Chapter 24

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The first thing Deidara said when he woke the next morning was, "What the hell is that ungodly stench, un?! Jissai! What are you doing in there?!" I rolled my eyes towards my reflection in the bathroom mirror, my fingers still rubbing my scalp, "There's a reason why it's called hair dye, Dei. Becuase you're killing your hair." I shouted back. Soon he was pounding on the closed bathroom door, "Let me in there, yeah!" I glared at the door, "I could be taking a shower, you pervert!" "I can't hear the water running, and I'm not a pervert. You're the same age as me, un." He retorted. I grimanced, he was right. Instead of anwering I bent down and rinsed my hair out, then wrapped it up in a towel before finally opening the door, "Geez, Deidara, would you stop glaring at me?" I asked.

He crossed his arms, "Get dressed before someone comes in here, hm." I grinned and pulled the towel tighter around me, "Why Deidara... You don't like me like this?" I asked coyly. Deidara glowered at me before leaning down so that his face was inches from mine, "No, I'd rather see you with clothes on, or nothing at all. Go get dressed before I do something irrational, un." I squeaked and fled back into the bathroom, slamming the door shut. I could hear Deidara laughing, but was too embarrassed to even think of extracting revenge. I grabbed my wrinkled clothes off the ground where I had thrown them and dressed. Facing the mirror I pulled off the towel wrapped around my hair and inspected my work. I grinned and skipped back outside.

Deidara was pulling his shirt over his head when I came out, giving me a chance to admire his toned chest. I turned away, pretending to inspect his clay models, before he could catch me staring. "I'll leave first, hm. I'll knock if it's safe for you to come out, yeah." I turned to Deidara, disappointed that he didn't seem to like my hair, but then he was used to it, "Alright." I said shrugging. Deidara paused before he opened the door, as if a thought came to him, "And don't pull any pranks today." I opened my mouth to argue, but he added, "Please, un." I shut my mouth. In all the years I had known him, Deidara never said please. I shrugged and twirled a lock of hair around my finger, "This is my prank. It's not exactly dangerous..." I said. He left without another word. A few seconds later there was a tap on the door, informing me that the coast was clear.

I was just closing Deidara's door behind me when Kisame rounded the corner. He stopped dead at the sight of me, "What are you doing?" He asked cautiously. I froze in a panic, scrabbling to think of some excuse. I went with what he would believe, "Pranking. Got a problem with it? This is Deidara's room right? Unless you would rather I prank you." I grinned at him. Kisame glared and backed away, "No. And if you want to embarrass yourself again, fine. At least I get a laugh." He growled at me. I shot him a hurt look, "I thought you would enjoy the fangirls... All of you seemed so lonely, I just thought I'd help." Kisame shot me a glare that could peel paint. I blew him a playful kiss and started to walk away. Kisame called after me, "And what on earth did you do to your hair!?" I laughed.

On the way to the main room I passed Hidan. He spared me a glance then did a double take, "Who the f*** are you and how the hell did you get in? Are you another f***ing fangirl?!" He snapped. I blinked in surprise, "Uh... what?" Hidan slammed me into the wall, "Speak, bitch. Who are you?" I was too dumbfound to speak, Hidan really didn't recognize me? I knew the green hair was a very big identifcation, but I didn't know it was the only way Hidan identifyed me. Instead of answering, I shoved him away and ran to the main room. I dove for Deidara before Hidan could grab me, squealing, "Hide me!" Deidara glared, "Now what did you do, Jissai, hm?" I shook my head, "I didn't do anything!" Hidan stopped and stared at me, "Wait a minute, that's Jissai?" I glared at him, "Yes, that is Jissai. You're just lucky that I promised not to pull any pranks today, Princess." Hidan turned red, from anger or embarrassment I didn't know.

Angel spoke up, "So... why is your hair black?" I flipped my new dark hair over my shoulder, "I dyed it this morning. Like it?" Kisame, who had finally joined us, groaned, "Please tell me your not trying to be an Uchiha." Itachi spared his friend a look, then shot me an irritated glare. I rolled my eyes, "Like I'd want to. Sorry, Itachi, but my clan is way better in my opinion." Itachi didn't try to contridict me. Everyone took turns trying to guess why I suddenly wanted black hair. Each one was far from the mark. Finally Deidara snapped, "Her hair is naturally black, yeah!" That seemed to surprise everyone. I grinned at their shock, "Surprised? Geez, you didn't think my hair was naturally green did you?" Angel shrugged, "I know a girl who had natural pink hair..." I frowned, I had to see that girl to believe it. Angel continued, "So why did you dye your hair green in the first place?"

I grinned, "I did it to bother Deidara and Kuu a long time ago. I just kept it that way because I liked it. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my green hairdye with me when I was captured, so I had to wash it out before my roots came out." Konan shrugged, "Well I like you with black hair than green." I grinned happily. I was surprised how relieved I was that someone liked it. Usually I didn't care what people thought ot me. Suddenly I realized that I was starting to like this crazy group of criminals.

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