Chapter 27

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"WOULD YOU LEAVE ME ALONE ALREADY?!" I shouted at the flirty boy at the clothes shop. Apparently he didn't remember that Deidara had almost murdered him last time. Konan and Angel were laughing behind me, having to lean against each other to keep from falling down. I shot them a passing glare as I went to change into my new outfit. This one was a one sleeved maroon top. It was low cut and the hem was slanted so that a fair part of my stomach was showing through the fishnet undershirt. I had bought a pair of black pants and a maroon skirt to go with the top. The pants was standard ninja wear and the skirt was like my shirt with the angled hem, but the opposite. Instead of the hem being longer on the left side like my top, it was longer on the left. I decided to keep Angel's high ninja boots and skip buying the shoes.


While Jissai was changing Konan and Angel retreated to the back of the shop out of their friend's hearing, "Okay, so the thing is... we all know that Deidara likes Jissai, but that girl hides her emotions too well... soooo here's what we'll do." Angel said and leaned in close to whisper the plan to Konan. The blue haired Akatsuki member's grin grew larger with each word that passed Angel's lips. It was now or never.


I held up my six pricked and ink-stained fingers, "Ink Bubble Clone: six fingered jutsu!" I said and the ink on my fingers rose up from my skin to form little navy blue bubbles at the tips. I flicked each of my fingers one by one and the bubble flew off to form a clone. Konan raised an eyebrow, "Impressive jutsu..." She mused while I instructed my clones on what to do. They all smiled at me and ran off to do my bidding. I leaned back on the park bench (the same one that Deidara kissed me, but I wasn't about to tell the two women beside me that) and said, "My clan's kekke genkei is kinda lame, but it has it's uses, like the Bubble Shield." Angel laughed then sighed, "Those were the good days..." Konan and I gave her a strange look, "It was three months ago, Angel." Konan said slowly. Our copper haired friend giggled, "Oopsies.. Time sure does fly."


Jissai Clone One turned aroud sharply when she caught sight of Hidan and began heading for her target. She could feel Hidan's suspicious glare as he followed her, thinking that she was the real Jissai out and about with no escort. Clone One smirked, her original was evil and a genius to think up of such a complicated prank. Clone One lead the increasingly fustrated Jashinist down the village, dodging through the crowd, keeping just enough distance away from him that he could barely see her. Clone One skipped around a shy blonde girl; Clone One turned the corner before returning to bubble form and attacted itself to the wall

Hidan growled curses under his breath as he struggled to trail the girl he thought was Jissai. It was hard to tell since she didn't have the green hair anymore, she looked almost normal in a crowd, except for that mischievious glint that could be seen from a mile away. He saw her turn the corner and picked up his pace even more, knowing that the alley she just turned down was a dead end. Hopefully he could trap her there and kill her without anyone being the wiser. He was tired of all her little pranks and was determined that she be his next sacrifice.

In his haste to reach the devil he plowed right into a poor girl. She eeped and leapt back, face red underneath splattered freckles. Hidan glared at her and she started to stutter apologies. The albino Akatsuki member clutched his three blade scyth and prepared to kill the foolish girl, Pein-sama's rules bedamned, when her pretty light grey eyes fell on the blade. Hidan tensed, ready for her to start screaming now that she recognized him, but she did the exact opposite. With tenative fingers the girl reached out towards the blade. She suddenly smiled at him, "I've never seen a three blades scyth before." Hidan frowned, "What the f*** do you mean?" The girl grimanced, "Please don't curse." She spoke quietly. For once Hidan didn't snap a cursed filled sarcastic remark that would have probably ended in a shower of the girl's blood.

The blonde girl flashed another of her dazzling smiles and said, "I'm a weapons exspert, in all my studies and travelings I've never come across a scyth such as yours. Can I... touch it?" Hidan blinked his pink eyes multiple times. As a Jashinist and Akatsuki member, most people ran screaming in the opposite direction. Never once did he have someone ask if they could handle his weapon. "Uh... I guess?" Hidan said hesintately. The girl's grey eyes lit up with delight and she took the weapon from him as if it were a newborn child.

On the wall beside the two, a small bubble popped with a burst of navy blue ink.


Okay, I have decided to make Operation Girlfriend an Arc-type thing. One chapter dedicated to setting up an Akatsuki member with his pairing... Mwahahahahahahaha!

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