head nods, Konan looked a little green in the back and Angel was twitching with excitment, her green eyes feverish and as bright as her grin. I was worried she was liking this too much. I turned to the rest of the girls, asking, "Any questions?"

Kazuku's tormenter, as I had named them, raised her hand, "Do we have an specific tasks?" A evil grin curled in my mouth, "Hit them where it hurts..." I said and left their imagination take over.


Angel, Konan and I glanced around the main room, satisfied to see most of the Akatsuki lounging around. I made discreet hand signals to Konan, who in turn walked to the main entrance and released the jutsu that kept intruders out. In a wave of giggles, squeals, and girlish screams, the fangirls came. Sasori was the first to be attacked by his fan, a girl named Myuuki. He fell to the ground in surprise as she cried out, "Sasori-kun! I love you!" His expression of utter shock was priceless. Deidara, who was sitting beside me playing with clay, cast me a casual look, "Leader-sama is going to kill you this time for sure, yeah."

I smiled coyly at him and reached over to draw my nails up his arm, raising goose bumps, "What was that, Deidei-kun?" Deidara shivered and glared at me, pushing me away with one hand, "Don't. You Dare. Un. Or I'll reveal your darkest secret to the entire organization." I pouted, Deidara was getting really hard to tease. I was going to have to find a new way without the threat of that stupid scroll he carried around. A crash made me turn back to the drama at hand. Apparently Hidan's fan had gotten impatient with him and smashed a vase over his head. How she got the vase in the first place was beyond me. He killed her of course.

Kisame stood, his fangirl clinging to his back, and pointed an accusing finger at me, "You little... MONSTER!" I threw up my hands, "Why do you always blame me? It was Konan and Angel this time, I swear on my mother's grave!" Deidara coughed beside me, "You mother is still alive... unfortunately." I glared at him, he just had to ruin the effect. I shoved a finger in his face, "If you don't watch it, I'm inviting her over next, Deidara!" Deidara didn't even blink and I mentally cursed, of course he wouldn't be scared of my mother anymore. He was a S-ranked criminal, not some genin anymore!

Kisame took a step towards me, his hands out as if to strangle me. I leapt off the couch and ducked behind it, "Hey! It's your own fault, if all of you hadn't been so caught up with rumors of Deidara and me this wouldn't have happened." Sasori glared at me from the tangle of his fangirl's arms, "You're dead." He growled. As if by magic all the Akatsuki members shed their fangirls and took off after me. I tore down the hallway, that was really getting old, screaming, "HELP MEEEEEEEEEE!"


Deidara sighed tiredly, leaning against his closed door. The Akatsuki members had failed in finding Jissai, again. She had given them the slip and hid herself some place where no one would think to look for her. Angel and Konan did finally confess to showing Jissai which girl was a fangirl of which Akatsuki, but Jissai had came up with the plan of having them bother the Akatsuki. Pein, Deidara, and Itachi were once again the only three who were excluded from the prank. Deidara throught that the two Akatsuki members were secretly relieved, he knew he was.

Sitting down he bent down to unlace his sandles and threw them aside somewhere. He was tired from trying to convince Pein-sama that Jissai technically didn't reveal the Akatsuki hideout location since she did blindfold the fangirls. Deidara was just lucky that Angel and Konan took his side. Tearing off his shirt and fishnet undershirt Deidara climbed into his bed and laid down with a sigh of content.

Something warm pressed into his side. Deidara yelped and yanked the covers back to reveal Jissai blinking at the sudden light, "What are you doing here, un?!" Deidara snapped. Jissai yawned and ducked her head under the pillows, "...Sleepin'..." She slurred. Deidara took a deep breath to keep from exploding, "Why in my bed, hm?" Jissai glared at him with one dark eye, "Because I was hiding from the Akatsuki... and I fell asleep." The green haired girl yawned again, "Now let me sleep..." She mumbled, snuggling up to Deidara. The blonde bomber tensed, but slowly relaxed and settled back down, "Fine. But just tonight, the last thing we need is to have everyone thinking we're sleeping together, yeah." Jissai nodded her agreement before drifting back off again.

The Akatsuki member watched his former teammate sleeping peacefully against him. Jissai looked so young and innocent when she was asleep, but Deidara knew that she was far from it. One green lock fell in front of her face, stirring slightly from her breath; he gently pushed it behind her ear and settled his arm across her waist, feeling like it was the naturalist thing in the world.


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